Sportsmanship, good practices, and how to be a better player

We can chat by xbox messages anyway!

Also, get a ■■■■■■■ mic you lazy ■■■!

Lol, got four kids to feed.


Now I can’t unsee this:

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“johnny, la gente está muy loca”

But yes, I do believe people is crazy online and that cazyness has even gotten to me. I used to be a quite person while playing, no swering and stuff. But there was something I’ve never liked: the disrespect and lag.

  • Lag would drive me crazy (because I’m not performing as I should and as I know I can) it’s just the same like playing with a broken stick during the old days, or a button won’t working.
  • Disrespect: it was uncommon when you are face to face to someone, but is upseting too.

You know, I’ve never seen the other person as AI, that’s why I get mad at them for being disrespectful, trashtalking, mean and social misfits to me. Why would I get mad at AI? it would be a waste of energy. I still don’t understand why people get mad at a dumb code XD If it’s broken or too hard and I had enough I would just turn off the console and go outside to ride my bike. It’s important to take fresh air.
To people being too agressive or annoying I will use the report/block button. I’ll still may come across them but at least I won’t hear them.

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:bangbang: IVE BEEN ON OVERWATCH! :bangbang:

lol dont wanna moan guys but Season 3 lost its pull on me!

Dont get me wrong its a strong season and a 8.9 for me but that last row of characters… it just lacks things that S1 and S2 didn’t for me.

@FallofSeraphs76 if you wanna play im WELL up for it. This is still one of my favourite games of ALL TIME. But you boys @Dayv0 :heart: included will need to pull me off other games for it. Ive found that although i LOVE Kim, Mira, Eyedoll and like Tusk, Arbiter and Gargos that the like has killed the desire to get better with the latter and keep coming back for more!

Season 1 and 2 pacing and content kept me playing for almost a full SOLID year but with a cast of only “3 loves” that has affected my time on the game!

Season 3 is the most balanced game so far BUT for me its newness died fast mostly due to the lack of stages, new characters, guests and a story mode that didn’t feature as much lore as id have liked. TOTALLY OFF TOPIC! (maybe thats why i havent been here as much)

so the moral of the story is:


our battles are always FANTASTIC, better than any other game, but you wont find me sitting on ranked or online every day like before.

who knows this little break (3 times a week rather than every day) might even give u a chance to beat me :nail_care: HAHA

:heart: Wanda


Oh its on M-O-F-O!

Im off for 4 days straight so I plan on playing some of you if you are available. No thanksgiving for you foreigners, so you and Dayvo should be available…not sure about @BigBadAndy .


im always free to play you just msg me on face book or XBL when im aroudn and im there!



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Im might have to use Arbiter to get you all salty! lol


I have two full days with family on Thursday and Friday then on Sat. I fly out for two weeks in Asia (gone for my birthday #sadpanda :panda_face:). I might be around in the evenings or early on Saturday but we’ll see.

On topic, @Dayv0 thanks for posting this. I really enjoy playing with you and you definitely help me improve my play. I think having matching expectations definitely helps people have a good time. When I play @FallofSeraphs76 I know we are mostly just hanging out, so random character picks and general horsing around is the flavor of the day. If I’m playing @Dayv0 it’s like tech development time, alternating with deep discussion about the game.

So much of this is simply the “golden rule” - how would you like your opponent to treat you? So you treat them the same way and it should prevent a lot of problems. What can I say that hasn’t been said already? Well, I’m turning 40 in the next few days, so be prepared to put up with my sentimental BS (hey, as far as mid life crises go, wasting too much time on a video game forum is not the worst possibility - screw you guys, don’t judge).

It’s worth pointing out though, that none of this suggests any of us are perfect or should expect to be perfect in our mindset all the time. We are playing a competitive game and it’s okay to not enjoy every loss. I have been known to swear and pound on my fightstick when the mic is muted. I had a strong desire to send my opponent in an arena tournament the other day a note along the lines of “nice lag-assisted Shago, ■■■■■■■.” But I didn’t. For all the reasons @Dayv0 cited above. This is a person, who I don’t know. Maybe he’s the world’s biggest jerk. Maybe he’s playing while feeding a baby and reading to his blind grandma or maybe KI is his escape from some brutal economic or social reality. I have no idea, but he’s a person in any case, and regardless of whether he’s a tool or a saint, it doesn’t make the world a better place if I send him a shitpost. Maybe if there had been no lag he would have beaten me worse. If you want to hear a compelling lecture on this topic, I would encourage you to look up David Foster Wallace’s 2005 commencement address (This is Water) to Kenyon College, 2005. There’s a zillion versions of it on YouTube. It’s essentially about how you, not other people, control your perception of reality and if you choose to be angry and upset all the time you will be. But you can also choose to simply, not be. I would liken it to “not having a scrub mentality about life.” So yeah, it’s okay to feel less than thrilled sometimes when you lose. But give yourself some time to cool down and for the love of god don’t run to the forums and demand nerfs/buffs when you are all salty from a loss.

