Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition



This actually seems Practical… especially now that Arcade Edition Lets you hide that stupid little Box at the top of The Screen.

And seriously… Karin’s Standing Hard Punch is infact an Anti-Air ? :o


That’s a lie. Don’t believe in it, don’t succumb to the trap. :triumph:

But seriously though - st.HP is an awful AA button. You’re better off jumping up to meet them with target combo, jabbing (still!), or simply dashing under and getting out of the situation. St.HP will let you down more often than not.



Or because I live in Denmark, it will be 2am Tuesday for me, because at 11am-5pm PDT there’s maintenance, so I’d guess Cody will be available after that.


Wait, I thought he was being released on the 26th

Side note: does anyone know what arcade modes he’s gonna be in?


They changed it to the 25th.
And no, not yet. Probably SF1 (to represent Final Fight/SF1 Joe), SFA, SF4 and SFV.


Oh man. They should give Cody a Joe costume! And Balrog a Mike costume! And Vega a Geki costume! AND MAKE RETSU PLAYABLE!!!


I can’t wait to find out more about G. We know nothing about him. I’m curious.


I just know I hate how he looks. Not a character for me.
Oh, and that his alt costume is Q.


Do we know that? Or are you just guessing because of the naming conventions? Because as far as I’ve heard, we know NOTHING about this guy.


No no, there was a picture of the S3 characters alt costumes shown at the beginning of the year, and it showed G wearing a costume which made him look like Q.

Up there next to Sagat.


Oh yeah. Forgot about that. So, what. Do we think they’re the same guy?


Some people do. I personally don’t care.


Not a fan of Q? I think he looks cool, but i’be never played SF3 so I don’t really know how he plays.


Nah, not my style of character. Wasn’t a fan of his looks or gameplay, and the fact he lacks any sort of personality and have no real story at all just made him more unappealing to me.


He’s kind of popular though. On the character popularity poll he’s number 4. Cody’s number 5. Q is probably gonna end up in the game in some way at some point.


That doesn’t affect how I feel about him.


Fair. That’s fair. I guess i’m Just telling you to brace yourself for disappointment when they inevitably do something with him.


Why would I be disappointed about that? I don’t hate him or anything. I just don’t care about him. So whatever they do with him doesn’t affect me at all.


I KNEW IT !!! I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW !!! :scream:

Looks like her and Nash still cursed then on Meaty Wake Up Situations…

LoL… and yet they’re still better off than Ryu :laughing: