Soul Calibur 6


I should have clarified, I meant the version of Aeon with his own moveset and wings. The old version of Aeon was just a Sophitia clone with a Voldo-style low stance, he had very little going for him in terms of uniqueness (though to be fair, that was always a massive issue for most Soul Calibur characters in the series).

I also meant if they were going to add him and just simply unlock the Lizardman moveset (which is technically in this game but not playable) without making massive changes, than it’s pointless to even bother. So they either change that moveset completely for the DLC release (like NRS did with Tanya in MKX) or they ignore the timeline and give us the awakened version of Aeon with the wings and twin axes.

Either way, the last thing they should do is ruin the roster by adding outright gameplay clones of existing characters as DLC. It could easily kill peoples’ interest in the game, and by extension the series may actually die for good as a result.


Even when he just had a sword and shield his appearance was unique. If he was human then yeah I’d completely agree on him being a clone. But regardless of the weapon, I call him Aeon to separate him from the other lizardmen. Believe me if that style was unlockable, I’d have by now so technically, you can access the style without a mod (Somehting that most of us don’t even have) Even then it doesn’t have much going for it.

Also I don’t consider it ruining the roster by adding missing characters. It’d be a way to also get fans of those characters to buy the game if they where disappointed enough to give it a pass over before. Besides, there’s always the potential of new characters being just as bad or worse than Pyrah or Patrokolos.

that’s just my opinion though, I support adding Aeon as DLC. For all we know Aeon may even get his duo axes which is what I’d prefer over the shield and axe even though it did help him stand out a bit more than sophitia and Cassandra.

Plus when you pick new and unfamiliar characters over vets for DLC they will receive some resentment among the community. So adding new characters for DLC doesn’t guarantee that new character will be loved by a 100% of the community.


How much more different could Setsuka be? They’ve had almost no similarities since her debut.

Some of those Tanya moves were still part of her playable incarnation, albeit redone. You could consider it an “incomplete” moveset of sorts. If you look into the files of the Lizardman moveset in the game currently, it’s literally incomplete as it’s missing the main meter mechanics. So as DLC, like Tanya, they complete it and implement the missing things.

Also, the two axes moveset was taken and tweaked from another character too lol


True, but there’s always that risk of stagnation from just doing the same thing forever for years on end. As someone else on this forum said, Tekken is the absolute worst when it comes to this, I don’t want that to happen to Soul Calibur too, especially given SC’s history of doing exactly that.

HISS (Gracie Films logo plays)

Ok, dumb Simpsons jokes aside, I also wasn’t a fan of how Setsuka and Sophitia were replaced by the SC equivalents of teenage Ben 10 and Fluttershy (and worse, Mitsurugi wasn’t there at all, not even his playstyle). And unlike Lars and Alisa, they were never given a chance to be even partially redeemed with another game appearance (I actually like Lars and Alisa in Tekken 7, they’re fine when the story focus isn’t exclusively on them). I only hope if they add new characters they are on the level of Groh and Azwel, I legitimately enjoyed Groh’s story mode because of far it went into his character (something I wish Tekken 7 did with it’s newcomers).

That happens every time a new character is released, DLC or not. It’s always going to be an uphill battle to gain interest from the community, all the developer can do is focus on making a good and creative character.

I actually forgot they were not the same, SC has a such a horrible history with clones I actually thought she was just a slight remix of Mitsurugi at best. And to be fair, I remember not caring for her playstyle (mainly because of how her stances worked) and as a result I spent most of my time playing as Mitsurugi and Magic Mitsurugi (AKA Darth Vader).

(God of War theme intensifies)

Yes I know SC5 Aeon is basically bootleg Kratos, but it’s still a vastly different playstyle from what other non-guest characters have in the series. That alone justifies his existence, but even if they just remake his old moveset into something unique I won’t complain. I’m just afraid Project Soul may be forced to embrace their old habits of clone characters due to rushed development cycles or something, which would be a shame (also enraging since I despise gameplay-based clones).


I think it’s subjective. What one may consider stagnation another may find as a blessing. That’s the upside of fighting game DLC. Besides some games had really bad reception for leaving out characters. Heck I haven’t played a tekken game sense tekken tag 2 (which was the most recent game Alex appeared in.) Not to mention I feel unsure about MK-11 's roster too. For the record though, I didn’t consider the tekken roster to be unique. I pretty much lost interest after certain characters stopped appearing or stopped being playable as a separate character.