I have made some efforts to send people notes especially after close or good matches, particularly if they are lower ranked and played well or seem like they need some help with aspects of their game. But I don’t do as much as I could. I have also tried to contribute positively to the forums, in order to be a good member of the community - but I haven’t always succeeded there either. But the point is to try. You won’t be perfect, but it’s about trying to improve yourself and about trying to make the world a better place rather than a worse one.

Which brings me to @MandrillManiac. I’m a bit torn on this, because while I appreciate @Dayv0’s sentiment that “anyone can be great at the game if they try,” I think you have to also temper your own expectations. I know I’m not winning Evo. And neither are you. This is 99.99999% certain. So, if you adopt the mentality that you need to be the best, chances are you are quite simply going to fail. My point is, I don’t think you need to try to be the best in order to enjoy the game and to aspire to play at a high level. I would just recommend trying to be better today than you were yesterday. And then don’t cry over spilled milk. Just enjoy what you are doing and see where it takes you. And @WandaMaximoff, if where it takes you is to Overwatch, that’s great too. I’ve spent more hours this week playing FarCry: Blood Dragon - which is lame and yet hysterically awesome - than I have devoted to KI. Yes, the lack of hours is hurting my competitiveness. But I still love the game and I will be playing more when I have the time and inclination.

For those of you still awake, I salute you. This wall of text is dedicated to @WrathOfFulgore, who playfully pointed out that I tend to be a blowhard in the GG’s thread. His punishment is getting tagged in and then held hostage to the whole post to find his name at the end. :wink:


LOL Well played sir…well played. :laughing:


(Cough) My Arbiter make everyone salty… XD

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You remind me of myself in past. I was always complains because I didn’t become best player while Season 1 and 2. I never win in KI tournament online while Season 2. I was not very happy until Season 3. I found my true main, it’s Arbiter. I made it in top 16 - 8 with my Arbiter. I’m really happy for they put Arbiter in KI. You don’t have to be like Bass, Sleep or Storm179. Just be yourself. I’m not like other player. I am KevBones10. You are Mandrill Maniac. I believe you will be gud player someday. I hope you find your main in Season 4. Yeah, they didn’t confirm Season 4. I have 100% faith in you! You are our friends! :slight_smile:

@Dayv0 This thread is really good!


Mandrill for S4 Kappa

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He’s too OP for S4.


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arent you one of the people making fun of me in the Combat survey thread?

i know! That cheap assk BS you be using :slight_smile:

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I think that’s not you, but the nature of the character. I’m not necessarily salty at the opponent, as a person, but at the character’s play style/design gameplay wise (Hisako having moves that you should be able to hit her out of but seemingly can’t unless she lets you, for example). I appreciate the respect I’ve had from @Dayv0 and I think he knows what I’m talking about, his Eyedol, to me, still proves that he’s as broken/unbalanced as he was at launch, to a point. It’s all subjective really. I fought a player yesterday who had a mic, a rare occurrance for me to actually interact with someone I didn’t know directly from the forums, for example. I told him at the end of my game that “you’ve just been beaten by a blind player” and his reaction was pretty nervous really - “nnno, you’re not”. The disbelief was actually quite funny. He played Jago and I played Fulgore and once I got how he was playing, It wasn’t hard to make him regret what he was trying to throw at me. :smiley:

With a match where I can interact with my opponent, as much as I’ll get salty, there’s perhaps a little less than if I can’t talk to them as you can sometimes see their own salt too.

Sending messages etc unfortunately doesn’t seem to be possible via pressing RT in ranked post-match menus, unfortunately otherwise I’d have messaged that opponent from earlier and told him GGs etc. Equally I’ve not had much hate, but I think if they knew I was a player with no sight, I believe it would probably come thick and fast :smiley:
It’s an interesting conversation to have, as to whether we’re good or not, as we all have players to look up to, Evo or otherwise.

You forgot “having fun of Dayvo when he tries to say schelude”[quote=“BigBadAndy, post:29, topic:16300”]
I’ve spent more hours this week playing FarCry: Blood Dragon - which is lame and yet hysterically awesome - than I have devoted to KI. Yes, the lack of hours is hurting my competitiveness. But I still love the game and I will be playing more when I have the time and inclination.

There is always time for everything. I play a lot Battlefield 1 with my friends, but that doesn’t mean that I’m tired of KI. I mean, I love pizza, but I like eating pasta too, and I’m not betraying the pizza for that XD

I lol’d hard XD

Who? If it’s directed to me, I never made fun of you in any thread

Just wanted to say to @Dayv0 @BigBadAndy @KevBones10 @SonicDolphin117 @SlenderCashew50

I was really not feeling well yesterday. And When I’m not feeling well, I spat out nonsense.

I’m like the hulk: When I get sick, hoo boy, you won’t like me when I’m sick.

So I’m gonna say ignore what I said back then (I really should’ve just stay offline the whole day) Because it’s nonsense.

I am sorry.


You don’t have to apologize man, you did nothing wrong.


If you did nothing wrong…

And Kan-Ra did nothing wrong…