Soul Calibur 6


at least there’s a couple new armour parts from Raphael 2.0 :woman_shrugging:

rumors of them using Viola theme & showing Amy’s face inside Violas orb weapon in the trailer are peculiar tho…


Hm… okay…
Happy for Amy’s fans.

I’m excited about the new costume items though!


Well for Viola fans they does not confirm or deconfirm her sense even Siegfried and Nightmare are in the same game. Though there could be exceptions I think at this point, Aeon may as well get his two axes.


I kind of agree with Storm on this, Amy’s trailer is only slightly better than the other reveal trailers. With that said, I hope she actually plays different from Raphael this time, otherwise I’ll be very disappointed in Namco for driving back into Clone City.


-shrug- I never said the trailer didn’t show anything, only that I found it very underwhelming. Amy looks like goth-loli Raphael, and that is a trope that sparks extreme indifference in me. If even she’s bored to be there, why the heck should I be excited about it? :joy:


That’s because she is.


I’m not a fan either, but I’am happy for those who wanted her in I say good on them to have her in.


And I’m a curmudgeon, so I say nuts to that :joy:


Man, I have not heard that word in a while :joy:


Well, you know me… :smirk::+1:t5:


Seeing as how the. Dlc rumors point to Cassandra for the last character of season 1, it’s a bummer that all the excitement is lackluster when they could’ve raised a great deal of interest with rock, lizardman or hwang h ell even Setsuka would’ve made my eyes open


I know, I was hoping Aeon would be in Season 1, but I’ll have to wait yet again. But it looks like they were not showing the DLC in any order, so it could be anyone at this point. Then again, it’s most likely Cassandra.


It’s not that big of a surprise really. People were speculating these two anyway since they have actual designs. Hwang also has a design so we can probably expect him later as well. sigh

I would also like to point out that Amy is getting her own story. Maybe some of you will get your Viola explanations there.


its a safe bet they will all get them too.


DLC 3 comes out tomorrow.


I wonder if it’s at midnight because I was playing a Japanese user today and he had a HUGE backpack and new trousers on a male 2B character


Yesterday they released about 9 items in the patch for everyone. One of those items was a duffel bag accessory that’s probably made of canvas.


So they basically released new parts for free as an example.


And more importantly no Soul Points are required to unlock them, they are usable off the bat.


I know, I tested it myself.