Oh I thought they did groh well. He wasn’t just another edge lord that appeals to teenages with a lot of anxed and Azwell gave me abit of a chuckle even though he was a psychopath. I even though Zasalamel was executed well in Soul Calibur III. Never the less I think new characters should’ve been added before the games release.

Also Mitsurugi was in Soul Calibur V.

The 5 characters that were cut from V were Taki, Zasalamel, Setsuka, Sophita, and Casandra.


Either I don’t remember, or Namco doesn’t remember because he is not listed in the SC6 gallery for that specific game. That’s why I just drew a blank on him being in SC5.

Also this is just me ranting, but Namco seriously needs to add a search function for the CaS server. Even those trash wrestling games let you search for specific characters that users upload, why can’t this actually good game do it as well?


Here’s footage.

As for the CAS search, I agree with you there. I’d like that too.


Yeah, I was pretty sure Mitsurugi has been in every game.

There’s no guarantee vets will love returning old characters either - to a certain extent it’s always something of a crapshoot how the community will respond to a given character. All the dev can do is make characters they think will be interesting and fun. You will literally never make everyone happy.

And I’ve generally been very good about avoiding my grammar ■■■■ tendencies on here, but the word is “angst”. Not sure why that one bugged me so much :sweat_smile:


I just checked the SC6 gallery sometime yesterday, it turns out I was wrong all along, clearly my memory is falling apart. You win this round Namco… (shakes fist)

And speaking of which, I really like how Arthur (the character that replaces Mitsurugi in the Korean version of SC) got his own subplot in Libra of Souls, even running into Mitsurugi to duel him. It’s such a small detail, but it was a nice callback.

Also I’m running into that phase where I can’t decide to pick a single main, I hate how this happens to every game I play. I did recently make a bunch of random CaS characters though, so I guess I got my money’s worth?


January is almost over (good riddance) Now I wait for the armor pack to come out which is probably February.


Man, I hope they add some proper sunglasses. As much as it works to just equip the glasses, shove two horns in a character’s face, and add a patterned texture to resemble a sheen effect, it would be so much more convenient to not have to waste accessory slots on such details. Also giving races items for body part areas that currently have nothing (skeletons, lizardmen, etc.) would give a lot more freedom to make all kinds of interesting designs/weird nonsense.

Part of me really hopes they overhaul the sticker system though, I was remembering one of the 2K WWE games where I able to stretch a single sticker across the entire body if you wanted (and more importantly, with separate options for adjusting X and Y dimensions), which really allowed you to do some crazy things with them. This system is disgustingly limited by comparison, and while I could understand issues with UE4 or similar reasons that still doesn’t change the fact that objectively worse games have done better with their customization aspects.

Also keep in mind the Create a Wrestler systems in modern WWE games are grossly underdeveloped compared to games from years past, and they still let you do more than some aspects of SC6.


What I hope for is that the lizardman have access to most of the stuff that comes out. There is still some limitation to their customization currently. I’d be happy if they could do that. I also hope they give lizardmen a chance to wear some body armor too.


Still waiting on news for the armor pack.


It’ll probably happen when the next character is revealed. Honestly I’m getting sick of waiting, I honestly thought Project Soul wouldn’t end up like Tekken Project in that regard. Hopefully we finally get news this month.


From what I’m guessing they are focusing on the armor packs before we see any other characters,


Probably. But the sooner they release the other characters, they sooner they’ll put the Season Pass on sale. I’m seriously getting sick of not being able to download other peoples’ amazing CaS characters because they just happen to use Tira’s or 2B’s items on them. That and I’m curious if I would like 2B’s gameplay as much as I like Noctis’s in Tekken 7; people keep comparing the two’s movesets, but I’m not confident in paying full price for the Season Pass until I know what other characters will be in it.


So far, most have pointed out that Amy and Casandra might be the next characters for DLC. Not my first choice obviosley.

But considering that sales were good, Season 2 is likely.


you must’ve been very entertained.


New costume creation parts revealed/ update preview for Taiwan

DENIM!!! Ninja attire!!! Feathers! Lol

I must say I missed out on the denim pack from scv cant wait to use that!!!


Eh. This part of the DLC is clearly not for me sense I don’t use CAS. Hopefully this means we get to see the characters soon.