Soul Calibur 6


Guest characters appearing are likely one time deals. So if SC-7 happens, (which is likely) then you’ll be happy to know Geralt won’t be appearing in the next game.

forgive me if I misunderstood your comment.


Nah I’m just being petty. Geralt feels so nothing in this game compared to SC’s other guests, I honestly forget he is one. He’s still fun though, but not what I wanted gameplay-wise. In many ways Vader was basically EX Mitsurugi so that’s why I liked him (apart from him being Darth Vader of course).

Besides, the only guests I would never want to bring back are Link and Yoda. Link for being mostly copied from Sophitia (minus some specials of course), and Yoda for being an overpowered boss in disguise (Immune to horizontals and can’t throw him? Seriously?).


I’ve never played SoulCalibur 4. I’ve only ever played a bit of 2HD. I guess sense I have no precedence for what this game should be it doesn’t upset me.

Can you elaborate on the portrait/model thing please. I don’t quite understand.


Well don’t mistake me, I don’t feel SC6 should be a copy of SC4; the fact that it avoided being SC5 was good enough. I just feel the budget of this game cripples it’s potential compared to previous titles, remember how Project Soul had to beg Namco to get this game to exist. If anything, I’m probably more bitter at the publisher than the game itself.

Also regarding the portraits, if you look on the character select screen in the VS modes you notice how the 2D and 3D artstyles don’t match in most cases. Best examples are most of the female characters (Sophitia and Talim especially), their faces are almost completely different when the 3D model loads in. As I said, it reminds me of SNK Heroines but without the terrible 3D art of that game. It always bugged me in games when the artstyles aren’t consistent, but even moreso when the 2D art looks way better to me.


I’ve… never noticed that. I’ve also never heard anything about this game’s budget being a problem. I just figured they were going to build apon it like they did with Tekken 7 sense the original arcade release.


I think that’s probably a safe assumption to make, at least assuming the game has sold well. I don’t think any part of SC6 reads as being a low-budget effort, any difficulty getting green-lit notwithstanding.


Dunno about English announcement but it was announced on Twitter In Japanese that the steam patch will be rolled back and they will go back to version 1.02 on PC.

Oh, and that Siegfried change was and is ridiculous even if I got ROed by 1A+G a few times.



There’s an issue with the current patch which bans people when playing online.
The devs are aware of the issue and are working on fixing it.


This includes watching replays, checking leaderboard etc. I am on PC. Dunno about consoles.


Going to an offline tournament this weekend somewhere in Tokyo and apparently 2B is playable there. :sunglasses:


have fun.


I had no problems online this morning


Awesome - hope you have fun!


Yeah, should be fun. I do not enjoy online as much because every time I am having to adapt to
both online performance as well as my opponents. Also, offline, I am learning more and a lot faster with other players around me. Not to mention that the social aspect of interacting with others is just more fun. Wish I could go more often but my day job is killing me these days.


The new patch v1.1 was fixed and re-released a few hours ago on PC, according to the devs, fixing online issues that came with previous release of v1.10


2B is out on Steam I am hearing


yup, and i foresee much strafing after the self destruct critical edge in training hahaha

i dont think ill be buying her just yet, but from what ive seen she looks broken as hell. gotta move them dollars! i took a small break from SC6 to play some quake online. ill be back on that game this weekend


It’s almost like I was just a few months ahead of the curve. Welcome to the party, folks!

At the same time, one could very easily reply to many things you’ve posted in this same manner, for example I care much more for online multiplayer in a fighting game than I do for an Arcade ladder I’ll play through once. I’d suggest taking the time (as you noted in a later post) to consider what you’re posting, as I know you have taken issue with people posting similar in the past. Besides, if you read through my post, you’ll notice that the drastically increased load times affect offline play, including two to three minutes to go from a couch-play Versus match back to the character select screen, or any transition between screens in single player story modes.

A dislike of online and preference for single player (or even CAS for that matter) wouldn’t save you from dealing with the issues I dealt with from day one.


Ok. I already apologized for that statement. Low blow bringing it back.

I think I need to leave. These forums aren’t fun anymore.


I haven’t had the chance to play as 2B yet. What’s she like?