Soul Calibur 6


If it’s cassandra & Amy I’m in no hurry to see the reveals-

No surprises there, would have loved to have seen a couple new chars


I’m looking forward to it. I also hope the Lizardmen get access to some of this armor too.

As far as characters go, I’ll be fine whenever we get news on Aeon and Hwang.

So when does this armor pack come out?


I like that eye patch lol


some of the armor looks great to. Can’t wait to put this on some of my Lizardmen.

actually I wouldn’t mind if they add some stuff where we can make lizardmen interesting in the future. Fins, Spikes, armor plates that kind of stuff.


Can’t wait for the new costume pieces! I’ve been looking forward to update my current designs. There’s only so much you can do with what we have now until they start to all look alike. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well said there. If only we can get a release date too.


Probably around March/April


Here’s a video someone made showing these images.


About time we got some news on the game, the silence was driving me nuts.

Not even to use movesets from characters you otherwise hate? I mean I recently made a CaS using Talim’s moveset, because even though I like the playstyle I hate Talim as a character.

Yeah I agree. If those are the characters we end up getting it’s just not interesting to me. And it’ll be even worse if they aren’t revamped to not be clones like in the old games, especially considering how the base roster has very little overlap in terms of gameplay.


I… don’t hate any of the characters.


Interesting, it seems every SC game tends to have a character people dislike for some reason or another. And I’ll be honest, I only dislike Talim because her personality was kind of used as a base for Pyrrha (only difference that Talim isn’t a coward like Pyrrha was). Dumb reason I know, but seeing how much worse characters like Talim could have been written left a bad impression on me for years.

…It’s probably easier to say I care too much for the lore of SC at this point. Really don’t want it to turn into SC5 again.


I’m not a fan of SC5 myself. I did like what they did with Aeon though.


Imo a better update would include more hair & face options
and an expansion to stickers and equipment items (up to 10 slots equipment rather than the few allowed)


I that would be neat, but I also think you should add face or head options for lizardmen too. But that’s just me.


They should just revamp the system altogether. As I said earlier on this topic, even those trash modern wrestling games give you far more options for editing stickers, like being able to resize stickers by only the X or Y axes instead of being forced to adjust both axes at once. Even small things like that example allowed far more creative freedom than what SC6 currently does.

I don’t get it, I heard a long time back that the creator likes Lizardman yet there are so few options for customization of the Lizardman set. It just feels like wasted potential until they bother to fix it.


Most seem to be pointing to the issues of budget. though I’m not sure if that was the cause.


Likely just a matter of time/resources to benefit ratio. To be frank, I don’t think most people care for lizardmen anywhere near to the degree you do. I ran into a lot of CAS’s while I was still playing online, and in all that time I never once ran across a lizardman. In those “rate the CAS” videos that Max did a few times, can count on one hand the number of lizardmen they ran across. Those are obviously anecdotal experiences, but I think they point to the larger issue around adding a bunch of customization options for the class. If no one is playing the base form, there is very, very little reason to spend time and energy making a bunch of exclusive customization options for it.


Well that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try. A lot of people did vote for the lizardman race in several polls before the game was out. Now some of the limitations is due to theit anatomy. There is no way your gonna add pants to a lizardman for example.


-shrug- I dunno, I tend to think “only 2%* of our community will use this thing” is a pretty good reason not to try something. I still think Aeon is a very likely DLC character, but I don’t know that there’s a ton of value in spending limited resources making customizations for a model no one is using anyway. Online polls are poor predictors of what players will actually use, so I’d be leery of using that to gauge interest here. To be fair anecdote is also a crappy way to suss out the current state of a thing, so my limited experiences here could certainly be wrong as well. Bamco has the data though, and I imagine the actual potential penetration rate of customizations ranks very high on what accessories get priority for DLC.

*2% is a hypothetical number with no data behind it. Was just trying to illustrate the point.


Well I have yet to play online so I can’t say for sure myself. Plus if I’m being honest, I personally would like the lizardmen to have more access to stuff. They don’t necessarily need to be any exclusive things, but I do think the lizardmen could’ve had access to more parts. I know some of the new parts will be accessible and some things would not be added because of their anatomy.

But what I don’t understand is how come AI lizardmen get access to torso armor but Playable Lizardmen don’t? that’s what I don’t get.

Also I wouldn’t say “no one” is using it. Because I’m among those who are using it.