Soul Calibur 6


Check out PantocratorFR’s Twitch archive.
He did a move list review for Siegfried. Hopefully that will be helpful as you look for his best or better moves…


Hm. So the interesting about RE is that while the charge (obviously) has armor, the actual attack has none. So a big part of using it to damage soak comes from knowing when exactly a string is over with. This is both a matter of MU knowledge (specifically knowing when strings end) and character archetype. Taki is very easy to RE, for instance, because her strings are straightforward and lack break options after you’ve soaked the first hit. Talim is comparatively more difficult to RE because she can just keep attacking, or simply do a crazy jump or something to get out of the way. Maxi and Mitsurugi are hard to RE because their stances give access to fairly quick break attacks, etc. So learning when to RE and when to release is something you start to feel out better once you’ve got decent knowledge of both strings and characters, and as you build up that knowledge you’ll start to get better at using it and not getting stuffed. That’s been my experience anyway.

Regarding the RPS, if you find you’re just terrible at winning RE I’d recommend simply blocking to end it. Unless they do two B attacks in a row (which will break your guard), this will get you out of RE’s without having to deal with the button mixups. This will affect your guard overall if you use it a lot, and can make it so that on the next RE a different attack can guard break, but overall it’s a decent bet to make since Joe Casual probably doesn’t have good guard break combos anyway. Using RE to damage soak frequently will also give you access to Soul Charge sooner, which is the game’s ultimate “get off me move”.

It’s also important to understand that Reversal Edge RPS is also a MU thing, in that different characters get different rewards for each of their options. Astaroth can ring you out from absurd distances if he lands his B attack in the RPS, while Mina can ring out with her K (but otherwise gets her best damage from B). Nightmare builds up his terror charge with his K, so knowing whether he has it (and whether the opponent likes to have the charge on deck) can give insight into which option he’s likely to go for. Soul Calibur 6 is easily the most MU-intensive fighter I’ve ever played, and even system mechanics like SC and RE play out really particularly depending on who the opposing character is.

Hope that helps. Siegfried is definitely abusable once you’ve fought your way inside his sword normals, so I can understand your frustration. Mina’s got some of the worst up-close defense in the game as well, so I sympathize with that feeling of getting bullied by someone just mashing their heart out :sweat_smile:


I’m going to blame latency since I’m playing on my XboxOneX and my 4K tv instead if my preferred XboxOne and Monitor setup which I know is low latency. It’s a weak excuse but otherwise I just have to admit I can’t play fighting games…

I hope they get their issues fixed for online soon so I can log on with this other machine. So far they haven’t even acknowledged there’s a problem.

EDIT: Just a word in my own defense. I don’t really mind losing games. But I can’t figure out anything to do differently. I’m losing to 500 RP Taki’s who just keep hitting kick over and over. I can’t RE it and I can’t GI and No buttons beat it and it can’t be sidestepped. And then he’s negative on hit.


Hm. RE can get stuffed on start-up, but generally speaking you should probably be able to get it to come out in between most of Taki’s kick strings. That might legitimately be a crap-netcode/display lag combo you’re getting tagged with for that one :thinking:


Thanks man. I’m going to bow out of ranked and just look for casual matches where I might be able to better learn the matchups.

Sorry for all my whining and thanks for trying to be constructive.


No worries man. We both know that wasn’t anywhere near the worst whining we’ve seen on these forums :-p


Made Alex from Street Fighter III


The game’s replay archives and leaderboards actually can help find those matchups you are looking for.

When I say leaderboard, I mean picking a few top Siegfried players and identifying their twitch channel to access their ranked match archives (some have a username that actually is the link to their channel) . I am doing something similar for Talim as I want to understand the better strings for each matchup.


Japan online tournaments that I found so far are sadly not run on PC but PS4. Found two but both require you to have a PS4 :cry:


Thanks man. I will try this when I get home. I’m in the airport in the way to Tokyo, ironically enough.


Safe flight.


I usually have a rough time with Siegfrieds idk

Of course I don’t enter much ranked it’s just casual


Aw, that sucks. Hopefully someone will make a PC one as well at some point!


Fan-created gargos/ fulgore

I finally created a ryu (sfv hot ryu alternate) & jago (2013) wish I could have taki broken or Tira raven pants for his 1995 costume

While I’d prefer to have Yun Seong as my jago soul, I chose Cervantes for jago main soul as I don’t have a Cervy besides the swimsuit alt that I like to fight against-
but I made my ivy soul jago for casual play heh heh lol
and he’s short just like og jago lol


Had an offline session today at my place with some of the guys here in Singapore. :slight_smile:

Game really is a ton of fun!


Nice job on the Gargos and Fulgore! That Gargos looks virtually identical to mine. I might be inspired to try out that Fulgore.


Looks good. Are most guys on X1?


Nah, I think most of the people here play on PC, and then the rest play on PS4. Not too many X1’s in Singapore period to be honest… :sweat_smile:


More Jago waiting on that Yun Seong soul lol

As promised, a more faithful KI2 Kim Wu😍

And another shot at the CAs Sophitia that made me like her finally lol

also don’t care for Yoshimitsu flag on his back, so I tried to add items to cover it, he has a really awesome moveset.

From left on my characters below my unedited Psylockes are custom yoshi, ryu kilik, jago Cervantes , nightwing groh , kenshi geralt

having trouble getting my kris Anka costume Psylocke together with xianghua soul- I’ll find a way around it tho


It’s so strange seeing 5 of the same thing lol