Soul Calibur 6

So I’m just curious, is it accurate to say this version of Amy is like a mix of Raphael and Xiangua? A lot of her moves look similar to both of those characters, and even if she plays completely different from both of them I can’t shake the similarities. I guess either way I should be glad she’s not just a copy of Raphael anymore, but without exact knowledge of her moveset and frame data I’m still bugged about it.

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Welp I can at least say I’m hopeful that Lizardman/Aoen will have some more uniqueness to his move sets.

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He’s been unique since SC5 though, they wouldn’t have to change much save for adding new moves for Soul Charge. Unless of course they wanted to integrate the old and new movesets, like a stance change system or whatever (kind of like Wonder Woman in Injustice 1, where she had two movesets you could switch to).

Pretty much. Although, if what you said is true than they’ve proven that you can give a character unique moves despite the fact that she has a similar if not same fighting style as Rpahael.

So I just bought the Season Pass and I must say that it depresses me that 2B’s punch combos are so fun, since despite having the Analyze mechanic on them (unarmed hits build up a charge to make some moves count as Lethal Hits) they are clearly not a core aspect of her moveset. It kind of feels like what I wanted Talim’s moveset to be, more punching and less gimmick moves.

Also in the case of Amy, does it feel like her rose throw mechanic seems underutilized? I know there are buffs for hitting the opponents with both types of roses, but her moves already seem good enough without them. Or is this one of those cases where they only matter in highest-level gameplay?

She’s definitely a hybrid, but I don’t know that I think she takes much of her DNA from Xinghua. To be honest I think she’s actually quite far from Raphael as well. They share a weapon and a few similar normals and strings, but overall Amy is definitely her own character. Her string cadences are quite different from Raphael, and she isn’t quite as linear as he is. Visually her combos certainly involve more acrobatics than Raph, but her movements aren’t as dancer-ish as X. Ultimately I think Bamco did a good job making her feel like a very unique character.

I honestly don’t understand too much of her rose mechanics, but at the very least her roses buff her CE damage, which will have very apparent applications across all levels of play.

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So I have this now (after it was on sale for a considerable reduction last week) and am enjoying the heck out of the single player stuff and customisation! The couple of new mechanics they’ve added add some additional interest, despite me playing this one exactly like it was the last Soul title I played and being unsure if that is really a good thing. (SC3) :thinking:
Anyway! If anyone wants to play sometime, Steam ID here

I’m much easier to find online on steam - the Xbox app has always been kinda shonky for me on PC. Hope to see some of you out there!

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Has there been any word on DLC arrival dates? Last time I played this, I downloaded 2B and enjoyed her a lot, but I haven’t really seen any announcements since outside of the Amy trailer. Has she already released? There were some datamines suggesting Cassandra, Satsuka and others, but I still have yet to see a whole lot from Namco, unless I’m just completely missing the info pipeline.

Amy is out. I think Okubo is getting ready to announce Setsuka at some point. Not really sure when though


Ah thanks! Much appreciated. I’ve fallen off a bit since MK11 came out, but definitely need to jump back in.

I don’t know where he stated Setsuka being announced but I do know Amy is out.

Although if I have to guess if this in order, I’d say Rock might be enxt because of the word, stone.

Then again, Amy got in before Cassandra. So, Cassandra could be next. At this point anybody could be announced.

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So my far and away favourite thing about this game is the character creator and I’ve been having some serious fun with recreating some of KI’s bad butt beaches in game, 1500s style:-

Any of you guys done the same thing? It’d be cool to see some creations, directly KI related or not. :grinning:


I made orchid jago & Kim

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I updated my character Slith but it isn’t much to show.

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There’s quite a few CAS creations littered in the thread above. I do original characters, but a few other people have been making facsimiles of different faves across a variety of games and genres.

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Some DLC news

I hope we get Snake Horns too.


The beret returns! YES!

I can finally recreate my Noel Vermillion.

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I hope we get a lot more than what they were showing us. Because something tells me that 150 might not be enough. I hope i’m wrong though.

Nightmare’s ugly SCIV P2 costume returns.