Soul Calibur 6


As aggravating and unbalanced as I find SC online to feel, I wouldn’t be too sure she’s broken just yet. The game requires you to know a lot about what your opponent is doing in order to play well. Right now, most people know nothing about her strings, where the gaps are, what’s punishable etc.

This is always true for any fighting game - everyone complains that every new character is broken. But then in two weeks we will hear from everyone that she’s bottom tier.


So I, uhm… made a sexy 9S…

2B is really fun, btw! :stuck_out_tongue:


yup, thats why shes broken right now. nobody knows her nobody knows anything. but already i can see that she has mix up options like crazy with her dashes and jumps. you can really really scramble somebody’s mind to hell and back with those options. you gonna go low? mid? throw? not even go in at all but hit the emergency brake and then do a ranged attack? shes got a really good bag of tricks, solid character all around. not as broken as pre-patch azwel imo, but shes OP until match up knowledge starts coming around


I got 2B but haven’t really played her. Not really interested tob e honest. But I did check out the parts for creation. What I can say without a doubt is we will be getting equipment like the book and heads which are universal. Here’s hopping that the snake horns come in and even some chest armor for lizardmen that way I can complete Slith’s character.


Does she have a character story? I can’t find it in the game. Do you have to unlock it?


Nope, she didn’t get one.


that could be concerning. But then again stories are for the Soul Calibur Cast only with geralt as an exception.


Considering Tekken 7’s dlc characters didn’t get them (with the exception of the day 1 DLC character Eliza, ring any bells?) it’s looking like none of them will.


I think it’s because 2B isn’t supposed to be considered canon with the SoulCalibur story. I do think it’s a shame she didn’t get a story chapter though, but I think that might be the reasoning behind it, where Geralt is indeed canon, like Akuma was in the Tekken 7 story.

Geese and Noctis didn’t get story chapters either in Tekken 7.


can’t really say sense I never stuck with tekken 7 long enough. guess it’s a sign that I defiantly lost interest in the series but not completely.

But I don’t think this means they will repeat everything that tekken 7 did. But I’d be very upset if that was the case. Because if Aeon gets in as DLC I will be disappointed that he doesn’t have a story.


2B is fun but annoying as hell at the same time.


Lol. She looks like the kind of character who’s absolutely infuriating to fight online :sweat_smile:


Don’t understand why you’d nerf Siegfried RO low throw but give 2B a RO option at the end of almost every one of her strings :confused:


I was never a big fan of flapjack (not a legacy SC guy, so can miss me with that silly RO that I totally saw coming but couldn’t block b/c of iffy online :joy:), but I wouldn’t mind RO potential at the end of strings generally speaking. So long as string is decently long, should be able to just duck st the end I think?

Fun fact: you can also apparently GI in between a lot of 2B’s strings. They all give level 3 GI punishes, so can launch her after with some characters for big damage.


If there was a Switch port of SoulCalibur 6, and we got a Nintendo guest, would you prefer Pit from Kid Icarus, or a Fire Emblem Character.


I personally really like Pit, and think his dual daggers/bow combination could be really cool. :slight_smile:


I don’t care for either series. Realistically, I’d expect a Fire Emblem character though.

Still waiting for Sephiroth though.


That’s my vote too. Just for the gameplay. Like, I really don’t know what Chrom or Marth would add in SoulCalibur


Me neither, but yesterday at an offline I saw quite a lot of ROs that came off combo starters / juggle starters. A bit too much potential. imo. An example in Max’ YT vid at 1:30 mark in the vid below. Even ROs over low barriers seem to be no issue for 2B.


Hm. Well, the guy got hit by a vertical mid that launches, and from the looks of it one much slower than most characters’ 3B launch. Don’t know the notation for that 2B move, but if Mina stepped you there you’d definitely be getting RO’d (even if there was a low wall), and I think that’s probably true of much of the cast.

I haven’t seen all (or even most) of 2B’s kit, but that particular sequence doesn’t look too bad. Earlier in the vid it also seems that at least some of her launch stuff will forcibly ground you instead of knocking you out of the ring. So long as she doesn’t have ridiculous RO carries off her launches (and it’s early, so I don’t know that she doesn’t!) it should be ok I think.