Sportsmanship, good practices, and how to be a better player

Ultimately, I have read some posts about people sad because they don’t feel they are improving in the game, rants because they get beaten hard by someone, and stuff like that.

That, among other “hot topics” like Taunting and Tea-bagging, made me think about it for a while.

Am I a good player?

Not a skilled player, not a competitive player. A good player. Someone who people likes to play with. Or against. Someone who enjoys playing, and makes people enjoy, no matter the result. Am I a good player?

I believe I’m a good player. I belive people likes to play with me, both cooperative and competitive, no matter the result. I believe people likes to fight against me on KI, even if they frequently lose, or if they always win. The result doesn’t matter: the objective is having fun. I have fun, and I could say that people who fight against me have fun.

But why? Why do I enjoy playing, and why do I make others enjoy playing with me?

Well, I belive that’s the reason of this topic title: Sportsmanship, good practices, and how to be a better player


People usually forgets something very quickly: When you are playing multiplayer games, you are playing against someone. Someone who exists, not a programmed AI. Someone who can suffer, who enjoys, who has concerns. And sometimes, we forget about this, and we dehumanize our opponents. And that’s not fair.

When I fight against a random opponent in ranked or exibition, I acknowledge about them being actually SOMEONE. And that’s very important, because whatever outcome comes in that match, I have to acknowledge that I wasn’t fighting against the CPU: I was playing with someone.

This is very important, because sometimes I will win, and I will be happy with that, but sometimes I will lose. And then, I will evaluate WHY I lose. If I’m fighting CPU, I could blame a poor designed AI, but I can’t do that when I lose to SOMEONE. When I lose, I lose. Me. It could be a close defeat, but at the end, my opponent got better results than me. I can’t blame one several facts for my defeat(He got lucky on one trade, the MU was in his favor, lag, I was eating a sandwich and playing with my toes…), but keeping ignoring the most important one: I made mistakes, and my opponent didn’t.

And this is key. I have to learn from my mistakes, but also from others success. It was ME who lost, but MY OPPONENT IS WHO WON. And when you lose, you have to concede that to your opponent. Other people may have better reactions, better execution, better practice, better knowledge… And that’s ok. No one is unbeatable. And other people may play more than me, practice more than me, and have better skills than me. They deserve that victories then. It would be unfair otherwise! And that’s fine. I don’t have to be the best of the world. I just want to have fun

I have to respect that others may be better than me. Because it happens. Some will be better than me. I will be better than others. I could try to improve my skills, but I’m not going very far if I don’t accept this. So I have to be humble, and accept loses, because they make my victories bigger. Sportsmanship must be always present.

Good practices:

As I stated, when we play multiplayers, we play with and against other people. And it’s good to remember that.

When I finish one ranked fight, I usually send a message to my opponent, saying “GGs” and, if they were notorious in something, remarking it (“Nice TJ, those juggles were sick!”, “Nice antiairs man, the sky was yours!”, “That resets were incredible dude!”)

This helps us to acknowledge that we are facing PEOPLE, not AI. This is a byproduct of online multiplayers: We dehumanize our opponents. It would be easier to lose against our brother, or a friend, when playing local, because you see who defeated you. You know that person. Losing to an unkown adversary is harder to swallow. Because we don’t know who defeated us, so we can start guessing wrong stuff: he was lucky, he didn’t deserved it…

After losing a fight, especially close ones, I always say to myself: I lost because of my mistakes and his success, I have to correct mines, and hope to get better, so I can force him into making mistakes to. I can’t say something like “you got lucky because I did that -99999 on block move and you block it, otherwise, I would win”. I have to accept that my opponent had the read, I was easy to read, whatever, but I have to accept that both of us are playing, not only me.

Knowing that you are fighting SOMEONE helps you to avoid some disrespectful stuff, like hate messages and rants. Why should I send a message to my opponent for losing? What do I earn? Why should I rant about my bad luck instead of trying to acknowledge what my mistakes were?

Try to think in your opponent as your best friend, playing just side by side with you. Would you react by the same way? Then don’t be salty when you lose. Whoever won you, is a person with feelings. You have no right to be mad at someone for winning you in a game. You were trying to do the same.

At the end, this walltext can be summarized into this: Have fun playing, respect your opponent, and be happy. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose: Just relax and enjoy. Some of my most enjoyed matches were defeats, but I learned from them. Be happy trying to improve, but don’t desesperate for not being better. If you enjoy playing, improvement will come sooner or later.

Because videogames are for making us happy and have fun. Take the positive, learn, adapt, and be a better player. But don’t hate or be mad. Is not worth of your time.

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ok pretty interesting…

But In all seriousness… This is a really good thread. And I applaud @Dayv0 for making it. But There are too many short comings for me to get better at the moment.

  1. Patience
  2. Online training mode doesn’t exist.
  3. It’s too late for me honestly

That last one is the probably the one that I despise but its true.

