Soul Calibur 6


yeah ive run into alot of laggy matches online. at least a few every session ill get a chance to hop on. really sucks too when the opponent is being ■■■■■ thinking hes dancing on your corpse but its just you not being able to play. ive also run into a few suspected lag switchers, just too coincidental that im about to tarnish a sizeable win streak then suddenly im not able to retaliate because the connect just suddenly goes to crap. usually when im 1 round from winning. gotta love playin on PC! lmao

@BoJima404 ouch, thats getting the chainsaw put to sieg it seems like. i dont think hes broken, hes just lame as ■■■■ if you dont know what to do but havin this convo has been enlightening.

some guys were doing real lame stuff with back turned. even though you think you’re out of range, you aint they’ll do a vertical back turned slash at the very tip of range and you’ll fly over his head into a combo where you get mauled on the ground. lol


Did anyone notice these

there are six more DLC chractters that they have listed but as code names.

Those are the only three


I’m down with those guys


I saw somewhere that someone thinks “Yellow” is Hwang.


That’s kind of racist.

Maybe it’s Yellow Diamond from Steven Universe!

Yeah no. Most definitely not. A SoulCalibur style Steven Universe fighting game would be cool though… except all the characters are good now.


@CausingThought6 and @swordman09

Hwang means yellow in Chinese. That’s why. Of course i do find it odd sense He wasn’t wearing that much yellow.

It could also be referring to the Hwang River


And in America racist people call people of Asian descent “yellow”.


That doesn’t really matter in this context though. :stuck_out_tongue:




I mean. Hwang is asian. And his codename is yellow… How is that not a problem?

Whatever. We shouldn’t fight about something that doesn’t really matter.




Because the name is made by Japanese developers. And as @justathereptile said, his name means yellow.

I’m not fighting you. I’m telling you.


keep it comin, entertain me on this boring tuesday


@R1stormrider No you’ll risk getting the thread closed.

@CausingThought6 and @TheIncubusLord
Have you guys heard of the Hwang river? my guess is that’s what hwang’s name derives from.


you make me sad good sir knight


Sorry to burst it, but can’t risk having it closed.


It’s not a problem in any way. There are a dozen Asian characters in Soul Calibur not called “yellow.” Yellow is a literal translation of his name. I don’t think it’s likely that “yellow” is a racist derogatory term for Asians in Japan where the game is being made, do you? A quick google search suggests “yellow” is associated with heroism in China. Worry about things worth worrying about. Don’t invent things.


Lets not make it eskelate okay?

The point is, Hwang, Aeon, Setsuka and several others are likely going to be DLC.


I’m not escalating anything. I’m explaining how it’s unlikely that Bandai Namco is being racist towards Asians. Believe me, if I choose to escalate there won’t be any confusion about it.

I appreciate your efforts to police my perfectly reasonable behavior (for not the first time), but in the future - please don’t.


I’m only worried about other people freaking out and SoulCaliburs name getting dragged through the mud. Tamer things have generated controversy