So what skins DO you want MS to make?

After the first gold skin pack release, I’ve seen threads talking about what we don’t want. But I’m curious… What skins would you actually want specifically?

Let’s see if we can’t avoid debating the merits and pitfalls of sexy outfits as well, as we have another thread with that topic.

To be clear here, what would you want that you could ACTUALLY see them adding?

I’ll add some of my own later, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts, even if it’s only for a character or two.

I don’t like repeating myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, if Wulf’s Terror skin follows my heart’s desires (I’m sure half the country knows what I want by now) and I get a shiny golden Fulgore in the near future, I’ll be down for basically anything else thrown our way. And more purple stuff for Hisako would make my girlfriend very happy.

But apart from getting awesome Terror skins for everyone, I know over the years I’ve come up with some rad ideas. Traditional/Black Metal Tusk, Knight Fulgore, Dragon/Godzilla Riptor, something that lets Sadira’s hair out, Aztec Spinal, Funerary Hisako…
Or in the vein of the skins we’ve seen so far, Red “Mimic” style Invader skins, Tiger Riptor, Holiday colors (Halloween, 4th of July, Xmas, Valentine’s Day, etc), and of course more stuff for Omen and Shago.

All I want in terms of color skins is a pink retro Jago.

As for actual skins that are costumes, a long scarf mask for Jago without all the head armor would be really awesome. Only other thing I can think of is an alternate option for hairstyles.

ie: Retro Jago hairstyle on modern Jago.

More colors, less “skins” or whatever. Just more colorful, cool character colors.

Really though I want costumes and accessories not colors masquerading as skins.

Pretty sure IG isn’t responsible for skins (or anything visual). That’s MS. Just saying. :joy:

Ric flair and tony hawk costumes for kan-ra.


I’m assuming now that KI considers skins merely fancy colors sometimes with unique visual effects - separate from costumes. Anyway…


Christmas / Winter Holidays

Most of all I want premium skins/costumes to look good and distinct on the characters, not like a tacky afterthought to make a quick buck.


Costumes well we definitely need a panda suit for eyedol.


it be pretty cool if they slimmed down fulgores retro outfit or gave him a chrome shell with alternative plating.

…or make a megatron skin. that’d be sick

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Give Omen something please


I personally just wouldn’t mind certain characters (Fulgore) getting a decent red color of skin. (One that isn’t exclusive to a figure that I’ve just been having trouble getting)

actually I’d be happy to see a fulgore skin that was a representation of his transformation between human and machine. like almost an alpha skin. maybe have some tattoos that resembles thunders as kind of a nod to the lore. I think this would take time and be difficult to pull off, knowing how IG handles things. I’d look retarded.

I always customize my hardware. wether that’s an Xbox with plexy or LEDs in my rig. having hardware as dope as fulgore would scream to mod it.

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I would like more accessories. They seem cheaper to make than full model changing costumes and the right ones can really make a charecter look different.

For example
Godzilla inspired set. Aka nuclear Dino. Set
Head: Crazy Shin Godzilla teeth. Ridged scales

Body. Back spikes running down to tail

Arms. textured scales with nuclear scarring that Godzilla has.

Grim reaper set. For hisako

Reaper hoody for head, cloak for kimono and reaper scythe instead of her spear.

Traditional martial art set for jago with a kendo stick and karate gi on. Although now that I looked jago has no chest peice accessories so he could get just the pants long head band and the kendo stick

Etc. etc.


This one is less of a skin and more if a like… character model replacement that I would totally pay like 15 dollars for.
Make a master Queef model that uses a BR and just drop all of arbiters moves on him.

yes I know this is literally impossible for it to happen bt just some food for though. if they wanted I’m sure they could just keep the little skeleton animations the same (idk what to call themm!!) and just edit Arbiters textures. We can all pretend that they are the same height as of right now, right?

Physical form Omen. Omen in a form somewhat like Gargos or the blue minion.


Personally I like theme sets that fit the universe. So maybe some ULTRATECH inspired skins for non ultratech employees. Since it would make sense Aria and corp would give the ki fighters some armor to fight the shadow lord gargos.


Would love some Rare themes accessories. Banjos backpack for sabrewulf for example.

Other than that I’d love an ancient warrior pack. Samurais etc

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Thunder new costume


That is awesome