Soul Calibur 6


Aeon pretty much wields and axe and a shield so he’s still not a threat to Cassandra’s inclusion. But I do agree, the roster should’ve been bigger. I hope we get all the stuff form SC-V so I can complete my character slith.

What I’ve got’s not bad so far, but I still wished they gave us mroe and gave us more armor for lizardmen too.


I was trying to say that Sophitia should bar Cassandra’s inclusion. By my own rules, this is how I think the roster should have been added too.

  1. Aeon Calcos
  2. Hwang
  3. Hilde
  4. Setsuka
  5. Edge Master (Story Mode Prevelance)
  6. Necrid
  7. Rock
  8. Olcadon
  9. Night Terror
  10. 5 Brand New Characters
  11. Simon Belmont (Or other period appropriate Belmont)

Then my Spyro and Samurai Jack ideas can get thrown on the DLC pile.


Why though? SC6 had 21 characters at launch - Tekken 7 started with 20. 21 characters, all of whom largely play very different from one another, is a perfectly good starting point for a FG roster. No developer in their right mind would double that workload and expense with no idea of how the title would be received (and Soul Calibur’s prior outing wasn’t exactly a runaway success). Unique characters take time, and frankly, I’d rather a title actually launch than sit in development for an extra 2 years just to add a bunch of characters I’m never going to play anyway.


I really disagree with this, and I thought I’d explain why. If you don’t care to hear it feel free to ignore me.

One of the reasons I can’t get into Tekken is because the roster is too big. If I go online, just about every match is with a character I have never seen before. Meaning completely novel moves, no understanding of their block strings and when it’s “my turn” and usually some cheap spammed move that is beatable but not intuitive to read and defend - which I will then never see again.

SC is, if anything, more complicated and matchup heavy than Tekken. I am still trying to master the moveset of my own character and struggling to recognize all the ques and tells from my opponent which let me know when to block high or low, and when it is my turn. Granted I’m not the most hardcore player, but 20 seems like plenty to me. There are about 3-4 characters I am interested in playing. It will take me a year to actually learn them (or it will if I don’t give up on the crap online).

I just don’t think number of characters is the most important measure of a game.


Tekken 7 launched with 36 characters


It is to me. As someone who (as i’ve said multiple times) can only experience these games through their single player content, more characters just means more time I spend playing the game. Whenever I get a Fighter I go through story mode (if there is one) and then I go through arcade mode (or it’s equivalent) with every character. Then I put it down. Sometimes I drop in to play a few vs cpu matches. Pick it back up when they release a new character. Put it down again. Because even if the game is fun, there’s only so many times you can just do versus against the computer, with no fanfare too it like cutscenes to make you feel like you’re progressing, and not just start feeling like a loser.

You have your opinions. I have mine. And it looks like we’ll never see eye to eye. But now we both at least know why we think that.


You may not be interested in playing ones like Aeon, but I’am. Heck I never played any of the characters (except nightmare and Astaroth) in vs mode. Because they never interested me that much. What may not interested one will always interest another. which is why I support DLC for Fighting Games.

Not to mention that while the CAS allows us to have races it’s still lacking in some armors and even some stuff that should’ve staid in SC-VI from SC-V. At least that should’ve been added.


Honestly I hope this game gets some sort of expansion als the Fated Retfibution one for Tekken 7. Sure the only way to play that was in arcades, but they need some way to add a lot of characters. A 15 character Season Pass is gonna feel a little weird


Actually, this is Tekken’s Day One roster


You’ll notice that staple characters like Jin haven’t even been announced yet.

Another game, Guilty Gear Xrd, started with a roster of 16 characters Day One.


That was the bare as bones arcade release. Sorry. I forgot that that existed for a bit. Partly because it never released in the states. I’m all for SoulCalibur building on what it has like that. But it feels a little cheep when it launches worldwide with 20 characters, and Tekken 7’s worldwide launch (where most people are starting to play it and form their opinions on it) has so many more.

Either way i’ve Stated my reasons. You don’t agree. I think it’s bad. You think it’s good. This is something we will never convince each other of because of our different gaming experience and opinions. Either way I’ll want what I want. You can’t stop that.


I consider the game being in arcades and Japan for like 2 years before worldwide release to be its “launch”, so that’s what I’m referring to.

