Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition


So uhm…

How the Hell am I suppose to be using Falke’s Jumping Command Normal (the Dive Kick)…

I’m almost 100% certain you’re not suppose to be jumping forward and landing on the opponents head with that move… even on hit she just bounces up too god ■■■■ high…

I know this move has good Set Play potential (with proper timing) but in neutral its so ■■■■ confusing what to do with it (which is typical in SFV).

Ayt so… The good news is she can do this from Any Jump… forward, back, straight up, whatever… she can easily dive back down…

So the bad news is the height Restriction… obviously… that means no low bounces in any situation where it don’t connect meaty and believe me… they’re aren’t many where it does… and of course… The Speed at which she falls is entirely way too slow… its the exact same fall speed as The Psycho Feder/Jaeger shot… the only difference being I think it happens quick enough so that she can block in time… but there in lies the problem… if I hop and come straight down… the opponent can process what I just did and take advantage and go on the offensive… and I really struggle pushing opponents away with no 3 Framer… Psycho Kugel helps though… thats why I always have it charged… even when I shouldn’t.

Maybe I can use it to avoid some tricky bull ■■■■… just like with Ryu… Dhalsim gets wise and tries to Anti-Air me with a Super Fireball and I just Heavy Tatsu over that ■■■■… did the same thing twice to G aswel. But that’s text book… thats the first thing they teach you in Orientation… when the screen freezes Heavy Tatsu as soon as you can move again… EX Tatsu if it looks really bad.

Does Falke’s Dive Kick have that going for it… I mean I could stop just short of The Dhalsim’s Fireball but what would I do when I’m underneath it… With Dhalsim winding up a nice long range poke to make sure it hits me.

Found a use for the Air Stomp… Baiting Out DP’s !!!

LoL… you know whats silly though… with the Execution and that god ■■■■ input lag… I won’t get a chance to use it, Unless Xiouhai or Tokido challenge me to a 1st to 10… It works on the CPU though… managed to send both Sagat and Akuma flying in the wrong direction.

Ironically enough its still surprisingly ■■■■■■ against other types of Anti-Airs purely because bouncing off them puts them on Notice… so long as their Normals are fast enough they can Catch Falke before she can whip out her Jumping Medium Kick… I had this happen with Zangief… managed to stomp on his attempt at a lariat only to get EX Air SPD on the way back up…

So yeah… this move should never land unless its Meaty… although… I’d like to stomp on Karin’s head… just to see what she can do about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried hopping over Sakura’s Fireball and Stomping back down right in front of her… lol… She totally cleaned my clock… Sakura’s Uncharged Fireballs are quite ■■■■■■ so If it don’t work on her then it don’t work on Anybody. Besides Falke already has a solution against Fireballs… Two infact… both Kugel and Kanonen are good so long as you let them off before the opponent’s Fireball actually materialises.

Doesn’t work on Sagat in V-Trigger 1 though… man that guy is the number one zoner in SFV… or should be more worried about Menat ?

Okay… Air Stom is Legit… its not amazing but its got enough uses for me to stop ■■■■■■■■ about it…

Okay so that just leaves Psyco Feder and V-Skill… V-Skill works great in both V-Triggers but its awful outside of that… I build more V-Meter from crush Counters than I do from V-Skill…


I don’t normally like Eventhubs… but this is one of those times where I can agree with them.

So… what is wrong with SFV… also does anyone here actually care ? I mean KI is awesome… why suffer SFV if you can just play KI.


Because Street Fighter has a reputation and is on PS4. People play it because of eletism


LoL… so its not just me who thinks that.

I myself have always been curious about Street Fighter but every game before SFV was borderline unplayable with my Awful Execution… so this my chance to finally try it… probably my only chance because it seems like SFVI won’t be as accessible given how people blame SFV’s problems on the easier links and special move motions…

But thats a rant for a whole other Thread (or Forum).

