Soul Calibur 6


Maybe not so bad when you point that out. I see in various YT vids that her moves in SC have increased potential for RO. If only in soul charge state then that is not too bad.

I would have to look up what “B” or “A+B” attack it is but after the robot (or the box, lol) fetches you then one of 2B’s vertical attacks can launch you on the 3rd hit after a ground bounce from the 2nd hit. That one I found a bit excessive (the bounce and the string). Also, I was not clear if there is a window after the robot thing drops you in from of 2B to escape or GI the vertical attack. I would have to recheck if this is possible only when 2B is soul charged that there is no forcible grounding.


Lol. In the Nier universe that’s a “Pod”. Basically a sentient flying minigun and weapon storage tool that guides you throughout the game. Also upgradeable with missiles and lasers. Nier is a fun game :joy:


lol I have been playing, reading and watching sci fi games, movies, etc. for nearly three decades, I should know that thing is a pod :blush: or at least should have called it a pod.



Not bad there.


@xSkeletalx the 2B update has fixed the online problems for my Xbox where Soul Calibur wasnt working. Maybe you can try again?

The online is still questionable and so far I have fought only people playing 2B. She’s a handful but doesn’t seem over powered in the context of all of SoulCaliburs craziness. I’m 3:2 against her with the two losses against the same guy - the one guy who wasn’t spamming like crazy.


anyone hear about any news on the CAS armor pack yet?


Nothing yet, no.


I heard of this form someone else but I don’t know if it’s true.

The official Dengeki stream yesterday mentioned that we’re getting the first CaS pack soon after the January patch, which will be including a mix of old pieces, new pieces, and pieces from past character costumes. Also, they plan on releasing free CaS from time to time. Anyone have any ideas on what the legacy costume pieces will be? (Aside from Classic Astaroth and Classic Nightmare)


Ooooh, cool. ^^


hopefully this means the lizardmen can get some more armor.


This thread every week.

“Have we heard anything?”
“Hope we hear about it soon”
“I hope Lizardman gets more Gear”


As far as the new characters are concerned I haven’t really touched 2B didn’t seem to care much. That’s just me though.


Feel free to offer some interesting conversational topics we can discuss then.


I’ve tried. I’ve thown out character and update predictions and asked for people’s OCs. Nothing. Each post got like 2 responses and failed to start a grander conversation. It’s like this thread is cursed or something.


If your looking to see some here’s slith

The character is not finished yet though.

While I’m at it here is a video showing of some of the characters Jeff and I have made.

Any thoughts?


That looks pretty cool, but He looks very similar to Aeon. I wasn’t really talking about CAS characters, more like pen and paper, written bio, new gameplay OCs.


Welp he’s bound to look like someone being a lizardman and all.


You can’t really blame them. The Lizardman CaS has so grossly few options for customization, most body areas have no options for them (torso, feet, etc.). It gets to the point where creating a Lizardman base feels like an afterthought, more so than the Mummy or Colossus bases (at least Shapeshifter has a shiny skin texture).

To be fair many people who play these games don’t make OCs, even I tried to recreate existing characters in CaS out of boredom. And in my case specifically, OCs I make are either generic or they don’t get made in games; some character creators in games are just too limited for what I want.

Honestly I just feel these games are doomed to experience a dearth between DLC confirmations or releases, since people are either too busy playing to talk or are anticipating what the developer releases next.


It’s just weird to me. With a lot of other fighting games discussed here (Darkstalkers, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and of course Killer Instinct), everybody has coo ideas for new fighters or at least archetypes they’d like to see incorporated. But not so with SoulCalibur, a fighter KNOWN for having a Create-A-Character Mode. I’m just gonna start looking at weapons not found on any other SoulCalibur characters and go from there.