Soul Calibur 6


One more character to study :smile:
I still haven’t found the time to go through that entire developer walkthrough vid for 2B. She is interesting imo. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to watch the dev stream and pick up some more tidbits…

Since last week I have started to go through a few characters’ moves to learn their strings, main strategies, CE and RE strengths/weaknesses. Also, I am playing them on ranked just to get a better feel for them. I am having such a great time doing this and reading online guides. The characters I am going through at the moment are Siegfried, Sophitia, Raphael and Zasalamel.

Never realized how interesting he is but high level Zasalamel is such fun to watch, especially once you know his moves a bit. I wish I could master him but as a defensive character it is even more important to know other characters’ offensive options and attack strings. Still a blast to watch. :+1:


You’d think making the game WORK AT ALL for a portion of their fanbase might be a priority for bug fixes! :roll_eyes:

Man, this is frustrating. I was really hoping that I might be able to get a jump on learning and improving in SC after the FGC fundamental knowledge I picked up from KI. At this rate, I’m going to be playing catch-up for a long time!

Anyone have any guesses on the additional characters? Do you think we’ll get new original characters, or do you think we may see another guest?


2b seemed to have a great moveset to use-
It’ll be interesting to see what Psylocke looks like using her moveset-

Other than Psylocke, 2b seems imo a beautiful opportunity for a sleek male anime character even with the slightly effeminate win poses and intro/outros​:stuck_out_tongue: :star2:


I most likely will be playing 2B, so if anyone needs Matchup experience, I will be your guy :slight_smile:


2B looks very interesting. i like her appearance, but probably because i like blindfolds. coughs.

anyway been putting more time in with Ivy. i made her an Alucard costume from castlevania get up hahaha, im happy how it turned out. i finally starting to get some kind of rhythm going as well, so now im just practicing on mastering the timing for her 5 hit lash combo that ends with an armor break and frame advantage.

the timing is tricky for me seeing as there is a slight delay at the start, followed by being on beat followed by a quicker button press at the end of the sequence. im also working on tick grab into summon suffering. aris had a good vid on how to get the input alot easier, its been going well thus far. you can crank it out by going counter clockwise starting at 3, then ending at 1. or you can start at 3, crank it up towards 7 and then do the “jiggle” as he says ending in 1 lol. confusing i know, but it works! haha


You guys can enjoy 2B then. I’ll try her out once there’s a character in the Season Pass that really catches my interest.


Same goes for me. I want Aeon darn it!


I won’t be buying any characters if they don’t specifically interest me as a main or alt, so think I’ll pass on 2B for now. I do think it seems like they did a good job translating her Nier playstyle to here, but for whatever reason just not that interested in playing her -shrug-


How would you practice that matchup then? For example, is Tira available in practice mode even if you did not buy her? I am always afraid of this :slight_smile:


I bought the season pass but That doesn’t mean I have to play as the characters that don’t interest me.


I buy all DLC in all fighting games. I have to have everyone. Plus, with how I have to play, the more characters I have means the more time I can play.

Any idea when 2B is gonna be released?


How cool would it be if they made a “SoulCalibur Tag Tournament” game. Tag team gameplay, no real story beyond arcade mode endings, EVERY CHARACTER COMES BACK (hopefully including Guest Characters). I think it would be cool.


Same way I practice all MU’s - find someone who plays the character and fight them a bunch. I don’t take characters into practice mode unless I’m going to play them or unless they really ■■■■ me off with something. In the case of the latter, I’ll just ask/search around to find where gaps and such are if a particular strategy from an opponent feels degenerate or broken.

Indeed. I bought virtually all the content for KI even though I had zero intention of playing the vast majority of characters, simply because I liked the title and the work that the companies were doing and wanted to support. For SC6, I quite like the game, but have decided I’m not going to throw money at Bamco because they keep failing pretty miserably on things that I care about, chief among them the dodgy-as-hell online experience. I’ll buy the content that interests me (imagine I’ll be picking up at least some accessory packs if they’re available for individual purchase), but otherwise will keep my funds to myself.

None at all. :man_shrugging:t5:


I bought the SC season pass because I’m glad SCVI is a thing. At this point I feel like supporting fighting games when I can and Soul Calibur I’m the Dreamcast and SCII on GameCube are some of my best gaming memories. So I am willing to throw nostalgia money at the franchise even if I’m kind of upset by the bad online. If I wasn’t lucky enough to have a second Xbox that happened to work online I would be furious… I can’t believ they aren’t addressing that yet.

As far as the season pass, although I bought it, I have only played three or four of the existing characters so I’m not overly eager to get hold of 2B. I didn’t play Nier and frankly the “upskirt robot” bit turns me off. I understand some people may like that, so that’s fine. But upskirt robot with floating swords hovering around her is not a character design I find particularly appealing.


I like fighting games & whether they release a fave of mine like Yun Seong or not, it is support for the game itself that I believe in…

I wasn’t a fan of 2B by any means partly because I only downloaded Nier demo-

but any addition to the game including stages and accessories expand the game whether I will use the new character or not-

I bought the collectors’ edition, and I haven’t touched core character asatarotth once, nor plan to …:woman_shrugging:

Haven’t touched ki in year, still to this day haven’t leveled up the golem, but loved that stage… and Polemos I can remember



First time I played Sc was in the Arcades. This was when we were waiting for Spiderman 2 to start.
It was an opportunity I thought I’d never get to have. After my mom got done with work and we did our weekly shopping while we were in Tulsa I grabbed Soul Calibur II.


Spider-Man for SoulCalibur


I’d much rather have Samurai Jack.

No. I’m not joking.


Make em in CAS.


Jack. Possible. But no character on the roster has a fighting style anywhere close to Spider-Man. What’s the point in making someone if they can’t play the way that they would.

I might actually make Samurai Jack now that you mention it. What soul do you think I should use? Mitsurugi?

Even still, I’ll still campaign for the actual master samurai warrior to be added to SoulCalibur. And a stage based on Aku’s throne room. With Aku actually in it taunting you in the background. Love it if he were also some sort of special boss fight but that would never happen.

PlatinumGames should make a Samurai Jack game.