Soul Calibur 6




“ see it’s a girl “ :rofl:


That’s hilarious, but I’m talking about like torso armor parts. Like what the AI lziardmen are wearing as an example,


The problem for those of us at lower levels is that it erodes your faith that you can improve. When you are struggling to analyze the match and determine what’s reactable, where the breaks in an enemies combos are etc., and you aren’t confident you are getting reliable data back. Plus, if you have the reflexes of a sleeping dog like I do, losing a frame or two to react to technically reactable high low mixups is a drag.

I’m still losing 2/3 or more of my online matches which I admit, is just ■■■■■■■ me off in an angry scrub way, but it’s hard to get your mindset right when you can’t trust the onscreen results. I’ve had some experiences where I try to throw, get knocked down and then when the character rises he throws (successfully!) without me even hitting the input. I’ll take the free damage but it kind of shatters my faith that I’m really playing the game…


First 2B gameplay expected to be revealed during a Japanese stream next week on the 8th. I think it’s the Dengeki twitch stream that will feature this…


did really good last night, damage output is improving and so is my defense. but ■■■■, some of those low E-rankers just do.not.stop.pressing.buttons. being seong mina, it gets overbearing once they get in on me, but i will continue to improve by gettin them off me. took out a mashing xianghua pretty decisively on the tie breaker match. its like dude, stop pushing buttons! lol sidestep > punish. mash mash mash mash, reversal edge. mash mash mash mash reversal edge. ok side step > critical edge. or side step > RING OUT hahaha


My re-designed Sophitia & male Sophitia souls. Whew! FINALLY With these customs I can appreciate the moveset better. Love the veiny bat companion I made for him.

I made swimsuit editions for the males, :smiling_imp:giving them makeover hairstyles and each assigned a different speedo color- remakes of the females in swimsuits coming when I buy the female swimsuit in parts-

Maxi looks extra sexy with the choppy new salon hair

The top row are some of the male roster swimsuit mods, the bottom is a starting group for my female roster p2 makeovers


Still experiencing minutes-long load times as well as a complete lack of online functionality. I know I’m kind of pointlessly complaining here, but it’s real frustrating not to be able to actually play, experience, or enjoy a game I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while.

Really hoping the fix patch comes soon, I’d just like to hear something from BN at this point.


Wakanda Storm
Department Store Manager (my favorite ranked choice lol)
Eerie Ki2 Kim Wu doll
Classic Psylocke
Updated Starfire with gem necklace
An odd ki1/ ki2 mix orchid
Sexy nightwing with ivy soul


You made a Nightwing that doesn’t use Kilik or Talim’s Style?


Yeah, I understand completely. Found out some of my friends play the game as well, and we played a bunch. It’s a completely different game offline :frowning:


I made a Groh as his main soul, I think I posted it a few days ago. It works so well with nightwing aesthetic imo (the separating staff-sword)
Talim? Not so sure I’d like nightwing as talim as she doesn’t have escrima sticks-
However I do want to make a cool new male talim

I as a rule copy all souls I make into an ivy soul category so I can learn her many stances and nuances, especially when in casual & ranked, as ivy is my most-well-known character besides taki/maxi, I’d get creamed if I went in ranked as say, Siegfried lol

and also so to not get bored with same character costumes😛
It’s so fun learning her tricks and soul charge specials.

Yes even a Kim Wu Ivy exists lol

Also love talims new cartwheel move it looks awesome when using my orchid CAs


It’s absolutely inexcusable. I hope they fix it soon too.

Although I would probably be better off if I couldn’t play online right now. I’m getting pretty salty at all the cheap laggy ■■■■…

Just induced my first rage quit though.


Anyway knows how ps4 online is running?
Steam tends to be okay, about 1 in 10 runs poorly but there are so many factors that could contribute to this, I guess.


Not sure how release version plays. I know the X1 version ran better during the beta.

Sorry to hear that @xSkeletalx. Really hope it gets fixed for you soon man :slightly_frowning_face:


I want to get an X1 version too but I can only play ppl online and then will likely be matched up against ppl in the US…not sure if that is something I want considering the online capability/experience at this moment…still thinking about picking up a copy if I can find one…

For now, I really enjoy being part of the offline scene and getting to meet other players. Probably, a welcome side effect from the average online experience. Basically, I am just using the PC version for practice mode and experimenting in online ranked and single player content…

The only benefit I would see is if PS4 runs better in Japan and most ppl I meet offline are on PSN as well… worth considering but not a necessity now.


How does the offline community work there? Do people meet up somewhere? Is it a Facebook group? I’m just curious how that works.


People use a combination of twitter and fighting game bulletin boards to organize/gauge interest first. On twitter, usually, someone announces a gathering with a link to a survey. On the survey you enter your twitter handle and indicate if you are joining/ tentatively joining/not attending. The good thing is that you can then also add ppl to twitter as you now know their twitter names. Helps build community/friends for online practice.

The locations are a gaming rooms, bars or lounges (usually an apartment or store transformed into a lounge in/around downtown Tokyo). These lounges are a more relaxed version of an arcade. The organizer tends to own the bar or the organizer pays the owner to rent the place for a few hours.

Recently, Red Bull has opened a lounge where the most popular games are played every evening…SCVI has been added since 6 months ago where players could test/play the beta version…(I did not know that at the time…). These are also announced over twitter and ppl reply whether or not they are going or not…

Discord is also used more frequently but mainly as a communication tool for learning the game…


you have seen it here first ppl: I present Triss Merigold

Based on her trading card from Witcher/Gwent card game:



now do geralt- wait… lol

do yennefer haha