Soul Calibur 6


Hehe, it does kinda sound like something you’d see in one of those teen horror movies. Maybe a weapon for a new Dead by Daylight killer. :stuck_out_tongue:

At a former MK forum I was on, someone came up with erh… “creative” new fatalities which all included mutilating genitals in all sort of bizarre ways. And said person kept suggesting it becoming a thing in the games, to the point of how obvious it was that it was indeed a fetish of his.

I’m not squeemish at all, but even I was kinda “WTF dude?!” about it. XD


Let’s hope her and the other 2 characters give this game the life it needs, maybe even justify a second season like Tekken 7. Even though I still prefer Tekken’s gameplay that doesn’t mean SC should die off (like it almost did back in the day).


I’m enjoying my Psion OC (based on Psylocke) so much that I keep making new designs of him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Based on modern Psylocke:

Based on old-school Psylocke:

Casual outfit:

YoRHa design:


glade to see your having fun. Once more armor packs come in expect my guy Slith to have an update.


I ended up buying 2B as well to keep her moveset (still won’t play the character herself lol). Made my own OC based on taking pieces of the other OCs I made so far


That’s neat.


I NEVER plan to use the og character just that moveset lol


Happy to say finally got the game (xmas present) really liking it so far, combat felt familiar with some interesting added twists. Customization items are rather limited and this surprised me if I’m honest but I’ve still managed to make some really cool costumes.



after extended seat time on SC6, word of advice to everyone once you start fightin B ranks. dont get knocked down. ever. if you do, especially against a siegfried you are ■■■■■■ royally lol.

anybody know how to deal with voldo’s reverse crawl thing that lethal hits? edit: ive sidestepped it, but players just mash for him to go back in the opposite direction. its pretty hilarious when you see it happen


You’re Rank B? Dang.

I literally just block low. No matter what, avoiding that Lethal is more important lol


I don’t play enough to get even close to that B rank lol.

Learning 2B still! She’s fun, but trying to tighten my gameplay since she has a lot of faint moves and such that only activates in certain situations.

Thought about playing Tira too. Tried her out a bit, gonna see what I can do with her. Geralt is still played, however he’s on the bench for right now.


My male Psylocke


Nice work.


im rank D5, but i fight tons of Bs and Cs now, more than my own ranking.

its pretty brutal man, i swear if i get knocked down by a siegfriend i will lose 50 to 60%. he does that strike that puts him in low G.I. stance with just frames, then they just keep going and even though im pressing block my chara doesnt respond. it sucks lol, but this goes for anybody really. absolutely do not get knocked down, or you are ■■■■■■■ i think that is the meta for SC6, the okizeme in this game is insane


New patch: rip Siegfried.


You’ve got to quickrise/ukemi Sieg. If you try to hold block on knockdown he just mauls you with forced-stand nonsense. It’s a really weird mechanic to be honest, and I’m not personally a fan.


new patch? what are they doing to him?

@STORM179 yeah the way his attacks look it seems like if i ukemi or roll im getting slashed, so my mind thinks its better to block. its strange indeed.

anyhow today i decided to try something new with ivy. that knee into the backstab, then ill do her stilleto grind thing…idiots wake up right into calamity symphony. one guy wised up and techd it, but then summon suffering caught him. lol

im back on geralt now though, hes so much fun to play. im going to learn more advanced tech, he seems so much easier to play


From a French players who analyzed the 1.11 patch:

"What is nerfed for Siegfried ?
Okizeme, Damage, Throws , Ring Out, Lows, While Standing Punishment, Whiff Punishment.

What is Improved ? Reversal Edge"

Apparently many of these were done with online performance in mind :confused:


I think a fair amount of changes in general were a result of Bamco looking at online play, but yeah, Sieg’s changes in particular felt very “they did this b/c of online sandbox” to me. I think big swings and RO options being practically unreactable online is something they tried to mitigate by reducing damage, range, and/or functionality of such moves. Because it’s the way most users will interact with the game I don’t really get too incensed by it, but I really, really wish they would just improve their online performance.

Sure, it’s great that reverse flapjack nonsense that you totally saw coming but couldn’t duck/tech in time because of muddy inputs doesn’t kill you anymore, but it would really be great if you could tech it in the first place because the darn game is actually responsive. I’m low-key done with Japanese FG developers at this point over their dodgy online. :unamused: