Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition


Thats very expensive…


Yup, because they don’t want it to be abused. However, they could turn it down to just using 1/3 of the meter.


It has to be expensive. It takes zero skill (it’s automatic and works on any hit) and it keeps people from doing combos that at routinely 20-35% damage. Any less expensive and it’s vuarunteed the best use of meter in the game.


Was it possible to burst-bait in MKX? Just curious.


I would have liked that alot. :slight_smile:

Would that be so bad ?


Some would argue that it cheapens the gameplay. That giving the players an automatic escape button they can push whenever is making the game too easy. That it doesn’t work well in a fighting game.

Dead or Alive has kinda done it with the Hold function, but trying to balance it by making the input different for high, mid and low punches/kicks. But DoA isn’t really praised because of its gameplay…

And Killer Instinct has it as well with their Combo Breaker system, but punishes you if you don’t hit the right input to counter the attacks.

And then there’s Street Fighter 3 which had the parry system, but you had to be very precise with the input to counter it. You could however do it at any time just by tapping Forward. If you eff up though, you’d take extra damage from the attack, I believe.

In Mortal Kombat it doesn’t take any skill, as BBA said. If you got the meter, you can do it whenever you’re being attacked. But because they made the input easy, they instead put a cost on it, so you can’t just do it willy-nilly.


It was not.




BBA… use your words. Explain why it would be bad. Then people will have an easier time to understand your statement.


He explained it in his original post. It was quoted. An option that is always the best use of something is an option that by default negates the other uses of that resource. It is degenerate, and degeneracy is usually best avoided.




Not only would it remove other uses of meter but no one would ever see any of those cool combo strings ever again because they would always be broken. Leading to even more zoning. So not generally considered a positive for NRS games.


Well… they do have a point…

It is… just not outside of Free Step Dodge… lol… have you seen the “True Fans” complaints about the less emphasis on fan service in DoA6 ? I didn’t know there were so many of them.

I suppose I would check the opponents meter and compare it to my health to decide whether a breaker is worth it.

BBA is only being that way to me specifically… since we had… uhm… “words”… in a different board where he actually did explain things in more detail…

I wouldn’t hold it against him… his response is not without reason… a good reason, Infact.


Well, a little bit yes. But mostly I was in the middle of doing something when I wrote that response and I didn’t have enough time to write anything more elaborate. I had “yes” in the box and concluded it was actually good enough in light of what I had written earlier. Sometimes I don’t have time to write the long thoughtful answers I prefer.


You’re a busy guy… :wink:


Now my Anti-Airs are just missing for some reason…

That sucks… all that practice and my DP’s get thwarted by someone jumping from alil tiny bit closer. Maybe its because I’m using a Ken now… should go back to cammy and see if that fixes it.


So… Crush Counters…

Okay I get why people are hating on Akuma’s Crouching Fierce…

But are there any other problematic Crush Counter moves ? I think Menat’s Standing Hard Punch is also one…

I think people are struggling with CC’s because they keep trying to force Footsies… and the characters with good CC’s are simply not going to let that happen…

I think you’re suppose to be jumping over Crush Counter Buttons… especially the really good ones… alot f people seem to want to them to be punishable on block…

Really you’re not suppose to be blocking them anyway, you’re suppose to circumvent them all together and as far as I know, other than Bison’s Standing Hard Kick, most “abusable” Crush Counters happen at around jump distance… so whenever you’re at the distance (keep in mind I play Cammy and Mika so I have some control over my jump distance)… simply jump forward preemptively and land on top of them for a full combo.

Now against Akuma this is questionable because his Crouching Hard Punch recovers pretty quickly and he’s got a DP Style Anti-Air…

Its a similar story for Bison… his Standing Hard Kick is super fast and he can be standing beyond your cross up sweet spot so even if you do jump and even if he can’t anti-air you then you’l still miss beause he’l be standing so close… its significantly harder to scope out.

For characters like Urien, Ibuki, Abigail, Rashid etc I think those need to be jumped before we cry for nerfs.

Oh crap… forgot about Menat… its that ■■■■■■■ Orb… theres nothing fair about that thing… I don’t know her that well so you can decide what to do about her CC.


So apparently Falke is NOT a zoner…

Like seriously… her projectiles are not only bad for a Negative Edge Charge character… they are just flat out bad, Period !!!

Also she really shows off just what a ■■■■■■ job Capcom has done with the Control Setup in SFV compared to SFIV… since Falke depends on its normal’s so much its imperative to have certain multiple buttons do the same thing… in my case is Medium Punch. I need one face button and one Shoulder Button to both be Medium Punch… but nope… no such bind is possible in this game… on Pad.

I might be able to whip something with my profiler to solve that problem but really I shouldn’t have to…

Which might explain why I’m struggling so much with her… You can’t play Falke without using her Hard Punch… her projectiles and that button made each other.


You have to use a combination of her normals and her projectiles to get the job done. The projectiles themselves aren’t that good.

Remember you can actually switch the charge by holding another button.


If I’m charging with Medium punch, if I hold down heavy punch and let go of Med Punch, I’m still charging with heavy punch now, and my Med button is free.

It’s probably her strongest button because of the range, but try to play neutral and Anti Air a lot. You’d b surprised how many times people think they can jump in on Falke.


Yeah I figured that out not too long ago… ofcourse the problem with that goes right bsck to SFV’s Button Limitations so I just charge with Hard Punch until I hit V-Trigger Threshold… I have to awkwardly tilt my hand up so I can then use my Middle Finger to press Hard Kick… which is better than all her Projectiles…

My theory is because they were out of V-Trigger ideas so they crapped all over her regular specials to make V-Trigger seem like its strong (and it is strong… but its no game changer)

Half the SFV Roster has had this happen to them… one of their V-Triggers are just essentially EX Versions of their Special Moves… lazy. Atleast with Sagat and Akuma the regular versions csn hold their on at the start of the match but Falke’s are really awful… lol… its funny because they make her seem like a zoner… even the Character introduction on Capcom Fighters literally has her being show cased as a god tier zoner… but really shes awful at that… Ryu’s Fireballs can run Circles around her ■■■… and he sucks… that’s how bad Falke’s Projectile game is… its non existent.

Its good doing this the other way around but going from Medium to Heavy means you have to wiff or even hit witj that button and you better pray they weren’t thinking of jumping at you when you decide to switch… That Schneide anti-air is awfully slow… and it trades alot… something I’ve never had happen with Ed.

I don’t think its that they think they can get away with it… I think its because seriously… what else are they going to do… I have that problem with Ryu and Sakura… I just feel like I have to jump with those characters but with Laura and Cammy I can stay on the ground rather comfortably for entire rounds… But Cammy has Dive kick so ■■■■ it, I jump with her like its going out of style… because… you know… whos going to stop her… its like trying to stop Guile from throwing Sonic Booms. Its a pipe dream lol… :laughing:

As for Falke… I have a Fightpad just lying around… I’l test drive it with her and see if I can add one or two more normals to my game…

If that doesn’t work out… meh… theres always Cody… he’s pretty fun. :slight_smile:

Edit :slight_smile:
All my pad does let me use Hard Kick more comfortably…



So… Anti-Airs…

Honestly… I agree that… Anti-Airs are too weak… but I don’t believe that they can be too strong… I’d totally be down for 200 Damage per special move type anti-air… particularly Ryu’s DP…

And for the characters with slower, non-invincible, preemptive style anti-air Normals they totally should get Urien style Juggles… they won’t be able to whip’em on knock downs so they can still be jumped in on… sort of.

Unfortunately I feel like the whole Anti-Airs and Crush Counters thing are just one of a number if things wrong with SFV… right now theres many things wrong… but they are all wrong in equilibrium…

As soon as you start fixing things one at a time some things are going to seem to feel more problematic than others… infact they may even seem like wholly new problems when really they were just they where there all along… lying in wait…

buff the Anti-Airs and Nerf The Crush Counters and then the Stubby Normals and lack of proper specials outside of V-Trigger… No MAKOTO !!! Will be the next thing everybody’s ■■■■■■■■ About.

And you know what… Capcom is taking their sweet time fixing all this crap… I’m not a die hard fan so I’m not inclined to wait for SFV to get its ■■■■ together.