Terror Skin Ideas

So with the full list of Terror Skins not yet available, I think the time has come to speculate what they may be (and hopefully influence their final appearance).
For those who don’t know, these Terror Skins are essentially alternative versions of the character’s Color 9, altered to give the character a spooky, Halloween (or pop culture) inspired costume.
The ones revealed so far are Fulgore, Riptor, and Mira.

Now, I don’t know who exactly on the team we’d have to run these ideas by (I vaguely remember @TotalJimkata might be in charge of colors, but if that’s incorrect I apologize for the mistag) but I think that with these cool premium skins heading our way we should put in our input as fans to make sure they turn out as awesome as possible!

Here are the ideas I’ve spun up so far for respinning Color 9’s into Terror Skins:

Jago: Replace his white colors with deep red or burgundy. Think Red Tiger Camo from MW2.

Sabrewulf: The natural colors of a grey wolf and some black pants. Since this is based on the Color 9, he will be covered in scars, and his pupiless red eyes should be replaced with a more natural (but more importantly, more festive) pumpkin orange glow. (Top Priority of mine)

*updated this one to also include my own mediocre scribbles

Glacius: His Color 9 features a glowing blue core with transparent extremities. Let’s go with an orange core and black extremities.

Thunder: His Color 9 has a unique paint pattern in the shape of a red eagle or crow. Making it black/purple/both would add an edge of spookiness.

Sadira: --Black and Orange Lace with a fiery redhead set of locks.-
Edit: Or, black and white Venom style

Orchid: Like Jago: Replace the whites in her outfit with dark reds.

Spinal: Replace his red glow with another color. Perhaps make him close to the gross, rotting green color on his retro.

Shadow Jago: Invert the Colors.

Maya: Simply replace the white coloration with black, and you’ve got a Goth Maya.

Omen: Omen would actually need a color 9, but a simple Black color would do nice.

Hisako: Goth or Halloween Hisako. Black and Purple, or Purple and Orange with pale or grey skin.

Cinder: Sort of a reverse of Glacius; a dark core with pumpkin orange flames.

ARIA: Something reminiscent of Shodan from System Shock

Arbiter: Let’s make him red!

Tusk: Black Metal corpse paint. Give him some black and white clothes and some white paint to go along with what he’s already got, and this costume is pretty well done. Bonus points if we can get spikey arm bracers. (Also Top priority of mine)

These are a few ideas of mine. Hoping beyond hope my dreams for Sabrewulf and Tusk get an opporunity to come true. These are some styles I’ve always wanted for these characters.

So what do you guys want to see for Terror skins? Any ideas?


Oh my god, that omen would be sick!

Although I still like these a lot also:


I’m guessing terror jago will be all black with neon blue. Glacius might have a transparent body with blue armor.

How would that work with Raam’s Instinct visibility wise? I like the idea, just think it would need a bright glow or something.

Maybe a teal or orange outline. Something to make it more punchy


Teal’s good, orange aint too bad though. But I think I prefer a purple outline with red eyes.

Dang, @Fwufikins, I really like ALL of those ideas! Not a bad one in the bunch. :slight_smile:

Especially love that Sabrewulf idea. Man, just one color where he has the classic glowing eyes would be great, regardless of the color. Sadira’s is another standout in there as well.

Oh and yeah, gotta echo the sentiments on dark Omen there. That would be cool as hell.

Good stuff!!

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The ideas are all fantastic, specially the Omen and Tusk!

Talking about Sabrewulf, as I already said here (Color 5 vs Gold Skin), I do really LOVED the idea, but I was thinking if it fits on a terror skin pack. This color couldn’t be called “Terror”, despite it’s a cool color, it’s not terror. I don’t know…

I would say they could release a true “Terror” version upgrating his color 9 making it even more terrifying and a color 11 with this awesome idea you gave.

Just my two cents here. :slight_smile:

Well, Fulgore’s “Terror” skin is a Tron reference. And I don’t think anyone outside of maybe Disney’s stockholders finds that scary. :stuck_out_tongue:
I will maintain hope. Stubbornly, if necessary.

Yeah you are right.
I prefer to maintain hope too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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New Idea for Sadira! Inspired by another thread!
Rather than basing it on Spiderman herself, I say we base her Terror skin on one of his most iconic villains: Venom!

Keep the white hair of her Color 9, give her black robes and white lace

Well, finally got hold of Kolor Instinct (KI Recolor) so I can show off some of my ideas on in game models!

Added Gold Fulgore for fun


Hate to double post in my own thread, but more incoming!
Get ready for lots of red!


Where do you get kolor instinct?

Sabrewulf: Transparent/invisible hair(I wish they did this to goldwulf) and tan skin.

Hisako: White hair, White skin, solid black eyes, bloody red mud on feed, white kimono, red flowers.

Glacius: Transparent inner body Cristal clear.

Orchid: Blonde hair, pastel blue outfit

It’s an app. You can get it in the Google Play Store for Android phones/tablets for free.

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I like these, I’m feeling that Omen is fire, Sadira is dope and Orchid but I would make her a blonde or red hair color…

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How about the Black & White Skin Pack??

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Any updates on the terror skins?