Soul Calibur 6


I’m at the gym now, -had to run errands, plan to give her a whirl when I get back home

More importantly just give her moveset to another created male character and really get a feel of the newness.


I haven’t either, but the impressions seem to be that it’s easy to do flashy stuff.

One-handed play lol


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Dude 2b moveset is waaaay OP


shes gonna be OP for the patch, then they’ll nerf her after the sales are made. i wouldnt worry about it too much. i am however not looking forward to the 2B spam, may reconsider getting back in this week and just wait until next


I spent about an hour in ranked/ casual then training with a male CAS with 2B soul to see her popularity
lots of repeat button chain combos
awesome animation

My Psylocke really looks good with 2B soul


2B looks cool. Never played Nier:A though.
Do not like her playstyle but I hear it’s faithful to the original game.


I had downloaded the demo of nier
Not t0tally invested in her as a character
Her anime style almost matches groh in sensation
At any rate, a welcome addition to the roster-

As it is, I’m ready to hear the announcements of the next characters


Same here @BblackorchidD I’m hoping to see Aeon and hopefully see more on the armor packs coming out .


Her strings and animations are definitely very faithful to the way she fights in Nier. It’s all about the style and grace of the movements, as opposed to having any practical attachment to physics or anything similar. Which is cool from a visual standpoint, but probably going to be a pain in the behind to learn. :sweat_smile:

And you should play Nier: Automata. It’s a very good game :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t5:


According to data miners, the next 2 DLC characters are gonna be Cassandra and Amy. Wouldn’t be surprised if this is true since they’re the highest on the popularity poll (not counting the characters that are already in the game) and of course they got new artwork.


Oh look. It’s not Viola.


Why is nobody asking for Patroklos? :rofl:


Lol. I always thought the community felt about the same towards Cassandra and Patroklos, just they hated Cassandra with moderately less of a burning, white-hot rage :joy:


I skipped SC 4 and 5 so I had no idea who these characters were but the distaste for them is well known. Even if you hadn’t bought the game you knew about them through their notoriety lol


In case anyone was wondering which character ranked where on the popularity poll. The community was pretty clear that the only character they somewhat liked from 5 is Viola and they heavily disliked Patroklos.


well, i caved. i got 2B and she is a hell of a lot of fun to play. took her out in ranked without labbing her lmao, almost killed an E1 rank dude just bumbling through the whole match button mashing. yeaaaaaah, shes kinda broken. i was basically face rolling my arcade stick. still, shes really interesting so now ill be learning some tech


No male characters this season if that is true. I was hoping to see Hwang and Aeon as DLC. Guese I’ll be waiting for a season 2 if that is true.


As far as I know, nobody likes Patroklos and the only people who would want him are Cassandra players who want her instead.

He was a ■■■■ in the story. As the protagonist, I can understand why they wouldn’t want him back. lol


@swordman09 I feel the exact same way. I despise that guy with a passion.

Makes me glade we had Azwell. That guy was funny.