Soul Calibur 6


You know, that is an interesting thought. I think you’re on the right track with thinking about the weapons first though. Part of what makes the characters in Soul Calibur is their weapons themselves so that’s not a bad place to start.


It’s a forum with not a ton of daily traffic, and all of us have pretty different views on what’s interesting or fun to talk about. If I talk about matchups or strategy (my personal interests), I’ll get responses from Bojima, Ostrich, and that’s about it. Incubus likes making character replicas, Reptile likes…well, reptiles, and you are interested in having a wide range of characters from a wide range of backgrounds that may or may not fit thematically.

My point is just that I’m more surprised when topics do generate conversations, rather than the reverse. Most of us in this thread don’t like the same things at all. You don’t care a whit about MU conversations as near as I can tell, and I don’t think anyone likes Lizardmen like Reptile does. Big rosters don’t get me going, and person-to-person balance doesn’t seem to matter super much to Incubus.

It’s really nice when we do find something that generates a lot of discussion among all the different people here, but no sense getting upset about it when it doesn’t happen. We’re different people with different interests and passions about the game, and that’s perfectly fine too :slight_smile:


Someone, who translated and summarized the latest dev stream, noted online (or lack of) playability being a factor in the flapjack nerf. I am not so much interested in Siegfried but more the reasons devs applied in balancing. I would have to watch the stream replay myself to hear their reasoning for each change.

I actually like these discussions a lot but tend to read them rather than respond to them. I will try to engage a bit more going forward…


As many characters wield swords, I don’t mind another whip toting character. Even though I think a Castevania character would fit nicely with Ivy, I actually prefer a different type. Perhaps a dual whip or kusarigama (see: Ninja gaiden). Even though, I am a huge fan of ninjas and samurai, I actually prefer the weapon over the character. So any character design who uses a Ninja weapon is fine with me… (sorry IG, I still cannot not stomach Shisako with that funny stance and a samurai sword :laughing: )

Here some pics of the kusarigama…

In terms of range, this would be long to mid range like Ivy.


I absolutely LOVE the kusarigama! By far my favourite ninja weapon. Would love to see that as a weapon in SCVI, but not like the “chain and sickle” they had in SC3. Lords, that sucked. It was like a worse version of Ivy’s snake sword.


Thanks for the heads up - I got the game refunded a month ago or so at this point, so I don’t actually own it. I’m going to wait until some ridiculous sale, $20 or so; or maybe until some definitive edition comes out with all of the content included. As much as I wanted it to be, SC6 just isn’t going to be my next “competitive” attempt at a fighting game thanks to the months-long difficulties removing first my ability to play and learn, and then my goodwill towards it.

Though depending on the DLC characters, it’s possible I attempt to jump back in earlier if something catches my eye.


Tough to blame you. Sad situation…


The PC version can be bought for 40% off apparently on sites like for example.


I’m not going to beat myself up about it too much - it’s disappointing, but in the end, it’s a game, you know?

@BoJima404 I’ll keep that in mind when I eventually replace my years-decrepit gaming PC, thank you!


You know what else has been missing that I’m surprised they never implemented at all?

Hook Swords


That’s a good point. it could have to do with the fact that there isn’t much info on where or when the hook swords originated.


If it was like that, they could’ve just made something up and it wouldn’t really matter since there’s not a lot of knowledge to get incorrect. I think it has more to do with not wanting another Chinese representative seeing as they already have one set. Arguments against this idea could be made with the Korean characters though so I don’t really know.

Maybe they just couldn’t come up with a design interesting enough to go with the Hook Swords, which I can understand. It just surprises me that, even as a well-known weapon, it never got represented. It’s probably not the only weapon missing too.


Heh. Humans are basically endlessly creative when it comes to thinking of ways to kill each other, so yeah, hook swords definitely aren’t the only weapons missing from SC.

Like with most things in fighters, it probably comes down primarily to whether or not the team can think of a cool and fun way to use a particular weapon, and then they proceed from there.


If you’re interested, Thekura0611, he hosts a Japan v Korea 7v7 SCVI matches on his twitch channel now.



When I was in high school gym class I thought about putting a spear on the end of a lacrosse stick and a blade around the net so you could cut people’s heads off and throw them at other people. So yes. Human beings can come up with weird weapons.


Finally back home from spending the holiday with my family, and went back in to SCVI!
And of course that means I made a new CaS! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know people are hating on 2B right now, but I’m having a lot of fun with her style! It’s flashy and stylish, and I can do some cool-looking stuff!


I love the moveset of 2b. It definitely brought the change sc6 needed!


I’m not sure that’s something you should be admitting to others :sweat_smile:


I… already did. I told some of the people in my class. They thought it was weird but kind of cool. And everyone subconsciously knew that I was just a weird kid without the resources to actually construct such a device. I still don’t and have no intention to. I may incorporate this design into a fictitious work, but only if I ever think of a story that would require it.