Soul Calibur 6


She’s likely too.


Which means we will also know about the armor packs. Hopefully all including lizardmen will have access to them.


About time we got confirmation of 2B’s release date, and in this year too. Also did those patch notes mention nerfing Seong Mina’s 1B move? There’s a reason so many people call her “Seong 1B-na” after all.


No nerfs to Mina’s 1B. They changed her scaling on some stuff (RIP 150 damage lethal hit combo I guess :cry:) and fixed her 8A forcing stand on block. Only other notable change was them fixing the buffer window on her command grab so that you don’t get it accidentally so much.


Well that’s unsurprising, guess we’re doomed to another 100 years of “Nerf Seong 1B-na! She’s no better than Ivy “guaranteed hit” Valentine!” or whatever people rage on about regarding this game’s balance. I can’t totally blame them, Soul Calibur always was the Marvel to Tekken’s Street Fighter (in that one game throws balance out the window, and the other is Tekken).

But it does make me worry that more and more people will bounce off this game because of the lack of balance, which a lot of people did with the PC version apparently. Maybe 2B will bring some needed traffic to the game at the very least.


SLAYBERRY shortcake :rofl::sob:


SC6’s balance is actually pretty solid. Azwel’s nutty movement and insane SC pressure are about the only things that felt genuinely out of whack (and will be getting addressed in the patch). The rest of it is just being familiar with characters and strings and frames and the proper punishes for things. Ivy setplay shenanigans are about the only other thing that can feel genuinely off I think in terms of “was what just killed me fair?”

That’s my experience offline, at least. Online is a whole other beast, because stuff that is pretty reactable when you’re sitting across from someone is bloody impossible to defend against in the game’s muddy netcode. Telegraphed lows, obvious GI’s opportunities, throw breaks…all of these become much stronger than they really are because Bamco is incapable of making a game with not-crap online.

For what it’s worth, step-guarding (take a single step to either side and then block, never engaging the true 8-way run) is incredibly strong against Mina. You don’t have to watch for the low because the single step is enough to make her best pokes whiff, and the guard portion of it will nearly always block the big swing meant to deter people sidestepping her. When possible, step to the left - Mina is suuuuuper weak to movement on that side.


I think this is actually a bigger issue. I am a “stop whining about balance” kind of guy. My philosophy is generally “deal with it.” If a character is so good you can’t beat them, play that character.

Soul Calibur may well be competetively balanced for offline tournaments. But online is a different game entirely. It has some pretty baked in requirements for quick and accurate reactions between the blocking system, the deflections and counters and just the speed of the game. When you factor in the online performance - which ranges from “meh” to “wtf?” It makes the game feel unbalanced and it’s frustrating because the normal process of puzzling out counters is foiled because some things that SHOULD work don’t because of online. This makes people salty. It also encourages setplay - where you more or less run routines regardless of what your opponent is doing because it’s better to just keep moving rather than wait to try to react to what’s happening and get dunked by the internet. This makes lots of things look unbalanced.

Add that to the fact that the game is complex with lots and lots of moves and it is raising the barrier to entry for competetive okay really high.

Just so this isn’t yet another comment if me whining about SCVI, I think about this isssue a lot. I’m starting to think KI benefited from having online be a focus if the games design and mechanics from the start. With the philosophy MS had from the start of not relying on combo memorization and complexity of execution thus really helps the game function online. For games like SC which have mechanics baked in from the CRT, offline past, it just feels like that’s going to be an uphill climb - even if you try to implement good online play. Which Bamco haven’t.


I’m looking forward to the heavily discounted release which will eventually come out, hopefully with a fix for the online which still didn’t work when I got refunded for it a couple weeks back. I love this series and I was unbelievably excited to play SC6, and the load time/online not working bugs set this on fire for me.

I’ll check out some tournaments and streams here and there, but right now my opinion of SC6 isn’t a good one.

I don’t know how to explain just how sad that makes me feel.


This is so tragic. I keep tweeting at the official channel every time they make an announcement that they need to get this fixed. If I didn’t have a second Xbox which miraculously worked I would be in the same spot. It’s just insane and so terribly disappointing…


WooHoo! No online for me! Completely unhindered and positive experience! My stubbornness has paid off and I can enjoy this game while others can’t! FINALLY!




