Soul Calibur 6


I think that’s a fair question. There really isn’t much reason to not let the player use things that you’ve already modeled and that work with the body form.

My “no one” in that context wasn’t intended to be an absolute. There’s always going to be someone (or more likely, many someones) using a particular item or doing a particular thing in a large population - my use of the phrase was more about the size of the constituency relative to the larger population playing the game. Again - I don’t have the data so I could be totally wrong, but it’s almost certainly the case that Bamco is using the player usage data available to them to prioritize their DLC on the accessory side. They want to sell us things, and that means they want to put things in there that large numbers of the playerbase will want to pay for. Could be that lizardmen are super popular offline (or even online, and I just missed them all), in which case Bamco will certainly want to add them in there. Could be the other way though, which means they won’t be in any hurry.


The thing that makes no sense to me about SC6’s create a soul:
For a game set in the middle ages, there is an astonishing lack of fur based customization items. Apart from the scarf and the horse hooves/mask, there aren’t really any items with fur or pelts


Soul Calibur VI doe snot take place in the middle ages. It takes place in the 1800’s.


Still a time period when the primary means of dealing with cold weather was pelts and fur. I mean, beavers nearly went extinct because people loved their fur.


yes this true.


I assume that’s because they made it fit the animation mesh of the Lizardman moveset, which meant minimum clipping through the body. Of course clipping is a massive issue with a lot of CaS parts but this was just a guess on my part.

I don’t see it impossible, but they would probably have to make special versions of those items to fit properly on the Lizardman model, which means more work. Considering the budget however, I don’t see it happening anytime soon.


the limited budget when developing the game is what likley gave a limit to the amount of parts they had available. But can they make a special verison? yes they can. They did that for Aeon in SC VI sure. But only time will tell.


That game had a bigger budget though, back when SC still had relevance in the grand scheme of things. Also Aeon never left SC, it’s just that awakened Aeon didn’t happen until years later. Or was SC VI a typo? Hard to tell at this point since most of your posts involve the word Aeon, no offense.


yeah and I don’t expect them to do the same for this. I just hope we are getting more for the Lizardmen.


Evo Japan SCVI finals to start shortly.
Bamco might have announcements today.


Man, I knew nothing about Amy before today, but wow that was an underwhelming trailer :sweat:

On another note - the Shen’s doing so well is sick! Singapore’s SC scene is crazy strong. My boy Shane (the Singaporean Kim Wu player at NEC) knocked Kayane out of the bracket! :slight_smile:


Amy has a lot of fans but the trailer was bad.

Yeah, winners final is hype. I love Zasalamel!

SG so strong


Well it does mean a few things
Future characters (not counting guests) will have their own story.
It may confirm the data mine.
The DLC does not seem to be coming out in any particular order. Though this might mean Aeon will still be for Season 2.

Personally I’m not a fan of Amy, I know she;s got her fans but I’m not among them. Still, I’am happy for them.


So it’s safe to assume that Cassandra’s getting in next, yeah?


Most likely.

On the plus side it feels like the Armour pack is coming out on feb 19th.


Oh speaking of that armor pack…

Old Siegfried armor? Yoooo!


I’m guessing that’s all of the armor pieces not counting the additional stuff that would be added. I hope some of these can be added to the lizardmen.

But at least it looks like we have some complete sets now. I do hope the snake horns returned though It’s one of the parts I needed to complete Slith’s design.


Here is the recent character announcement


Yeah basically her. I thought Cassandra was going to be the 3rd character so we may not even know who gets in next. Cassandra is likely though.


When I saw @STORM179’s post about the trailer, I thought it was gonna show almost nothing. That trailer was definitely not “nothing”. I kinda wanna try her out, except I know that I’m probably gonna stick with Maxi anyway.

Still waiting for Yun-Seong lol