My comment wasn’t related to Aeon at all actually. My point is more that most people aren’t dumping significant amounts of time into each and every character in a roster (any roster), so delaying a title for months and years to add oodles of characters just isn’t worth it. So long as a roster has 20ish characters that play differently it’s likely that you’ll find someone that interests you. And if you don’t, then don’t buy it! And I don’t mean that in a sarcastic or combative way either; if a game doesn’t have any characters that interest you, then don’t waste money on it. If it’s unplayable until Amazing Character X is added, then by all means wait until ACX is added before picking it up. Lots of other people (hopefully anyway) will enjoy it in the meantime, and you can join in when your beloved character or playstyle makes it in too.

And on the competitive side, @BigBadAndy is right. Soul Calibur is already an insanely MU heavy game, to the point where even spending hours each week playing the game constantly yields new strings, positionings, and character-specific tools that you have to learn or lose to. It’s almost overwhelming already, and I’m FG literate and have people to teach me. Launching with 30+ chars would just feel utterly unmanageable.


Are you really going to stand their and tell me that if the game launched with 36 characters, you would be here complaining and saying that it had to many characters? That you would be here saying “If the game had less characters it could have launched sooner” “There are too many characters to learn the game well” That just feels unreal to me. It’s like complaining that the graphics are too good. Or the gameplay doesn’t have enough lag. It’s complaining about something that’s purely positive.

This is why I hate competitive play of any game. They want something so different from the game compared to everyone else that it almost feels like they’re actively trying to ruin it for people who just want to play it for fun.


No, I wouldn’t be here talking about it at all, because SC6 would still be unannounced or be a year and some change away. If we’re just going with random hypotheticals though and game was magically here with a 36 man roster, I’d likely still be playing it, and just kind of grousing internally that there was an overwhelming crapton to learn if I wanted to compete and play and commentate at high level. I’d still be playing Mina, still be learning and having fun, and still most likely be utterly uninterested in the vast majority of the cast.

As to me wanting different things than “normal” consumers and not wanting anyone to have any fun, well that’s just silly. I simply want to play a fun game with fun characters, and think holding off on launching a title until you have 30+ wholly unique ones is absolutely not necessary. If you have to have that to have fun, then by all means wait until every fighter has had 2 seasons of DLC before you buy it. You get your “complete” fighter, and everyone else who’s happier with a few less characters gets to enjoy the title in the meanwhile.


I told you why I want more characters. I explained how I have to play these games. It’s not unplayable, it’s just only going to last me a few days as supposed to a few weeks.


I think the issues is the way you put it. You didn’t say “I wish the game had more characters.”

Instead you said:

And it’s fine that you feel that way. People are just explaining why they don’t agree.

If you play the single player content and power through the arcade and story modes with each character then I see why you prefer a large roster. But you have to recognize that this may not be the target the developers are aiming for. Generally you will find that if you express your ideas as “I wish” or “I would like” then people will feel less inclined to argue with you than when you say things like “the game should have” or “they need to.”


Ok. That’s a totally fair point. I’ll try to keep that in mind.

With that, I wish the game had more characters so I can play it longer. I understand that it would have taken longer to develop, and maybe the answer is some sort of expansion ala Tekken 7: Fated Retribution or the console release.

I also wish that it had a couple guest characters that I think would be cool. Legends Spyro is such a cool idea for a game like this. It’s all a bunch of medieval warriors, it would be cool to add a dragon to that cast.

I wish we had a Belmont. It doesn’t matter which, as they all play the same. So it should be whichever one was active at the same time as this game’s plot.

I wish I could play as Samurai Jack. Officially. With his own move set. That show is so awesome and he’s one of the few western animated characters who’s perfectly suited for a game like this.


man, I really love Astaroth. He has many tough matchups plus strange whiffs/bugs that need fixing, but I have been watching some top players play him… what a treat those matches are to see, if everything works of course. A real beast.


work has really been heavy the last week- but I finally had time to make the Dark Crystal characters Jen & Kira the Gelflings to accommodate my Skeksis


I knew there had to be SOME use for the elf race!


and you found a use pretty easily.


You mean besides making Legend of Zelda/Lord of the Rings characters?

PS. What is a Gelfling?