Too Good To Be True

me too

Ok. I’ll do one last post and I’m out of this thread. If you wish to reply, PM me and if it goes well, I can come back here. I’ll adress a few things. Correct reads, advantages of sharing tech, and great players in exhibition.

-Reads are in a way, guesses that are good. You don’t know for sure that it is correct until it comes out. For example, you meaty dp on wake up because you think you have a read and it will destroy the opponent’s mind if it works. You aren’t sure though and won’t know if it is correct until it happens. Now if you know what are mistakes and what isn’t, it is in your head. This applies to reads as well. It can be a mistake if failed but would you consider it a mistake if it works? What is stopping you from being mistaken when determining if you made a mistake? If you inputted something and the outcome is determined by the opponent, is it a mistake if it fails even though the input is the same?
-Don’t be afraid to share tech. Sharing it to the public is great. It makes the community better players. You might wonder, why do I want everyone else to better? If the community is better, that means you need to improve as a player. As a result, both the community and you improve. Think of it this way. Do you want to stay where you ahead of the community and let them do their own thing or do you want to advance the skill of the community further which pushes you to go higher? You are part of the community afterall.
-Why should great players treat ranked as their standard? You wonder why they are in exhibition when they could be in ranked. They are many reasons. Ranked doesn’t allow you to do long sets with people. Stress is another reason. In ranked, it is a competition on who can win and the loser loses their points. This is very stressful. Exhibition on the otherhand is more carefree. They can relax, enjoy their time, and learn at their own pace without having to lose points.
My giant wall of words is done. Time to plasmaport out of this thread.

And some final free advice from me that will undoubtedly be fully ignored:

Trying to maintain your advantage by hiding your gameplay (lest it be discovered and easily countered) is the literal worst way to improve at fighting games.


So, do you think that maybe people are hacking?..

No, I think I’m rusty from being on vacation for a week and not having played the game at all during that time-frame.

I ran into 1 of the really good players I fought earlier today, decided I’d have another go at him, and did much better. Not great, but better. I told him “GG” afterwards, and his response was horrifying…

“I wanted you to win, so I picked Glacius, whom I haven’t played in a while.”

That, to me, is worse than kicking my butt. He made it easier! It completely took away any sense of satisfaction or victory that I held mere moments before!

In any case, I’ve learned that it’s not an input, or even a controller issue. It’s an issue with my timing. More than anything, my moves aren’t coming out with the rhythm I usually have - they’re either too early or too late in a lot of cases, and a lot of what I’m doing (blocking for example) is being pressed, just not in a timely manner, which causes me to whiff an attack and/or gives my opponent an opening they won’t usually have. Because I’ve been away for a week, the game also “appears” to move faster. Add to that the fact that, yes, the good players are out and about, and the whole thing just becomes an exercise in frustration.

The irony here is that in order to fix my timing, all I have to do is simply give it time.

…and I hate waiting. :persevere:

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I’m saying this in the kindest way I can. My only goal is HELPING:

I KNOW everything that any other player uses against me. I KNOW how to play. But also THE OTHER PLAYER.
You are blaming external stuff: the new patch, pro players coming from nowhere, lag… But you are not considering the most important factor: YOU

YOU can fail. Everyone can fail. You, me, Sleep, Daigo, the Pope, Mazinger Z, Superman… Eveyone can FAIL. You could read a throw, try to tech it, but being late, because your opponent was faster. And you must concede that. You must concede that, even if you are recognizing WHAT is hitting you you could be not reacting on time!

You lose, but also, your opponent wins. If you read my post about Sportsmanship, this is exactly what I meant about accepting your mistakes and concede the other player success.[quote=“GalacticGeek, post:79, topic:16263”]
I just got beat by:
a) the best Glacius player I’ve ever seen,
b) the best Sabrewulf player I’ve ever seen, and a
c) damn good Fulgore!

This players were people. Real people. They trained, they played, and they deserved their victory. You have no right to say this after your defeat:[quote=“GalacticGeek, post:79, topic:16263”]
I hate this game when it’s not fun!

