Soul Calibur 6

Well I see something I can add for sure. But call it a gut feeling but I think I’m probable not going to find a certain item that i’ve been looking for.

As I suspected, no snake horns, but it looks like the lizardmen can where some breast plate armor for once. I’ll show you all an update of it soon.


Check this OUT!

Has it really been a month since the last DLC release (the second CaS pack)? No offense, but as great as the giant cat accessories are I just want to see the end of Season 1’s DLC content. Maybe then we can see if the team gets greenlit for a second season (because the publisher can easily cancel any future plans if they felt the game didn’t do well enough).

On a side note, anyone noticed how the ancient for 2B’s moveset in Libra of Souls doesn’t actually use 2B’s moveset? I wonder if legal issues prevented that; we have seen weird stipulations from the owners of guest characters in the past after all.

I’m not sure when we are getting the next, but because soul calibur Vi still seems to be getting support the chances are very likely to.

Edit: Okay call it a guess but I have an idea assuming the release pattern is consistent and we don’t get delays. Amy came out in February right? The latest DLC pack came out in May so we could expect the next character to come out in august or fall.

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@STORM179 good news, I guess, with the new system mechanics that were announced. No details were shared except for what was shown in the Season 2 trailer. Not sure if you had a chance to catch up on EVO news.

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Welp season 2 confirmed. I hope Aeon is among them.

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Cassandra is back in case you were wondering.

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I missed everything actually. Had a really crazy weekend, so didn’t get to watch any of Evo :joy:

I need to start updating SCVI for Cassandra :smile:

I know. Question is which code name is hammoru

Would it be Star? as in guest star?


I hope the release schedule for these characters isn’t so long this time around. I feel like the lack of content is why this game kinda died a bit.

Haohmaru’s an awesome choice for a character though. Not sure how good he’ll actually be in this game though.

Well you may never know. not only are they doing concept art, modeling, rigging, animating, coding, all in that order. They are also writing the characters story too.

Heck for all we know they already finished half of season 2, they just can’t announce the release yet.

Looking to start playing this game again. Want to practice 2B again :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing it again these past few days. As much as I like Cassandra in this one, I still want Yun Seong back. The worst part is that I still feel like he isn’t going to make it in favor of Hwang.

I need Hwang.

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His fighting style is what I need.

If I can get Hwang and Aeon, I’ll be all set.

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I’d be surprised if these two aren’t in the dlc lineup for season 2.

Honestly. After season 2, i kind of want a huge expansion rather than just a season 3. Something like Tekken 7 Fated Retribution.

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considering how their’s alot of complaints surrounding Aeon and Hwang I say sure let them in.

hopefully if we do get an expansion like you mentioned they would give us a large set of new creation stuff. Like some new tattooos and making them accessible to all races.

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So Cassandra’s great, I really like how they’ve MK’d the clone characters to not be complete clones anymore in terms of gameplay.

Some things I’ve noticed in her story (SPOILERS):

Once again, they have you fighting armored Lizardmen, which is something you can’t make in CaS. Really getting bugged at this point; I can make a Mummy look like Darth Vader or an NCR Ranger from Fallout: New Vegas, but God forbid if I give a Lizardman a breastplate.

They are straight up pulling an MK11 by having characters from alternate timelines meet each other via portals. At this point they could drag future characters like Hilde and Aeon into the new past timeline of SC6 and no one would bat an eye (2B doesn’t count, despite being from the year 15000, as she’s a guest character).

Also in Libra of Souls they don’t call her Style Ancient “Master of the Original Omega Sword”, they instead call it “Master of the Broken Destiny”. That’s all I’ll say on that.

I’m curious how Haohmaru will be now, can’t be just throwing fire tornados and windmill slashes (though I admit to know nothing of SamSho, never played any of them).