Soul Calibur 6


So are the new parts out?


Yes they are. As expected though the Lizardmen don’t have much. They updated some things but I can’t apply the parts that I wanted to them cause it’s not available apparently.

Guess I’ll have to wait for Aeon to be DLC and use his torso Armor for Slith when he comes out.


Sorry bout that . I know you really wanted to customize him further.
Hopefully he will be part of season 2 for full customization -

I’m at work so I’ll update the creation parts when I leave about 10

I want to make a denim ivy and try some new odd combinations for my Psylockes & etc
Hopefully there’s a couple new bodysuits


Welp the Lizardmen got some stuff. But not alot.


I appreciate some of the new parts, but the pack still feel rather lacking. Hopefully the next pack will have some better parts.

I got to update some of my custom characters though, so that’s nice.

Also, they fixed the colours of the alt Grøh hair. ^^


yeah I was able to do a small update for Slith, but it’s not something thats worth showing. I’m actually starting to think The Lizardman are not getting anything for the torso armor period. which would suck if that is the case.


finally made as close representation of black orchid (WITH NO GOGGLES mind you) that I could

we need more sticker slots I’d love to have finessed the bustier and grenades and the wrist computer out of view here

I’m going to try to use kanji to replicate the bustier leather cross-straps when I have time


It’s good.

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I have to look it up but there is a request for feedback from the dev team. Will post the link to the survey once I find it…

A good opportunity to let them know about
things such as online performance and other gripes…

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Welp here’s hoping. In other news they announced they plan on releasing all the season pass DLC before the end of the summer.


I’m happy to see they want our feedback!
But I’m confused why Steam isn’t an option in the “versions purchased” tab.
Edit: NEVERMIND, there’s a separate Steam survey and I am a fool :joy:


why did you post the DOA link in the SoulCalibur thread

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My mistake.


Correct link to SCVI survey (thanks to @CausingThought6)

@BigBadAndy @STORM179 @Fwufikins just tagging a few people who had certain thoughts about the game and could be interested in the survey. This English survey was buried on the Japanese site (!).


Amy DLC releases next week 3/26


Hope that I like her in this one. Didn’t really like her that much on the others.

I could totally finish my Weiss with her style though

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the moon shall swallow the sun, it will never rise again

hints at a similar Siegfried/ nightmare parallel for Amy/ Viola


Pretty much sums it up now.

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especially when her broken hairstyle is the exact viola hair under her scv hood :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

She also gains viola’s slide & thrust charge from scv


Fought for a few hours against an Amy last night at our offline. It was interesting…the character actually has pretty deceptive range.