Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition


Is there like, a countdown to the update or anything somewhere?


You can just set a timer yourself.
Just google it.


Mainly M.Bison

i also play a bit of Guile, Nash, Sakura and Abiagail


I did it for you.


forgive me if this sounds stupid, but can you still play offline while they are doing maintenance? I’ve never actually been home when they do this because of college.


Yeah, you can only play offline. It’s the servers that need to undergo maintenance, and they are also adding all the new stuff besides Cody, some few modes and costumes etc.


An Honest Character for an Honest Man. :smiling_imp:

I also abit of Guile… but only alil bit… I can’t let the Darkness take hold of me.


Thanks I’m downloading now !
I will use any fight money for Cody even though it will be casual city.
He just looks too good to not use


I’m so happy. :heart:


Enjoy playing him!


I’m still waiting for the update to install. my wi-fi is being slow. How is he? were we right about his arcade modes?


Why I oughtta…


Am I the only one who absolutely DESPISES Sakura’s primary and Nostalgia costumes. Why is she fighting in her school/work uniform. She’s a practitioner of the Ansatsuken for pete’s sake! When i play as her, i pretty much only use the Gi costume.


Okay… so at first I thought It was just my imagination but now I know for sure its a real thing.

Blocking Occasionally doesn’t work in this game.

Like sometimes you’l get hit by something despite holding down back.

Its happened to me… its Happened to James and its happened to some other random dude who’s name I forgot.

Now that I know three other people have had this happen…I’m no longer taking responsibility for getting hit out of the blue.

Come On Capcom… get your ■■■■ together.


Cody is so fun. I am so happy with him in this game.
Yes, I do miss the Criminal Upper though. It felt so satisfying ending a combo with that. But that is legit the only thing I miss from his old moveset. I love how he plays in SFV.

Tomorrow I will see what other people have come up with and start practising with him. I just did the offline stuff with him tonight, did some of his Trials, did his Story mode, all the Arcade runs he’s in (SF1, SFA, SF4 and SFV), did some Survival with him, unlocked Cammy’s Gun Spike costume…

I haven’t enjoyed playing SFV for a LONG time, so this felt great!
But now… sleepy time. It’s almost 4am here. So goodnight. :heart:


I did some of his trials. I find hard confirming un this game (I totally forgot how I used to play KoF, heh). Now I wonder if he has any invencible wake up option. Guessing he has no dp, though s. HP seems to be a decent AA. I might have to check Cody’s tutorials in the future. For now I’m thinking of finding my own combos and practicing with a friend who is a Diamond Nash.


Damnit !!! Why didn’t anybody tell me Ken’s two Target Combos are semi viable hitconfirms !!!

All this time I’ve been cancelling into Medium Tatsu and V-Skill purely on guessing if my attacks will land… lol… this is why you see so many YOLO Kens everywhere.

That being said… Because they are medium’s… they have Short Hit Stops that only Momochi can take advantage consistently.


She’s really not a practitioner of it. She just tries to copy Ryu as best she can. Also, what’s wrong with fighting in a school uniform? It’s not obtrusive or heavy, and it allows for a wide range of motion. She fights in a school/work uniform. So what?



to me, it just looks dumb. Like, imagine if someone was fighting in a fast-food uniform. it would look kind of stupid. I have a similar problem with Cody and Urien. Have you ever tried doing anything in a suit? It’s restrictive, it’s hot, overall not good for fighting. That’s also how I interpret Sakura’s costume too. Maybe school uniforms are built differently in Japan than over here in America, but if you tried to fight in one of our school uniforms you’d have all of the same problems.

Everyone has that one nitpick that shatters their suspension of disbelief, this is it for me.


Suspension of Disbelief ?

In Street Fighter ? :scream:

The only thing that bothers me is Ken & Ryu’s Gigantic Hobbit Feet… thats why I play Ryu in his school Uniform and Ken in his Battle Outfit.

And since we’re on the subject of outfits… I find 50% of Cammy’s outfits to be highly impractical… its like whatever organisation she works for could care less about Protective Gear like Guile’s CPT Outfit and just give her a bunch of Leotards…

It doesn’t bug me when they do it to Sakura, Mika or Laura because they’re Civies… but for goodness sake can we please get cammy some pants…

Urien looks great in a thong by the way… Sisqo would be proud… where ever he is.