So heres something I don’t get… why is Ryu weak ? I mean I get why he’s borderline boring but what is about him that makes people think he’s worse than Sakura ? Standing Light kick still has better range than everybody elses… Fireballs aren’t broken but still work better than Ken’s… medium kick is… Okay I guess… DPs are weak damage wise but he can still anti air in situations other characters can’t… he’s not amazing but… he works… so… why is he at the bottom ?


I play Street Fighter for fun. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I just don’t like the characters. I kind of like Ryu and Blanka, but to me they’re all either generic or weird (and not good weird, like, unsettling weird). Maybe i’d get hooked in more if it had a guest or too from something I was into. But it doesn’t do anything for me that Marvel vs. Capcom, Mortal Kombat, Injustice, and Killer Instinct don’t do 100 times better.


Its been getting less fun lately for a lot of people… rather than a balance I think they need to add a fun patch… :slight_smile:

If only… Street Fighter thinks its too for Guests… guess we’l never Ryu parry Goku’s Kamehameha like we’ve always wanted. :frowning:

What are you into BTW ?


The previously mentioned fighting games, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, God of War, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Superman, Green Lantern, Shazam, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel, Pretty much all of Cartoon Network’s library (Samurai Jack for Soul Calibur), especially Ben 10, Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, Doctor Who, Beetlejuice, Spawn. Probably a kazillion other things too. It’s hard to keep track.

I’m not really into the shows, but I think it would be cool if the Shonen Jump Holy Trinity was in SFV (Naruto, Ichigo, and Luffy). It just feels like a good fit to me. The problem is streetfighter doesn’t really have a thing that makes it easy select guest characters for. Mortal Kombat is the gory fighting game, Injustice is the comic book fighting game, Killer Instinct is the over-The-top/80s and 90s fighting game, Tekken is the hand to hand fighting game, SoulCalibur’s The medieval weapon fighting game. Street Fighter is just… the fighting game.


Most other fighting games are the fighting game that has (insert characteristics). Street Fighter is the default fighting game. It’s the representative of fighting games. It doesn’t have a defining characteristic that separates itself from other fighting games. Rather it is the standard template that every other fighting game builds on.

It’s main “defining trait” was that Street Fighter made fighting games big. It makes sense that it is the posterboy of fighting games.


But you gotta admit. It’s hard to pick guest characters for it. With mortal Kombat it’s any character from a likewise bloody and gorey franchise, with Soulcalibur it’s people who primarily use a weapon and not their fists (preferably with a historical theme to them), with Injustice it’s other WB and Comic Book properties. With Street Fighter though, I can’t think of a single character that i’ve said “You’d be perfect in Street Fighter” about.


Thats ALOT !!! And very diverse… maybe that’s why you can’t latch on to Street Fighter V eo easily… some how all the characters feel sort of similar.

Have you heard the expression "2nd Best always tries harder. " before ? Thats how I feel about Street Fighter… being Top dog for so long has made them complacent. Like they feel like they don’t even have to try anymore…

Every other fighting game (2nd Best) has something to shoot for… that need to be the best inspires improvements, innovation and refinement. And one day I hope the actual do shoot ahead of Street Fighter… its the only thing thats going to make that series get its ■■■■ together and actually put in an honest effort…


The closest thing that I think can work is incorporating classic retro games and make them a part of Street Fighter. They did this with Final Fight so “retro” games that can work with Street Fighter is the best shot of having a guest character imo.


Like what? That’s not exactly my area of expertise. Like, if it were on Nintendo we could have Mario? The thing is that SF characters don’t really use weapons. There are a few knives, staffs, and blades, but not full on swords or guns. So it feels limiting in that way.