I’m sorry. That was a little too mean. I just felt vindicated for all of the times when a game I loved was killed by people complaining about things that didn’t bother me, while the things I didn’t like in games continued to get universal praise. I’m a little bitter about that, but I shouldn’t try to squash other people’s fun or rub their problems in their faces. That’s mean, and I should have thought that post out better before making it.


I understand what you’re saying. It did kinda surprise me to see that coming from you though, hence my reaction. You and I may not agree on a lot and want different things from games, but we’ve been able to discuss these things in a mature manner (at least most of the time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). And hopefully we can all continue to do so in the future as well. ^^


Yeah. I’m in a weird emotional spot right not (HRT does that to you), and I sometimes forget that I need to take extra care when reacting to things and what I say.

Moving on, sense we’ve had Street Fighter x Tekken, how about we get SoulCalibur x Darkstalkers next.


Oh, I didn’t know you were going through that. I wish you good luck with it!

I spoke with someone on the Tekken sub-reddit who told me that the Tekken X Street Fighter project is still in the works. I had thought it was completely cancelled, but apparently not. So we might see that in the future.

Would love to see Darkstalkers return as well, but well… not seeing a lot of hope for Capcom fighters atm.

As for SoulCalibur, 2B is coming out in a few days and we’ll hopefully soon get some more costume pieces for Creation. I’ve had to take a break from playing it though, as other games (and IRL stuff) has taken my attention, but I will definitely return to it in the new year and play it some more. ^^


Thank you. I actually can’t remember it I’ve been open about my Transness in the past here, so…
Hi! My name is Jennifer, and I’m a transgender woman!

That made sense. SFxT took alot from the Tekken 6 and Street Fighter 4 generation, so it makes sense for Tekken x Street Fighter to take from the Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 generation. That time gap alone and the new characters therein is enough of a reason to revisit it. It makes sense to wait it out.

I could see Darkstalkers 4(?) being Capcom’s third attempt to try to win back their audience the way Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite was, and If the rumors about THAT are true, then Darkstalkers is defiantly on the table.

I’m as excited as I can be for 2B, never played Nier. But she does look like the kind of character I’d play and enjoy. I’m more excited for the reveal of the next DLC character. (Please Samurai Jack!)


Sorry, I should have clarified earlier, I was referring to the online. But your post and BigBadAndy’s post basically summed up how bad the online is, and it shows how crippling it is to most people who only have online play as an option. I’m not sure I’ve said it here before, but I for example basically live in what many people would consider a ghost town in terms of offline community. So even if I still had an active XBL Gold subscription (or got PS Plus, whichever at this point) and a good internet connection like back in the day, I would still not get any mileage in this game, since all the issues you both described would ruin my ability to have fun (I still remember the open beta, which didn’t require PS Plus).

I’m not really expecting miracles in that front, but improving stability would be a good first step. Though like Andy said, it might not get them too far since the game was balanced for offline play.

I’m also offline only and I’m having the opposite effect. This game has honestly been lukewarm to me compared to my time with SC4. Whatever, maybe I’ll just remake my Dark Souls OC and go the good path on Libra of Souls (got the evil ending the first time through, not sure how).

I only see this working if they give it the love and budget like they did with MH:World and hopefully DMC5 (microtransactions can take that game either way). If they keep giving their fighters tiny budgets like MvCI then the point is defeated, regardless of how good the gameplay can end up.


What specifically are the problems with this game other than online? Is it buggy or something?

Also, you should change your name to TallerPessemist95.


Libra of Souls is no substitute for Tower of Lost Souls, Geralt is no substitute for Darth Vader, and the CaS assassin voice is no substitute for the CaS Wesker voice in SC4. Also the stages are few and generic (I miss the circus stage) and there is a tonal dissonance between the 2D portraits and 3D models (nowhere near as bad as SNK Heroines, but still enough to bug me). And even if reversal edge is considered to be balanced I feel it needlessly slows down the game whenever it happens.

I’m sure there is more, but let’s just say I’m glad I bought this on the Black Friday sales. I dearly hope the patches and season pass change my tone, I haven’t felt this bitter toward a sequel since Timesplitters 3 (a game ruined by EA’s meddling).

Also my name was given to me by XBL. Also I’m bad at names so I kept it.