I won’t be like Bass. I won’t be like Sleep. I won’t be like Storm 179.

And It’s not a matter of “so why should I try”

It’s a matter of whether or not I want to.

Don’t get me wrong I love this game to death. But at the same time I still feel their is no place for mandrill in the tournament bracket or among the fights with good players from the forums.

Man, why you gotta kill the mood?

wow almost shed a tear right there mate

Sorry guys. :frowning:

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I’m a sportsmanlike player (don’t taunt, teabag, or full ultra), and I always say GG’s and such at the end of a set. Not quite sure if I’m a “good” player in the sense of people are guaranteed to have fun playing against me though. My Hisako in particular is pretty great at making people salty and seemingly ensuring they don’t have fun. Some players really enjoy fighting her; others don’t have any fun whatsoever.


i would say most people get salty at the moment but later if the cool of they will say ggs

I like to think I am sportsmanlike, especially to strangers. If you ever feel upset at someone after a loss (they taunted tea-bagged, etc…) try sending the a “GG” message. Most of the time, they will respond with “GG, you were good” and then you don’t feel terrible anymore. It doesn’t always work, but even when it doesn’t you get a good laugh. If you compliment someone and they respond by insulting you, it’s pretty darn funny.

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I’m starting to sound like a hipster scrub.

So let’s stop doing that. And actually improve.

Thanks for making this @Dayv0


Bravo. :clap:

Yeah, @SonicDolphin117 its a douche, but we love him anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

You were in my mind when I was writing this. You said this yesterday in another post:

And I disagree. [quote=“MandrillManiac, post:4, topic:16300”]
I won’t be like Bass. I won’t be like Sleep. I won’t be like Storm 179.

And It’s not a matter of “so why should I try”

It’s a matter of whether or not I want to.

Don’t get me wrong I love this game to death. But at the same time I still feel their is no place for mandrill in the tournament bracket or among the fights with good players from the forums.

This is bullshit man. Anybody can improve, anybody can get better. With proper training, everyone could be a great player.

I could give you examples. @SightlessKombat is blind, yet he managed to get to Killer several times. THAT’S ■■■■■■■ HEROIC. I always tell him that he is a hero for me. Being able to understand and play KI at his level of skill it’s something I wouldn’t belive before knowing him. I’m proud about knowing him and his history, it’s inspiring. If you ever told me to play a fighting game with my eyes closed, I would tell you that I whoulnd’t go far. @SightlessKombat it’s an example of what can be achieved with conviction, hope and strong will. And I admire that from him.

You, @MandrillManiac, are not a bad player. You understand the game. You can improve, of course, as everyone. But you shouldn’t give up. I remember the exact day we were fighting after S3 launched. I remember how I showed you some flipouts setups with Riptor. I remember, weeks later, how we fought again and you were applying that setups. And I was PROUD.

You don’t have to aim to be the next EVO champion. Aim for something more simple: Aim to get better and have fun. Improve day by day. One day, you will take a look back, and you will see how you improved. But you can’t think in absolute terms here. You can’t just say “I want to be a top 8 evo player, but now I’m far from there, so it’s impossible and late”.

Some time ago, when I played SFIV for the first time, I came from a long time without playing fighting games due a hand injury. I was TRASH. I was obfuscated. I thought that fighting games were no longer for me. But I didn’t give up. I trained, became a decent player, and I’m happy with my skills. And I translated them into other FGs.

Sometimes I lose badly to other people. That doesn’t have to discourage me from playing or aiming to get better. On the contrary, it encourages me. If the guy who beat me to dust can achieve that skill, I CAN.

I know you can @MandrillManiac. I know you will.

Give yourself some time. Be happy playing the game. Be positive. And improvement will come. I can guarantee you that


I enjoy playing you but I don’t find you a good player because you didn’t tag me…lel. I agree with your post.


I can only tag 10 people :frowning:

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GGs forums. Wrecks us all at some point :smiley:


Awesome thread! @BigBadAndy should enjoy this thread for sure.

I think Im fun, but I can get a bit salty at times. I do know that if my opponent is a stranger and he acts like a jerk Im quick to return the favor…and sometimes that may carry on in to the next match vs a stranger even though they did nothing wrong. Im trying to work on that.

But when I play with strangers that are kind and may have taken a beaten I ALWAYS send them GG and the links to the forums, Infills guide and Sajams youtube… Ive helped a lot of new players in the last year and I hope they have become better players in return.

I dont play many sets agaisnt friends from the forums but when I do its usually with @WandaMaximoff (where the hell you been biatch!) , @dayvo, and @BigBadAndy… and those sets are always a blast! They need to happen much more often as well.


Spend 95% of my time playing against randoms so…

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Then we should spend some of that 5% fighting!

Yeah, just wish I had a working MIC so people didn’t get bored playing with me.