Soul Calibur 6


Lol I got her right voice, haircolor, undergarment color and body type so I can go in the future and edit the different Psylocke costumes and easily change the weapon/ soul :heart_eyes:


That’s what I do! :ok_hand:


It’s a time-saver for your favorite characters alternate versions, right!


My new Talim


I’d probably just put dirt stains on her lower legs instead of shoes but the creator got the general idea of hisako


Off topic–I actually should welcome you next time you’re here in Tokyo. I assume you will be heading back (on) soon already? Probably here on business, right?

@STORM179 @TheNinjaOstrich
I have the X1 version now too…so no more 8-way running away from me :smile: Just hope connection between JP and Singapore/ US holds up. Now all I got to do is relearn to play with a controller again :confused: and pray I don’t have same network issue as @BigBadAndy


Haha. I’m down whenever you are man. It’ll be nice to set up games with someone on this side of the world for once :joy:

EDIT: and good way to make use of that otherwise terrible-looking cultist robe piece. It’s actually a really good fit for the Akatsuki cloak :ok_hand:t5:


And in the ever-growing saga of new CAS outfits for Ahki, here is the latest wardrobe addition :joy:


Haha, you actually made the effort to make a nice picture this time :smile:


Lol. I finally made a nice background for the 5.0 costume. Just used the same one here and adjusted the posing a bit. Will probably be using this one for my next 5 costume variations :joy:


For some reason I keep seeing a one piece character in her or one who would appear in the next arc :laughing: even the name :joy: no disrespect though :no_entry_sign:


Lol. I really can’t help you with that one…I love One Piece, but I can’t think of any character who remotely resembles any of my costume variations from that. If nothing else, I think her breast/waist/hip ratio would disqualify her from ever being a One Piece female :joy:


It’s more the colorful, adventurous and simultaneously mysterious look as well as vibe I get from the character. That is what sort of reminded me of One Piece heroes.

You’re right, she could be nothing like a Robin and just be a total ■■■■■ :laughing:


Weekly check-in, my SC6 is still completely broken. Glad I at least have Red Dead Redemption 2 to play!

For those of you who can play, are there additional CAS parts that you unlock through playing the single player modes?


Another Akatsuki member…Hidan!


Could not get the correct blade…yet. Of course based of off Zasalamel.

that is really rough. Hope all these similar complaints and issues were raised so devs are made aware and fix this BS. Also, I do not know for sure about unlocking items but I think that you receive points with which you can unlock certain items in CAS (rather than additional parts being a reward from playing single player modes).


Made Tira SC4 inspired, Raphael SC3 alt inspired and an alt coloured Grøh to make him look a bit less anime-fied.


Good luck with the online.

As far as my trip, yeah it’s work and sadly I don’t have much in the way of free time on this visit. Otherwise I would love to meet up somewhere.


Somebody please ban me


Mortal Kombat/ MKX females fan-created


That underboob! XD