Soul Calibur 6


Yes very interested in the several accessories pack details


back on the soul calibur train, im starting to get advanced tech with ivy down. im able to tick throw into summon suffering off a few moves. i love it when it works lol, it drives the opponent into panic mode and makes them alot more apprehensive. gotta work on keeping ppl out though, one opponent too many would knock me down and just stay in my face running in place trying to mix me up. sometimes it works for them, most times it doesnt. this isnt SF5 noobs lol


haven’t finished Libra of souls yet due to college. But I got done with chapter 3.
do not look at the blurred text unless you completed that chapter if you finished libra of souls no spoilers please.

Groh your death will not be in vain!



To fight Janet Jackson


getting a do vibe form this one X3


Do you mean jojo the game lol


To that point, I also got some slick Azwel tech, it’s “44” :rofl:


Sword & Shield Psylocke

just need to lighten up her lavender hair & detail the vans.
Also hope to make the official Mahmud Asrar costume when better accessories arrive


Got through Azwell but the journey is not over. Also I updated Slith’s design too.


So, Inspired by boredom, I decided to map out how SoulCalibur 6 should be expanded based on Tekken 7 and it’s expansion. Here it is for those curious.

  • Tekken 7 Arcade Launch: 20 Characters
  • Post-Release Arcade Editions: 7 Characters
  • Fated Retribution: 4 Characters
  • Console Release: 5 Characters
  • Season 1: 3 Characters
  • Season 2: 6 Characters

And now, how I see it translating into SoulCalibur 6

SoulCalibur 6

  1. Heishiro Mitsurugi
  2. Sophitia Alexandra
  3. Nightmare
  4. Chai Xianghua
  5. Kilik
  6. Ivy Valentine
  7. Zasalamel
  8. Siegfried Schtauffen
  9. Taki
  10. Yoshimitsu
  11. Maxi
  12. Talim
  13. Voldo
  14. Astaroth
  15. Seong Mi-na
  16. Cervantes de León
  17. Raphael Sorel
  18. Inferno
  19. Grøh
  20. Azwel
  21. Geralt of Rivia*

DLC Round 1

  1. Tira
  2. 2B (YoRHa No. 2 Type B)*
  3. Aeon Calcos
  4. Hwang Seong-gyeong
  5. Cassandra Alexandra
  6. Algol
  7. New Character

SoulCalibur 6: Legendary Battle (Please help me come up with a better name)

  1. Setsuka
  2. Edge Master
  3. Olcadan
  4. Lord Geo Dampierre
  5. Night Terror
  6. New Character
  7. New Character
  8. New Character
  9. New Character
  10. Simon Belmont*

DLC Round 2

  1. Hilde
  2. Necrid
  3. Spyro the Dragon (The Legend of Spyro)*
  4. Rock
  5. Abyss
  6. Amy Sorel
  7. Samurai Jack*

The order could be switched around if you wanted. Probably will change when we see the other 2 confirmed fighters. And yes, I combined a few phases together because they skipped straight to console release with no arcade version. That’s gonna change how things get approached a bit.

And, out of curiosity, are there and SoulCalibur 5 characters that people actually like?


An update on Slith’s character Design.


I’m waiting for you Aeon


You know, we’ve bean clamoring do much for veterans I haven’t heard a lot of ideas for newcomers in the thread. What kind of newbies would you guys want to see?


As far as I know DLC is pretty much going to be only veterans. I have no ideas on any newcomers sadly.


Jeese. For a franchise known for Create-A-Soul it seams to be devoid of new Ideas


usually DLC would not contain newcomers unless it was guests. That’s why I don’t have anything. Even if I did it would’ve been predictable anyway,


Viola and Zwei are the 2 most popular characters in that game. It’s not saying much I know, but I’ve still seen a good amount of people who wanted them in this game.

On a side note, does anyone remember when Sophitia was a guest character in the musou game Warriors Orochi 3? I was thinking that Namco should do another deal with Tecmo Koei to put Ryu Hayabusa as another guest character for SC6. He could have a lot of moves with his ninpo techniques and do a lot of air combos and izuna drops on his opponents.

Another idea would be William from Nioh. He could have multiple weapons in his moveset (like normally use a katana but have a kusarigama for a stance change style of system) and use ninjutsu/onmyo magic for certain specials. His soul charge would be turning his sword into a living weapon with massively different moves, just like in the game. It would also be a good excuse to have William and Geralt in the same game (since people always jokes that they are the same person based on their designs).


The only one I thought was okay was Viola. I don’t like all of the SC-V characters but Viola I’m okay with. Zwei was okay too.


Best choices for DLC in joining Tira & 2B: Setsuka & Hwang!


For some reason I never connected to zwei, but viola is a BEAST
GOD I hope she’s in even if it’s season two