Soul Calibur 6


I think I’ve mentioned it many times on here, but I ansolutely LOVED Zwei and Viola in SCV! Zwei even became my main, and I would absolutely love to see them return as DLC for SCVI!

Honestly, Zwei and Viola were the only two good things to come from SCV.


I haven’t connected with any of them personally.

The other good thing was Aeon having two axes and being a monster :smiley:


Well… yes, true… fair enough.
I guess I meant the new characters introduced in that game.


Ah my bad. But yeah I hate most of SC-V characters especially Pyrah and Patrokolos. I just wanna punch patrokolos in the face when I hear that arrogant attitude.


Maybe 2B will be out by Christmas


Um, I think we should just stick with what they tell us. We can’t expect anything from the Custom Character Packs yet because we haven’t seen them. So for now, if they say 3 characters in the Season Pass, expect 3 characters. Also, the characters in the 1st Tekken Season Pass that were released after the game launched were all guest characters. The first character they announced so far is following that pattern so keep that in mind.

Oh and I saw somebody mention Warriors Orochi 3.

Lu Bu for Soul Calibur


I’d rather we get Hanzo then.


@swordman09 and @TheIncubusLord

I personally would like us to not have anymore guests.




I just think we should save the rest of any DLC seasons for returning characters. Aeon, Hilde, Setsuka, ect.


I totally agree.


Honestly, the only reason I was considering guests is because of how similar the season pass for this game is compared to Tekken 7’s Season Pass 1. I mean you have a returning character as a bonus (Tira/Eliza) followed by a guest character with their own stage (2B, Geese). I wouldn’t be surprised if the last 2 slots were also guests, and a Season Pass 2 with legacy/new original characters was planned in the future.

With that said I hope Hilde and Zwei are possible returning characters, Tira’s inclusion confirms they are rewriting the canon as they go for this timeline. And even though Aeon is basically bootleg Kratos (he has some of Kratos’s moves from Broken Destiny) he’s still welcome since’s he not a clone of Sophitia anymore.


If we are comparing SC-VI with Tekken 7, then it’s likely that Season 2 would contain returning characters which would be preferred in my opinion. Because I need Aeon for SC-VI DARN IT!!!


Leia Organa

Princess Leia vs. Scott Summers

Updated madonnas

‘Blonde Ambition ‘ Tour Madonna

‘Open Your Heart’ ‘ video peepshow Madonna


Princess Leia is boss. And although I am not a Madonna fan, I have a lot of admiration for you taking the time to put two different versions of her in the game. Well done.

Your Scott Summers on the other hand is an abomination. Kill it with fire.


Lol he was made in a few minutes, haven’t tweaked him yet.
He actually started out as a tee shirt/jeans civilian, you’ll see he has sneakers/ tee and I was going to make denim jeans
I was attempting to make a baseball cap then I saw an opportunity for the optic laser visor
I’ll probably go back to my nightwing base an just add projections for costume illusions

TLDR Scott is a work in progress :stuck_out_tongue:


December 18!!!


I’ll just wait for the Soul Calibur x Los Ingorbernables De Japon dlc pack to come out before I make a purchase on Xbox One.

#2685 posted up the balance changes that are also incoming with 2b. LOLOL at those azwel nerfs. i would link it here but im firewalled.


Do we know if 2B is getting a character story?