Soul Calibur 6


You did a great job with the card.


do not test me hahaha


“Triss, where is Geralt?”


Made Simon Belmont and Link:


Another fun offline session with SC6 - this game really is a treat to learn and play with ppl right beside you :slight_smile:


And oh yeah - Ahki 5.0


I don’t know who that is or if it’s an OC of yours, but I quite like the simple design.

I made a new OC design inspired by Bloodborne after having seen Max play it at Halloween. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am having so much fun with Raphael… deep but so rewarding. He was my least favorite out of the cast with Voldo. Might go with him instead of Geralts as a backup to Taki/Talim.

TL;DR: I shamelessly chose an upper tier character.


Raphael has probably become my main in this game. He’s so satisfying to play as, imo.


I’m about done with this game. If GI doesn’t work consistently (and it doesn’t) Siegfried is trash tier. Every character in the game is quicker than him and most do more damage.

I’m working my ■■■ off and losing 90% of the time to people just hitting aab over and over again.


I am really interested in Siegfried too but this scares me… is it because of online being laggy?


I made M.Bison and Sakura (based on their SFV designs)


Is my own design. Just wanted to play Seong Mina without having to actually play Seong Mina, so made Ahki instead. So far all my CAS’s have been costume variations on her core design.

Me and the guys were talking about this last night. Seems like Japan thinks Raph is really strong, while people in the west think he’s too linear. I think he looks pretty strong myself though, and want to add him as a secondary eventually. :slight_smile:

Yeah, GI’s online are iffy as hell @BigBadAndy. Have you been trying to use RE much? I find it’s my preferred option over GI’s online…is a lot more forgiving in delay.

Nice Sakura @VagabondGunmen :+1:t5:


New characters

This theme is: SNK BOSS SYNDROME


Had a discussion too yesterday… guys here were saying that Nightmare, Raphael, Azwel and Ivy are among the strongest characters in good hands.

Also, specifically on Talim, they felt she is not as weak as some believe short range characters to be. Average, but certainly not below average. Taki is weak in their eyes. Has few tools that put her at an advantage and above that all can be stuffed quite easily by almost everyone on the entire roster.

I don’t have the knowledge to compare to older entries in the series but felt it might be interesting to share this early point of view.


Nightmare does too much damage to be bad, but I definitely think he’s going to get weaker as the game breathes and people get more used to what his stuff looks like. He’s pretty negative on a big chunk of his stuff, so you can often interrupt him when he starts going nuts. Azwel is interesting…I think he’s really strong, but I also think people aren’t using RE like they should against him. Like I said I think Raphael is strong, but he is pretty linear I’ve found, so players will need to manage/condition that properly to avoid getting blown up by steps. Ivy hits like a friggin tank. She feels kinda gimmicky to me though…guess we’ll find out :man_shrugging:t5:

Talim feels very serviceable to me. Not super strong, but too fast and able to interrupt to really be weak. Taki though I do think is pretty weak. She doesn’t hit hard enough, and RE seems to be extremely strong against her.


Raphael has quite some deception built into his game. Stance cancels that I only now start recognizing after going through practice mode. Don’t know yet how well certain vertical moves track but I feel he needs to box you in so that you are reluctant to side step (duh). Some of his best piercing moves are pretty linear but require setup or conditioning before use. I know because I have been on the receiving end a few times haha
But I like him a lot…


I’ve fought a lot of good Raphs… That guy gives me headaches lol.

I’m still playing Geralt, was thinking about learning Taki, but I keep hearing that she’s super weak, and I should just stick to Geralt or learn Talim or something if I want speed. Maybe 2B will be good to learn when she eventually comes out.


That’s my thing though, I always want to play not so popular characters or rarely seen ones but that often means you’ll be using less powerful characters too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

At this point, Talim is a good choice over Taki I believe…


That Bison looks dope


That’s a big part of it. Maybe I’m just a terrible player - although the last SC I played online was SCIV and I had about a 65% win rate. Right now I’m probably around 20% and often I will win the first two rounds or even take the first match. But then whoever I’m playing just starts mashing once they are in close and that’s it. Even when they get to the obvious pauses in their combos he has nothing that can get in there fast enough to interrupt the next move. Where’s as soon as someone blocks me it’s advantage them all day long…

@STORM179 I am trying to use RE but half the time that gets blown up by people mashing - god alone knows why. Then the other half the time I lose the ensuing Rock Paper Scissors. I swear I lose 3/4 of the time and again I don’t know why. If it were random I should at least get 50/50.

I know it just sounds like I’m salty as ■■■■ (because I am), but I just can’t figure out anything that actually works. The only time I win is if I catch the opponent with high low mixup meatys after knocking him down.