Soul Calibur 6


Janet Jackson



Living on the edge, not afraid to die!!!


getting a Jotaro vibe from this.


So I bought this for $35 during the Black Friday sale at my local Wal-Mart, and I’m gonna be honest I’m not enjoying it like I did with SC4. Maybe I haven’t gotten to the good parts yet, but Libra of Souls has done a surprisingly good job of putting me to sleep so far. Am I just missing something with this mode? Or should I just focus only on main quests to make the game harder, since most of the fights I did had the AI just doing nothing?

Also I’m surprised I’m not enjoying the CaS mode, since I also enjoyed that in SC4 as well. I made a more accurate version of my Dark Souls 3 character (though there’s clearly no substitute for Fallen Knight armor + Ragged Mask in this game), a whole hour of my life gone there I guess. Even this version of CaS has it’s limits, though I guess I can’t complain in a game where you can turn a skeleton into a helicopter.

Combat wise I don’t like how my main Mitsurugi’s vertical attack combo can transition into a Reversal Edge if you make the mistake of pressing the button 3 times, not only is the attack grossly unsafe but I feel RE is a little too gimmicky for it’s own good. I’m probably wrong as usual in the case of RE but it’s forced me to change enough of my playstyle from SC4 to bug me.

Maybe I got my hopes up too high or something, maybe I expected single player content on the level of Tower of Lost Souls from SC4. I’m really starting to miss having good internet now…


i think ill make a madonna for janet to beat up lol


I’ve made a few punching bags too. Mostly in the form of soldier skeletons,


I finally played a bit of this over Thanksgiving. It’s ok. The story mode is… laughable. As is the English dubbing. I’d almost have preferred if they’d have gone the Tekken rout and had them speak their regional dialects. But period accurate. Too many of the “chapters” are just cutscenes with no gameplay. And with its length, difficulty, and RPG mechanics; I am probably never going to touch a Libra of Souls.

The gameplay is nice and very clean, and of the characters I managed to try I like Ivy, Grøh, Xianghua, and Azwel. Made Samurai Jack in CaS. But honestly the mode doesn’t appeal to me. I think I’ll just stick to using pen and paper to create my OCs.

I have to wait till Christmas to finish it, but right now I can really only give it a 7/10. Passable, but needing improvement.


I have yet to touch Libra of Souls, I heard the character you create can’t be kept for future editing so why bother

I understand CAS may not be for everyone, but I absolutely love being able to create all the characters I’ve wanted to see in any type of fighting game in at least an abbreviated form-

If I had to rate sc6 I’d give it 8.5 of 10, lower points because of limited accessories & stages.
I rarely go anywhere but make casual match mode, make a room and set it to 45 secs a fight for extra gasp factor lol

I look at men having 3 versions of big voluminous long hair and the women only get basic long styles and I think wtf
Maybe we will get a new radical female hairstyle in season 2

No one has spoke of the extra versus modes, does anyone like the option to have no ring outs and the slide off stage mode (slop)

I also miss the weapon display mode to see the characters go hard with their familiar weapons


Supposedly characters you make in Libra of Souls appear in a certain fight of the story mode, I was surprised to find myself fighting my own character.

In the case of the story mode, the English VO isn’t as bad as the trailers made it sound but it’s the least of the problems it has. The way the story is presented is…mediocre at best, and most fights are just 1 round fights against random NPCs. If it wasn’t for the fact that this game was made on a budget I would honestly be more upset (thought at least unlike SFV it has good artwork).

Also messed around with CaS a little more. Made a fairly decent version of FF7 Tifa but without a cropped tanktop and suspenders the perfectionist in me wasn’t happy, and unlike the WWE games you can’t stretch stickers all across a person’s body to make those things happen artificially. Later I made Johnny Cage from the PS2-era MK games (he used nun-chucks in those games so it made sense). The main challenge was giving him sunglasses since you only have regular glasses, but I got it to work by also putting the Smith Goggles in his head and coloring them all black. It worked, but since I hate Maxi’s moveset I ended up deleting it.

Honestly I’m having more fun in Libra of Souls, since your character basically becomes Groh’s sidekick for a while, and Groh is one of my favorite modern SC characters so that’s fun for me. I’m slowly warming up to the game, but now I realize part of me only cared for this series at all because of Darth Vader in SC4. I really want to break that mentality though, it feels disingenuous of me nowadays.


Glade you where able to find some fun in the game.


Yeah, one step at a time for me since I was always a bigger fan of Tekken back in the day. But as I said it just feels disingenuous for me to feel that way now, especially with how games become more of a gamble do to their much higher prices (and it takes longer for price drops). I should care more for the game as a whole, not for 1 or 2 guests.

And speaking of guests, does anyone else feel Geralt feels underwhelming as a guest character? He just fits too well in my opinion, half the time he doesn’t feel like a guest at all. Considering guests are basically hype machines, it feels weird for me to not feel anything towards Geralt. On a side note I hope 2B comes soon, really don’t want a repeat of Tekken 7’s DLC schedule (character releases 4+ months after reveal).


What I did was make my character in the actual CaS first and then recreate them for Libra of Souls.

I liked the story. Since this game’s older than me, I’ve only heard of their backgrounds in passing so it was nice for me to be able to see it all for once. And I thought the English was good. Siegfried sounds awesome. Maybe I’m just use to it at this point.


I’ll see your Siegfried and raise you and Ivy, Azwel, and Groh


I’ll see your choices and raise you Taki, Yoshimitsu, and Darth Vader (but seriously, why didn’t EA use his SC4 actor for their Battlefront games?).

But yeah, the English voices are nowhere near as bad as the trailers made them sound, it just feels like a more bombastic version of SC4’s voiceovers. Some like Xianghua and the CaS voices could be better though (still miss the Wesker voice from SC4’s CaS mode).


I see your characters and raise ya Aeon, Nightmare, Astaroth.

By the way I love Astaroth in the English dub.


Ha. None of us actually know how to play poker. :wink:


Nope we don’t


I’ll raise you Tira and 2B, which is basically all in since they’re the only two characters that you actually have to pay for lol


Does the Poker Night series count? I mean even if it doesn’t, Poker Night 2 still has the best remix of Still Alive in existence. I like to think that counts for something…


Heard the firs DLC will be in 2019. Usually i’m patient but I’m waiting for them to release her so we can see what the armor packs will be.