Speculation: Why reveal Gargos so early? Unless

With the release of the launch trailer and KI Season 3, i was quite surprised to see Gargos get a reveal much earlier than everyone thought, with him being hyped up as this major threat in the KI lore, i assumed he’d be our last character before (what i asssume) the Season 3 story mode, but seeing him come out before 2 other characters got me pondering on what this means, and if it turned out to be what im thinking, it would be quite the shock, althought not a bad one.

So this is the known line-up of season 3 in release/reveal order

  1. Rash
  2. Kim Wu
  3. Arbiter
  4. Tusk
  5. Mira
  6. Gargos
  8. ???

So i thought, “thats quite a good business plan…lower the sense of security, make it seem like it will most likely not happen…then crazy reveal out of nowhere!”

I think the last character will be the final returning character, i think, it could very well be EYEDOL.

Now i was never a huge fan of the character myself but am open to see what MS and IG could do to him, and it seems like the right time and a great twist to the story…Gargos and Eyedol engaging in a fierce battle and Earth is the battleground.

More evidence i dragged from this was the “green” color scheme added with Season 3s new theme, which didnt seem to make sense for me, its not a color representing Gargos, its not “Astral” or “Shadow” but i do remember Eyedol always being Green when you fought him in the original KI, seemed a little more logical to me anyway.

So, thoughts? feel free to share your idea of the final character of Season 3


That is actually a good theory. I never thought to pair the green with Eyedol. With Gargos’s Shadow energy being purple, Eyedol’s energy would be the complementary green.

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I’d probably say the other color is red…

We already know two characters that have green auras I really wouldn’t associate them any warlord. Green seems to be human spirits.

You beat me to it. This was my exact theory

Eyedol would indeed be a surprise addition to this season. I too was thinking it would be a possibility for them to slip him into that 8th spot, but ehhh, who knows.

From a story stand point, this would be amazing. It would harken back to the OG lore, but this time it would be playing out in the present, and would really set up that “doomsday, post-apocalyptic” atmosphere that was in KI, but somewhat went away with this new game.

I really hope you’re wrong :frowning: hopefully is some other green terrifying menace. Btw, during a stream Keits called the green smoke in the character select screen “Gargos’ corruption” so I guess it is related to Gargos after all.

I don’t see the connection between the green smoke and eyedol anyway… he has green skin… that’s all.

What that green tells me is stuff like acidic corrosion, or maybe demonic flame (like Warcraft’s fel fire), certainly not green skinned double headed 90’s B-movie monster.

Anyway let’s hope for the best!

Well, we don’t know when we’re getting shadow lords mode, which Adam confirmed is where the season 3 story will be told. If we get it with Gargos, there’s a fairly good chance that Eyedol’s not in the story.

If that’s the case, then I think the prevailing theory would be that the 8th slot is not Eyedol or a shadow version of an existing character or a new KI character, but rather a guest. If I were a gambler, I’d put money on Joanna Dark.

However, if shadow lords isn’t coming until the end of the season, then I think Eyedol might be a safe bet.

I mean, I’m probably reading too much in to this, but notice that the mode is called shadow lords with an “s” at the end. That would imply that Gargos isn’t the only shadow lord and since Shago and Omen aren’t shadow lords, it could very well be a case of Eyedol vs Gargos. Green versus purple.

So yeah, I think that we’ll be able to theorize a little better once we know more on when we might get the story mode.

There will probably be a second shadow lord for the “s” reason:P I just hope is someone new!

Enough old faces, I WANT NEW BLOOD! maybe green blood:P

  • If Eyedol is in season 3, then I sort of don’t see a season 4 coming.
  • If Eyedol isn’t in this season, I think S4 is inevitable.

But yeah, I want new characters…new lore…just new stuff in general, for the rest of S3, and onto S4. MS and IG have been doing great with the content thus far, and I just want to see the universe expand as much as it can.

Could that second shadow lord be Eyedol though? Maybe.

I love new characters as well, so I kinda hope they go down that road too.

I don’t know if I’d go as far as to say “inevitable” given how much certain people have stated their dislike of the character.

That said, I hope it means that there’s a 4th season and that he’s the major antagonist for it. Maybe have that old guy from KI gold as a sort of “old sage” guide for the heroes, maybe use a variation of Kara from the comics and have a female Ultratech suit/assassin. Otherwise, any completely new and unique ideas from IG are more than welcome, but I’m getting more than just a little ahead of myself.

Really curious to see who that 8th character winds up being!

That is just my feeling. I feel as though they will use nostalgia (just have they have been with these past/present seasons) to anchor the content if there is an S4.

I like the way you think! I never even considered the sage dude in the KI Gold dojo as a character, lol! But yeah, an old Sage come it to train / lead/ mentor the heroes against the onslaught of Astral demons. Could be fun! :wink:

One thing we learned in S2 with having the boss be the last character built is that it’s hard to get your story done… when the boss isn’t done as a character. Makes working in parallel on the story and the gameplay a bit difficult.

So this season our villain Gargos arrives earlier so we can get more done on Shadow Lords and the story we’re telling around his invasion of Earth.


Thanks @TempusChaoti for taking the time:)

There you have it people! Gargos is the final boss, so the last 2 characters will probably be either brand new or guestsXD

Technically, if the last two characters’ models are done, they can appear in the story portions of Shadow Lords when it releases, even if SL comes out before they do. Although, I suppose it’s dependent on whether they plan to reveal the characters early, in that case.

I’d suspect a reveal of the 7th character before Gargos releases, just because of how they revealed new characters in Season 2 and in the Season 3 trailer. Which means we’d know before Shadow Lords releases.

It would be pretty surprising for them to add Eyedol so late, especially after making everyone think he wasn’t coming. All of the haters would piss themselves when he was revealed. :stuck_out_tongue:


Kinda funny, the things you discover in hindsight during the creative process…

Also, this could be why its called shadow lords, and not shadow lord. Could be referring to both eyedol and gargos. Just my thoughts though.

Eyedol not lord of shadow.

Eyedol lord of club. And hoof. And plus frames.

(best read in a caveman voice)


Just finished watching Caveman (with Ringo Starr) again. This made me laugh so hard.

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