Soul Calibur 6


I guess I should be more specific. I did mean Jack. My bad.


Saw someone make Jak from Jak & Daxter 1-3, but not Jak X, so I made the Jak X version:

It’s been pointed out to me that his hair is too green. I’m colourblind, so I’ve had to rely on other people and sources to help me with these things, as well as pulling artwork/screenshots into photoshop to get the colour hex code and such.

Even the wiki says he has a yellowish green haircolour, so that’s what I’ve been aiming to give him. I’ve probably given him a too greenish haircolour then. Can easily be fixed though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Official survey:


You know. If you think about it, the guest characters follow a pattern of equivalencies with Tekken 7.

Akuma-Geralt: On disc. Theming appropriate with game world. In Story Mode.

Noctis-2B: DLC. Breaks theming (Swordfighter in hand to hand fighter, futuristic character in historical themed game)

This means we’ve yet to see the Geese Howard or Negan of this game. Personally hoping that they are Samurai Jack and Roranoa Zorro.


I’m guessing the next guest if so will be the last 2019 character.

The next major character slot leaves possibility for either a fan requested or
another highly popular missing character from the early SoulCalibur series- (i.e. Tira)

If I had to guess, since Lizardman is a race and easily accessible through CAS, it could be the Chinese sword character.

Although a lot of people have been asking where is Cassandra/ Hilde/Setsuka, I’d really love to see Setsuka or Viola over Hwang/ YunSeong… just my developing opinion partly because most of those ‘type’ characters can be created in illusion with the current CAS parts-

Which leads me to the proposed customization packs coming- maybe they will add say,

A Chinese sword weapon to customize general male weapons or the updated top seen in casssndra art for customization,
but Setsuka & Viola as full DEFAULT CHARACTERS bring a completely different fighting style than say hilde who could be simulated with Seong Mina using a particular weapon and armor parts even though Hilde did carry that smaller sword & staff combo, but she sure didn’t have fantastical telekinetic orb



Sorry, but since Amy exists in the story already, you can kiss your chances of Viola getting a shot goodbye. The timeline is everything in this game, and they don’t want to retcon anything as far as I’m aware. Even with Talim, who didn’t show up during SCI, was shown to not show up again until after the main story. Keep in mind that even DLC characters get stories (Tira got one).

If we’re going by the timeline, Yun-seong, Hilde,
Lizardman,Cassandraa and Setsuka all have fair shots (Lizardman is debatable for different reasons).

  • Yun-seong and Cassandra fall under the same category as Talim and Raphael. They were introduced in SCII and their stories in this game would be used to segway back into the SCII story (Siegfried’s story did that too). I think they have less of a shot though since both of their names are stuck in NPC HELL.
  • Setsuka and Hilde both have backstories prior to their first appearances that they they could explain in SCVI. Setsuka should fit just fine, but I’m not entirely sure about Hilde. It’s just that I don’t really know when exactly Hilde’s backstory is supposed to take place, which matters in terms of the timeline. I’m probably overthinking it though.
  • Lizardman is definitely a possibility with his movesets already in the game and all. But now that I think about it, they’ve been really trying to normalize this guy by making a CaS Race for him and explaining how he’s made in other areas. There’s still that Lizardman in Libra of Souls with unusable gear too. Maybe a Lizardman customization pack for the CaS stuff. lol
  • Rock and Algol are also stuck in NPC HELL. Algol, specifically, is mentioned as a “sign of things to come” kind of character in Libra of Souls anyway (AKA Soul Calibur IV)).
  • Oh and yeah, guests. Can’t really make guesses about those. It’s one or the other it seems. I want Lu Bu.


If they could give us Aeon, make the lizardman options more widely available and all that other stuff this game will be perfect, Though I’d welcome Yun-seong for the fighting style.


