Soul Calibur 6


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Not sure if your online issues are the same, but the official Japanese (and as I am typing the English one too), Twitter account reported about bugs related to online vs mode that will be addressed in a next patch. Not sure if they make a distinction between platforms but wanted to get the word out to you.


The 2B VOD:


IKR? That s very mileena


Thank you! I saw the tweet come across my feed, but as you might guess, I have zero ability to read it. I had hoped it might be about fixes for the load times and online issues, and it sounds like maybe that’s what will be coming up.

Thank you very much for thinking of me/us, it’s very much appreciated. I think that there are a lot of people having these issues, but it’s still a minority of the overall SC6 community, and doesn’t get a whole lot of attention.


I’m lucky in the sense that I have two Xboxes and one of them is able to get online. But I’m really hoping this gets fixed. Maybe the patch will take care of it. We’ll see.


finally started to take ivy out into the arena. holy cow im so rusty with her in actual combat. did score alot of wins but probably an equal amount of losses. lol


By the way, 2B is not coming out today in case anyone was wondering. During yesterday’s stream it was asked directly to the devs. They are still balancing a few of her moves but they are very close to releasing the character.


Made my favourite Devil May Cry character in SCVI:


Friend of mine challenged me to make a decent Vaan.


Wow she really does have ki2 orchid proportions


Nah, KI2 Orchid is considerably more chesty than 2B :joy:


Also more square.


Anyone want me to do a breakdown or summary of the 2B stream? I know the character is out soon and that Kayane is working on some vid too, but just asking…


Still waiting for Aeon as DLC.


I wouldn’t mind it. No need to translate anything except the gameplay stuff on my end though…I saw the video was 2+ hours and can’t imagine I would care about most of what they said :sweat_smile:


I’d be interested in seeing what exactly transferred over from her game since I never played it myself. That’s all I care about honestly


Hopefully she fits my playstyle. I like Nier a lot, so to have a character like 2B in this game is cool :smile:


Yoko Taro’s reaction after 2B armor break:


I will watch the gameplay part later but a couple of remarks on the chosen stage:

  • as one would expect, 2B’s stage is based on that game but the nice thing is that each round the environment around the stage will change. Eg. Some characters in the background will move towards the stage, hover over, etc.
  • the devs had a strong request to make it “suitable for tournaments” from players. Therefore, the stage is easy on the eyes, etc.
  • two sides have no walls/barriers and allow for ringouts, one side has a wall, and the fourth side has a barrier (that can be broken if I understood correctly) with technically RO being possible too.


IVe always loved stage design & development, so I’m glad my theory that they will provide at least a cpl new stages in the future (thus one included match) is proven

The stage itself is very beautiful simple & quite elegant