You are getting late, so, you are making your reads LATE. You are getting punished for being slow, and you deserve a punish for that[quote=“GalacticGeek, post:86, topic:16263”]
I’m at the point that I KNOW how this game works. I KNOW what mistakes I make, when I make them, and when they’re NOT mistakes. These are NOT mistakes.

You are wrong. You make more mistakes than you belive. Everyone commits mistakes that they are not aware. There is a way to improve this:[quote=“TheNinjaOstrich, post:93, topic:16263, full:true”]
Why? We are just here to watch the fight. We don’t care that it’s edited down with:

“GG” at the end of every single video.

We just want to help you.

Watching your matches would help you with perspective. But then you respond this:

If there would be a dislike button, I would dislike this to hell. This is one of the most selfish attitudes I have ever saw in this forums. Even worst, coming from someone who is happy to jump into helping new players.

How do you dare to say that, and then ask anybody else for help in any other subject? That’s just… selfish man.

I don’t want to sound mean Geek, but I played agaisnt you. Only a few matches, but enough already to acknowledge your weak points. I could help you to improve, but with this attitude, I’m more inclined to not doing it. Your game analysis is short minded: You perform a ruin, get blocked, and then conclude that you lost because your ruin was blocked, but you didn’t lose for being blocked: You lost for being impatient, being anxious about getting in.

People like Sleep or Bass share their tech, and put series of videos fighting other people, so everyone could learn. THEY learn from that.

If you believe that you should improve alone, without any external help… then you are going to be defeated by the same players all your life.

Some people here wants to help you. Be humble, accept your mistakes, and their help

Otherwise, you will never improve. And it’s your own fault.

Again, I don’t want to sound mean. If I wrote this wall text if for your own good. I could just ignore all your rant and leave it be, so you could stay as a you are, without improving. If I took the time to put this text, is for being constructive.

If you don’t accept this help(not for me, for anyone who already offered it), then I have no more suggestions for you. If you don’t want to be helped, so be it. Otherwise, here we are


Iam Here Bae :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: come beat my poor s3 Sadira lol (:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: if you can!)

Do you not read all of the posts before replying? I’ve already figured it out and admitted that it was me… I’m having an issue with timing. If you’re going to reply, reply to that.

It doesn’t work that way Geek

You post something(wrong), people reply you trying to help, you don’t accept that and blame other reasons but you, and then, after a while, and without rectifying your previous behaviour, you go into another conclusion “by yourself”.[quote=“GalacticGeek, post:104, topic:16263”]
No, I think I’m rusty from being on vacation for a week and not having played the game at all during that time-frame.

This doesn’t acknowledge that the other player won you because they deserved it: You only state that they may won because you were rusty. You are not being humble. You state that as if only you play the game, and you win or lose, independant of the other player.

That last post doesn’t mean nothing. You just “concede” that you may be in part responsable, but you don’t concede that you could be outplayed. And you still don’t recognize your mistakes that I pointed.

I put that wall text TO HELP YOU. I see that you don’t want that help. Ok, I will not waste my time with you, ever.

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You really need to tone down the attitude in your responses.

People are attempting to help you and you’re rebuffing them with the same sort of venom you’re using against anyone who you lose to.


They misunderstand me. I do want help, just not that kind of help. You can give me advice all day long and it’ll just go in 1 ear and out of the other. What I want is hands on 1 on 1 training via sets or casuals. Don’t just tell me - show me.

@Dayv0, @Infilament @Sasuke99I, @TheNinjaOstrich, @STORM179

There is stuff that must be analyzed in retrospective to learn.

Sometimes you just have to put down the controller, watch, listen, and learn

If you don’t want that, I(and many more) can’t help you.

You can learn more of a replay analysis from one match than playing 20 sets in a row. If you don’t understand that or you just don’t want to try, then you will never improve to a bigger level.

Every pro player(and not only pro players, just to name) watches some of their matches to learn how to improve. You should do that too.

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So we can give you the same advice that we would’ve given you in the forums? Kind of hard to demonstrate watching replays, sharing tech to the world, etc from a set.

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This is where you’re wrong. What I am saying is that I am a hands-on learner. I need to be engaged to learn - that requires that I have a controller in my hand and participating, not just sitting and watching.