Source that proves that Viola is an official decision to be excluded from SC6 just because Amy is mentioned in Story Mode?:face_with_monocle:


I wouldn’t be so confident that Bamco is as rigid about the story and timeline as you seem to be. The SC story doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense at the best of times and ultimately the story provides a backdrop to cool characters sword fighting. None of these characters have been created to “serve the story.”


She’s in Raphael’s story.

I would much rather have Viola as playable DLC over Amy though.


I remember the responses from the bikini CAS accessories :arrow_up:so I’ll stick to my OWN theories until I see the official releases lol

“ that’s only available in Japan” lol


Getting a Brooks converter. Hopefully my Hori PC/ps4 stick will work with X1 without issues.
Playing SCVI with standard X1 controller really hurts my hands…been playing PC version almost exclusively but really want to play with/against my Xbox friends too.


Should work fine so long as you get the right converter :+1:t5:


I’m just saying that I think the timeline is important in this one. They wouldn’t have made one so elaborate without it meaning something. You also have to remember. The whole point of this game’s story is to retell it so that it DOES make sense. This is assuming that the DLC characters even get stories in the first place, which they might not. lol

Oh and I’d still prefer Amy over Viola. Her style is something I’d use for some of the CaS stuff that I make. That and I’d rather not have to deal with Viola again.


You know who would be a great SoulCalibur guest. Spyro the Dragon. Specifically the version from his first reboot The Legend of Spyro. Which was a combo heavy action platformer with a strictly fantasy setting (as opposed to the other versions of the character which also had many sci-fi and contemporary elements) and a deep and emotional storyline. He not only had the typical things Spyro was known for (glide, flame, charge) but also had a hand to hand fighting style known as Dragon Kata and a bunch of different elemental attacks, including

  • Fire Breath
  • Fire Bomb
  • Comet Dash
  • Electric Breath
  • Electric Arc (Airial Cage Trap)
  • Electric Orb bomb
  • Electric spin attack
  • Electric Claw Attack
  • Ice Breath
  • Ice Spike
  • Polar Bomb
  • Ice Tail (Ice Sword Tail Attack)
  • Snow Storm
  • Earth Shot
  • Earth Bomb
  • Earth Pound (Groundpound)
  • Earth Mace
  • Boulder Roll
  • Earth Missile
  • Dragon Time (ala Prince of Persia)
  • and Aether Breath (Giant FU Laser)

Each element also has a fury attack where he unleashes a huge explosion of elemental energy.

Obviously he wouldn’t have all of them in SoulCal, many of them are kind of redundant. But a selective mix could be very effective.

I think he’d be a cool and unique character for SoulCalibur. This guy. Samurai Jack. And a period appropriate Belmont are my top picks.


Personally I think the future slot should go to characters that have been left out. In my opinion though.


If Bamco thought that adding Character X would make them a ton of money but also utterly eff up the timeline, they would add Character X in a heartbeat. Don’t ever get it twisted that lore consistency is a key priority in any fighting game.


While I understand that, and I do believe that Lizardman and Hwand are probably going to happen, they’re not the characters I have an express interest in. Because of my lack of experience with the franchise, guests are the ones I desire. And as long as we get multiple seasons, there’s definitely room for a few more.

We’re probably gonna get more than one season. I mean, we got a second season of Tekken 7 way after we thought it was dead. It could happen.


They do interest me that’s for sure and I will always support them. But I’m not just talking about Hwang and Aeon. There are others like Hilde, Setsuka, Cassandra, yun-seong, ect.


Honestly, this game needs a lot of DLC. It should have LAUNCHED with a roster comparable to Tekken 7. And they are barely approaching it. I’ll look into the characters you mentioned to see what they’re about. Who knows, they might be cool. But this game just needs a bigger roster. It should have had like 15 more. Each game dev should try to top their previous work.

Edit: Ok. If we get Hwang I don’t see the need for Yun-Seong. It looks like they use the exact same weapons as each other. Same for Cassandra. Like, just make them alt costumes with new voices. That’d be fine. The others look cool though. I’d definitely try Setsuka.