Soul Calibur 6


SC just tweet picture of Ivy’s leg and whip! I hope they reveal SC6 soon than we think! BTW, I’m soooo glad to see my waifu picture! :smiley: I hope Tusk join SC6 on Xbox One becaus he had big sword. It’s perfect for him!

Thought? Let’s begin discussions!


Oh yeah boy! Nightmare time


Finally! I hope it will have Tira, Zasalamel, Taki, Zwei and Viola in it as well. :3

Edit: Oh, and Raphael as well, of course. <3


Why Zwei? I never understood the appeal of him. Is it just the wolf?


I like his overall design and playstyle. And I think the idea of him being able to summon a wolf-like entity into his combos and such is really neat.


Alright! Ah yeah! Yes! Sweet! Cool! Awesome! Another all-new Soul Calibur sequel is coming out soon! :smiley: :grinning:


I’m agree with you! I hope they bring Necrid back in SC6 and he get his own moves!


This was a thing. At first people thought this was gonna be for SCVI but it ended up not. I thought it would have been cool. Although I’m not too sure about Nightmare becoming a fly as the best option.


I’m not going lie. That Nightmare look naughty than before… I like it! But I prefer Nightmare with white hairs because this concept art look really amazing!

Man I love him…


Where are these from? Where’d you guys find these?


Scroll down and you’ll find it


Ah, but they are just fan concepts, huh?
I’m kinda relieved, as I would rather have Taki than Natsu.


What’s weird is I couldn’t get a grasp on his playstyle. Like, I don’t even understand what he’s supposed to do. All I know is, most of his moves seem low range, but always felt slow to me. I guess I just found him disjointed.

However, I can understand why Voldo might feel that way to some.


This better be something new out of this! It’s time for REAL weapons for a change!

Nightmare, Sophitia or Cassandra or Pyrrha?, Natsu & Killik.


Uhm, most of the weapons used in the Soul Calibur series ARE real weapons. Sure, there’s a few fantasy weapons amongst them, like Viola’s orb and Ivy’s snake sword, but your statement suggests that none of the weapons are based on real-life weapons… which is just plainly wrong. XD


i hope noobsu is not making a return (natsu). her ez mode death combos were irritating and she had next to no recovery when i last played. she was total BS and everyone used her.



But will we get more new warriors like vikings & Indians to join in?


Indian will be very interest! We never get Indian playable in Soul Edge - SC5. I hope we get new character with metal fists!


Well, Soul Calibur takes place in the 16th century, and Vikings kinda stopped existing in the mid-late 11th century.

As for an Indian fighter… do you mean as someone coming from India or do you mean a Native American? Because Soul Calibur mostly takes place in Europe and Asia, and a bit of Egypt, and I don’t know if Native Americans travelled to Europe at that time.


This. I should said that. : P

it doesn’t matter. I just want Native American as new character join SC6. He/she can travelled to Europe because she/he need to fight bad people. It’s not hard to invite him join SC6. lol