As a teacher, 1 thing I’ve learned is that it’s not the student that needs to adapt to the teacher, it’s the teacher that needs to adapt to the student. Just because the method all of you suggest works for most players, it doesn’t mean it’ll also work for me. For example, you can have a math student look at a textbook and formulas all day but they may not understand any of it until you put something into their hands and physically demonstrate it to them using something that they can relate to and enjoy. Otherwise, you just bore them and put them to sleep - and that’s not learning.

What I’m asking you to do is to simply teach me the way I am certain that works best for me. Many of you don’t even play with me anymore, likely because of my attitude on these forums, which is drastically different when I’m calm and playing casually online most of the time. I’m online virtually everyday, and if I can’t get practice with my own friends and am forced to fight randoms who don’t bother communicating and giving me advice themselves much less the time of day, it’s no wonder it feels like I’m often stuck in the mud…

It’s giving me the same advice in a different way, Sasuke. Trust me, it does make a difference.

…and it doesn’t have to be a set. I just enjoy challenging myself and learning as I go. @SonicDolphin117 is particularly good at this, since he consistently points out what I do wrong and could do better mid-match, but his tone sometimes comes off as a bit grating (“why do you keep doing that!?” for example).

Here is the thing. The teacher should be able to adapt to the student. There is a catch though. The student should not expect the teacher to do what they cannot do. The advice is to watch your replays, don’t be afraid to share tech, and know that when you lose, the opponent outplayed you. You can’t teach that in a set. Also of you want a set, you don’t have to wait for someone to ask you for one. Just ask them for a set and most of us would say yes if we have time.

Pretty much whas Sasuke991 said, I think the same.

You are wrong. You seems to fear being humilliated by someone pointing the faults in your gameplan, or something like that. Nobody wants that, we want to help you
You don’t need execution: you have enough, even more with Aganos, who doesn’t have hard to execute stuff, like a juggling oriented character. You need to understand deeply HOW to use your tools.

When I played against you, you:
-Used “yolo” fullscreen ruins without nothing to make them safe
-Used easy to identify patterns in your approach
-Had easy to exploit defense holes

I could continue. I only played 4 matches against you. Enough to see your mistakes, recognize your patterns, and take advantage of them. And you keep saying that “I blocked your attacks, not my fault”, “you were performing the same stuff as me, but I one frame later”, and more complains I don’t remember, instead of noticing YOUR mistakes.

The way to correct this is not playing more. It’s watching yourself, acknowledge this, and try to correct them. And you are not looking for that when you are playing. I could point this to you while playing, and you woulnd’t change it.

You need to see yourself out of the stress of the fight, and analyze it with calm mind.

Teacher: well, we are going to study the body organs to learn how to perform a surgery…
Crazy student: No teacher, I prefer to get a patient and try to fix him, ■■■■ the books, let’s get to action!

I just hope that student doesn’t become a doctor.

Well, you are the student in this analogy. Some stuff must be learned in the field. Other, doesn’t.

You can’t demand help in that way Geek, because it won’t help you. You don’t want to even try. So, good luck. You will need it, since you are limiting yourself

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I’ve already explained why replays don’t work effectively for me (they aren’t reliable for properly representing the actual matches, and with the lag I get, that’s most of the time).

As for sharing tech, while I don’t like the idea of doing it, most of you already know my habits, so I can probably renege on this a bit. I’m going to continue dding it via 1 on 1 sessions though, not via clips (which again take too much work to upload to be worth it, IMO).

As for being outplayed, it doesn’t matter if it’s not a fair fight to begin with. If the game lags, or inputs aren’t being read correctly, it’s entirely possible that I can easily be outplayed by someone who is worse than me (and trust me, both of these things happen all of the time on my end). After all, why should I focus on what they’re doing if everything on my side of th playing field isn’t working the way it should in the 1st place?

I admit that most of the time they’re probably not worse than me, and I just act like they are, but that’s just me trying to boost my own self-esteem after a loss and make myself feel better. It’s a coping mechanism, and nothing more.

Call it as you like, but you are not being respectful with your opponent. Your self-esteem could be boosted by other way than blaming lag, or whatever