Soul Calibur 6


Wasn’t trying to police it, I was just concerned about it reachign some uncivil manner. I appologize if it came off as that.

Anyway, I’m personal hyped at the possibility of Aeon making it into the game. One thing I might do is customize his design or colors to reference his SC3 colors.


If anything, the mods will take care of any misconducts and such. If anything goes wrong, one of us will say something.

Since I like Asian culture, I’ll put my two cents on the yellow color in China. Yellow signifies Good luck and Neutrality. Cool thing about Chinese culture is that Yellow is considered the most prestigious and beautiful color. That’s why there are lots of yellow in palaces of Emperors, as well as on their clothing. To be adorned with yellow was a great honor!

Anyways, I hope that more newcomers come our way actually. I do want the OG cast to come back as well, but I’d like to see what other new characters they can create.


I’m not against that, but I wouldn’t want it to get in the way of returning characters. Especially when the roster was strong but still missing some characters.


I’m sorry I live in America and have been culturally conditioned to be extremely sensitive to potential racism okay! Especially when you study film you have to go over everything that gets said with a fine toothed come and make sure it’s squeaky clean. Just drop it! I’m sorry I brought it up.

That’s my last word on the subject.

If they expand on this in a similar way to how Tekken 7 did after the initial Arcade release, we’ll get plenty of both.


You’re not wrong there. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haven’t played this in forever… blugh…

I need to get back into it.


the pain, it never stops and the policing lolol


I really WANT to love SoulCalibur VI. I love the idea of it and the fluidity of the combat. But every time I play I get enraged. I don’t mind losing per se (although winning is more fun), but I don’t feel like I’m figuring anything out when I lose. I can’t seem to learn anything. I know I should just put in a huge number of hours to get more familiar with all the characters, their strings etc. but I don’t think I have the time. Feels bad but I think I’m going to have to walk away. I can’t fimd anyone on exhibition and the ranked matches are just frustrating me.


You could always look up tutorials if neccisary.


Its not the games fundamental systems that I can’t get. It’s a combination of execution (including execution hampered by online interactions) and lack of knowledge about where interrupts are and what moves are likely to interrupt them etc. And it’s an overwhelming amount of information. More importantly I’m stroking out every three or four matches so I’m not likely to collect the hundreds of matches worth of experience needed to get better.

I appreciate the thought but I’m not really asking for help. Just sharing an update of my status on this game.


I haven’t touched online save for going a few with a friend,


Yeah, I decided about two months ago that because I like and want good things for myself that I would simply forswear SC6 Ranked. I’ll hit up friends for sets sometimes so that I can play a bit and work on certain MU’s, but other than that I just act like Soul Calibur 6 online doesn’t exist. It’s a lot less of a blow because I’ve got a local community to play with here, but absent that I could easily see myself just taking a hard pass on playing much of the game.

It’s such a shame, because the core of SC6 is really, really good I think. I haven’t legitimately had this much fun with a fighter since Killer Instinct, but it’s hobbled by the fact that its online is shambolic.


I have not touched SC since 2B launched. Too busy at work meant no time to go to offline events even after work. It’s not really a mixed bag, it’s more like playing another game. Taking extra steps, delaying a button press, avoiding certain moves just to adapt is ridiculous.

The game is great offline and I will continue to support local scene but online, strange balancing, and bugs killed some hype and goodwill I had for the game.


Hey, this might be a stretch but…

Could this be “YELL”?


That’s funny. Though I doubt we will be getting anymore guest characters,


Not even Jago from Killer Instinct 2013?


It would be interesting and ideal if KI needs more attention. But I’d prefer anything to help bring in characters that were missing from the base roster.


No offense, but I’ve seen games with no guests still not get the characters people actually wanted. I always felt that if the devs didn’t want to bring someone back they just don’t, and guests were never “blocking” any wanted characters from appearing. My opinion of course, but history has yet to prove me wrong on bad things like this.

On a side note, if the above posts are implying those characters as DLC, then I honestly feel they’re wasted slots unless they get radically changed in terms of gameplay. I mean, Rock was basically replaced by his clone Astaroth (and unlike Rock, Astaroth is actually relevant to the story), Setsuka needs more changes to further make her different from Mitsurugi (moreso than SC4 I mean), if Lizardman isn’t Aeon it’s just pointless.

And yes I know Aeon didn’t exist until many years after SC1 (which SC6 is a reboot of), but considering Tira is in this game at the same age as her SC3 incarnation (logic would imply she would be too young to fight at this point of the timeline, and not rendered insane by Soul Edge) I don’t see a reason to keep him out (because I have seen people use that as a reason to not have him in the game).

I would still rather have new characters, this game is really giving me a Tekken 7 vibe where only the guests and the 2 new characters (Groh and Azwel) are the only things I care about, since everything else is the same old SC. And yes I know Azwel is just “better Necrid/Algol” but he plays different enough to make me care about him.


Why does this song sound like Azwel is singing it lmao

“my LOVE!!!”


Yes there is still that possibility that it may not be any different if they don’t add any other guest. But at least it means that character has a shot. Especially sense developers would never truly tell you who is in or who is out in any early stage of development. The only folks we have to rely on are those who give us their interpretation on any news of the games on basis.

Actully he did. He was called lizardman during SC01 and Sc-3 but his real name was Aeon. Also I cna asure that it would most likely be Aeon sense you don’t play as other Lizardman. until SC-2. For rest of series you are playing as Aeon and onward.
This guy can explain it more.

Also I’d like to have Aeon get added to make up for not adding him in the base roster. If they add him the roster will be perfect. Besides that, the new character could end up being a wasted slot if not done well. Not to mention you still have a line of fans who are upset about their favorites not making the base roster regardless of the timeline or not.

Also depsite it being rebooted, it’s still mostly a retelling. All of the veterans maintain there story but also add some. The only thing that’s new is adding characters like Groh and Azwell.