Soul Calibur 6


I made a Blood Raven design for Tira. Tried giving her a masquerade feel.

Dark Link BotW hybrid


Tried some Geralt without knowing his moves. Salty as I went 4-4 instead of 6-2, lol. Just used spacing, poking and RE to win. Rather than being happy I won four games, I sit here complaining about the four winnable losses :laughing:


Which of her costumes do you prefer since her inclusion in the series


Lol. I feel you. Most of my growth and drive as a player has nothing to do with me wanting to win or be the best - I just really, really don’t like to lose :-p


Have not been playing great afterwards either, gone 3-6 since then. 4 losses against the same two opponents where I was testing how much damage Maxi and Siegfried do as compared to Talim on their normals… Probably should do that ■■■■ in training mode myself rather than trying to confirm during online ranked matches haha. But it’s difficult if you never encounter them, so was okay to lose some rank points this time.

Anyway, learned a lot about Maxi in particular… whereas Talim needs to commit to risky jump- ins, Maxi has normals and special attacks where he takes a step forward thus extending his reach. I kept getting hit even though I figured I’d be out if range. Still I find him to be less annoying than I remembered… :slight_smile:


Her SC4 main, definitely. Though her new one in SCVI is really good too.


I saw someone made a Diablo 3 Necromancer design, so I was inspired to make the Demon Hunter, both male and female:


Yeah, Maxi feels fair-ish this game. It’s annoying b/c you legit have to recognize all his different strings and stances or you’re gonna get smoked, but his tools mostly aren’t crazy high damage or anything at least.


Kris Anka Psylocke

Skeksis from The JimHenson movie The Dark Crystal


Clever on the lizardman.


Tried Siegfried for the first time to see if he’s really bad. Don’t have a good impression on Siegfried yet but did feel afterwards that RE is a real gamble…even though I benefited from it:

just went against a Nightmare with a gazillion points. He beat me pretty handily first match and thought he would not let me rematch but he did. Won the next two matches with poking, horizontal lows and lots of RE decided in my favor. All this despite it being my first 3 Siegfried matches ever – did not even try casual matches beforehand. RE bailed me out plenty times. I sincerely doubt it was my skill… usually a wrong guess by my opponent combined with Siegfried raw power after RE hits.

How do you train for RE? I am not sure the optimal strategy here. I am afraid I will be on the receiving end next time.


There’s no such thing as training in Rock Paper Scissors. The only real thing you can really do is getting better at reading their hand. Anticipate which option works better for them and work around that. Every character has a better button/option for themselves in that system.

What you can also do is practice what to do when it lands. See what your options are when these things land and work on those things as well. I’m assuming you’ve already done this with one character already though.


The very best way to keep out of “bad” RE situations is to never get hit with them. Structure your pressure such that RE attempts get blown up or dodged before they can ever hit you with one. This means fast, meaty attacks that can catch RE start-up, non-committal staggered pressure that will let you see the RE charge and then sidestep, and good use of break attacks to blow through and/or discourage RE (and GI!) attempts. If you’re playing fast characters like Talim or Taki the first two options are best, while if you’re playing with bruisers the second and third (especially the third) options are best. A strong break attack lethal hit can lead to absolutely massive damage - Mina can tag you for 103-110ish damage meterless off one, and if she has a meter can do ~150 damage (that’s about 3/4 of your lifebar). Getting hit with something like that very, very strongly discourages people from trying to use RE to defend themselves.

Within the actual RPS of reversal edge, I think there are three main things to pay attention to. What your options are, what your opponent’s options are (I mean this in the sense of what each of you gets from RE beyond the generic “I won” consideration), and who is more afraid of losing. If you know which of you is more afraid of losing (and to what), then it becomes easier to predict correctly within the minigame. And as I’ve said a few times now to Andy, remember that you always have the option of bowing out and simply blocking during the sequence. If I don’t feel like I have a good read on an opponent, I’ll block all the time, simply because it’s better to end the RPS than just keep eating unnecessary damage.


Just for some context, most of the RE situations were initiated by me. I can only assume that my opponent left me off the hook by not punishing. To prevent this from happening to me, I would have to avoid RE as a first step. But winning RE exchanges can be like a drug where you feel you have the mental edge over your opponent during these RE situations, and you seek them out rather than avoiding them. Getting greedy :imp:

While in RE, I have used the block or sidestep options a few times, with mixed results, but to your point, it may be the best way to force your way out of an RE situation (if you don’t want to engage).

Specifically for Siegfried, I feel he lacks defensive options but not sure that RE is the answer for Siegfried. I got lucky to some degree. Anyway, it’s fun to experiment to see where his limitations and limits of his power are, and the overall discussion on RE pay offs/risks.


eternal champions


Wonder what the customization packs will include???


Video Kayane put up about 2B. Not super in-depth, but gives a bit of flavor around what her play might look like:


hopefully missing pieces and armor that lizardmen can wear. I need those snake horns darn it!


Patch release confirmed:

-Voldo/Tira SC bug fix

-Geralt/Tira something about their guard impact tracking being fixed ( I didnt even know this was a thing)

  • Fixed PC rankings not being displayed correctly

Update scheduled for: PS4 : Nov 14. Xbox one: Nov 16-19. Pc: Nov 16.