Finally setup my Profiler to make both the Triangle/X Button and The Right Trigger/R2 to both be my medium punch buttons…

Like seriously I can’t believe theres no in-game way to do this…

Anyway… Lets take Falke out for a spin with the new Button Layout… see if I can do better now that I have access to Hard Punch… :slight_smile:

Hmmmm… wow…all that trouble and Hard Punch is so underwhelming…I think my biggest problem with it is The staff still has a Hurtbox on it… not really usefull given how slow it is…

Oh and I just found out Falke isn’t actually Projectile Invulnerable during the prone shot… she can get hit nice and clean by Projectiles with Vertical Trajectories (Dhalsim’s Fireball)…

The issue with Falke’s mechanic is theres no practical way of cancelling the charge… once you hold down The Button you either have to fire the shot or press a different button and cancel the shot by letting go during the animation… either way… you’re aint blocking ■■■■… Guile doesn’t have this problem… he can choose not to fire a sonic boom with no cost at all.

Its really a crap ton of trouble for such a crappy projectile…

Oh well… you can’t say I didn’t try… I did… I really really did… :frowning:

Edit 2:
Maybe I should focus on something else… My block strings are awful… I just got Counter hit by Bison because theres a 5-6 Frame gap in my pressure… Standing Light Kick is good but its just so slow… Still though… I can work with it.

Medium Punch is a different story altogether… I don’t even how to go about creating a pressure string for this because of this whole Negative Edge Bull ■■■■…

So Falke’s Down Forward Hard Kick (The Stomp) is special cancellable, a feature I never want to use in any situation. Falke’s Special moves are unsafe and The Stomp ia +2 on block so why would I bother cancelling it ?

I bring this up because apparently Falke can still link a Medium Punch from Stomp even if The Staff is charged by a medium punch button… Theres a sweet spot where you can let go of a Charge without Cancelling the stomp in to a shot or Firing A Shot Raw without Cancelling… its not a particularly wide window but letting at the right time will allow you to get your trusty medium punch to link from Stomp… from there its just BnB into Super/Trigger.

A nice buff for Falke would be to make the Stomp NOT special cancellable… infact its not even a balance suggestion because it makes no Difference… it will make her less of a pain in the ■■■ though.

I also did some actual testing on Forward Hard Punch… Yep… theres definitely a Hurtbox on the entire length of The Staff… Capcom totally screwed her over… Cammy’s Medium Punch can not only interupt the Staff right at the tip but that same medium punch can out right whiff punish that long poke even when the poke itself is out of Range… seriously… its ■■■■■■■ ridiculous…

That being said there might be a way around this problem… The shotgun Blast has just about the same reach as The long poke… only without the Phantom Hurtbox… its alil shorter but still longer than her Standing Hard Punch… so I figured I would poke with that instead. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about The Shotgun blast’s Speed.


Its Just a matter of Time now

When they drop the nerf hammer on Cammy it is going to Hurt Like A ■■■■■ !!!

Oh Well… Cammy… its been a pleasure. This is what you get for not wearing Pants… or a more sensible one piece.


Sadly the days of games like CvS are well behind Capcom, but if they did care to have guests in SF I could see them putting a KoF character in there (personally I would prefer Rugal, Terry and Geese are far overplayed at this point). Don’t expect anything other than another fighting game character, since that’s all anyone sees Capcom even pretending to do with SF at this point.

I used to feel the same, but it’s hard to have fun in a game where my main gets nerfed into the ground (Ryu) and legacy characters I like are changed to the point where they aren’t fun for me to play (Akuma). At least for Akuma I have Tekken 7, it’s the only time where I can play a shoto character as a rushdown character and not get blown up for it (I know Ken is technically a rushdown shoto but I hate his moveset).


Its not even the Balance nerfs that are the worst… its the nerfs that take away the character’s uniqueness… like Mika’s Wall Bounce… Cammy’s V-Skill… Laura’s Standing Medium Kick.


Hmmmmmm… After all this time…

They went through the trouble of announcing it… So I’m guessing they can make a noticeable improvement. Like atleast 2 Frames minimum… because if they don’t… they could catch alot nerd rage for this.


This is so bizarre. Why would they do this now? I remain completely baffled by how Capcom has handled this game.



I swear it feels they are intentionally trying to be unpredictable. Either way… lets hope this works out for every one.