Color 5 vs Gold Skin

The Gold skin is beautiful to be honest, but unfortunately we already had the color 5 which looks almost the same thing at first view. They could change that color 5 for something different and make the real Gold Skin exclusive. :smiley:

(left: color 5 // right: Gold Skin)

Sabrewulf’s colors are very good. I’m not fan of golden skins in most games and a character that’s totally gold is not my idea of a skin. Color 5 is beautiful. I would be more intrigued in a terror color for Wulf, but between the two colors you show I think color 5 looks better. But it’s about tastes =)

PS: color 3 Wulf is One I don’t see often but I think it’s great. It happens with other characters as well

I agree. I even have ideas for how it would look. Coloration like an actual grey wolf with some glowing orange eyes and orange/black pants would be SICK
As far as Golden Wulf goes.
Color 5 already fulfills the same role as the Gold skin, and it’s been in the game since Day One! I really hope he (and everyone else) gets both a Terror skin and a Gold skin so they actually get something unique.


i like the gold one more. its more rougher, more darker especially around the face. visceral even. the white silver arm bands just make the skin shine out even more. idk i feel its different enough as it is and not much can be done to change it. even the eye colour changes which i didnt notice before and is pretty cool!

this may contradict the gold theme of the skin but what if they made the tips of the hair on saberwolf mane and maybe even the tuft of hair on his foot/toes black

I agree. Color 5 is actually beautiful, despite I’m prefering the Golden version. The fact is, due they look almost the same thing, the Golden version loses his “unique propriety”. Maybe changing the color 5 a little bit would help in this case.

About the Terror Skin, this is actually the skin I’m waiting for! Today we have the color 9 which is already terrifying, maybe one of the most terrifying colors in the game (I mean colors, not characters or accessories).

Those red shades, scratches… They turned the fellow wolf into a real monster. By far my favorite color!

One even more terrifying would be AWESOME as well!

So far the only gold skin that I’ve liked in this game is gargos, all the other ones we’ve seen are just painted gold all over without any special decals or features and look unpolished. I just hope that these aren’t the final versions.

These gold skins…yikes…

That’s Color 9, friendo :wink:
But I agree about it being fantastic. And if the other Terror skins are evidence, the 9th colors are the basis for these new skins, which is AWESOME
Imagine something with these brutal details: The pupiless glowing eyes, the scars, the bloodstained clothes… With the coloration of a natural grey wolf.

That would be pretty rad

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Oh, thanks! Fixed.

Yeah, putting these details and real colors together would be AWESOME!

Well, most games I’ve played which offer “Golden Skins” make the character fully covered by the Gold color, without special decals. I don’t think here is going to be different. :confused:

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Gold isn’t that similar it’s noticeably different, I like it.

I hope the terror skin is Blanka orange and green or high contrast monochrome white & black

i dont know about the other skins but the wolf one has silver bracelets and isnt gold through the whole thing

Actually it’s not silver, but reflections. It’s more notable during the gameplay on different positions and stages. Everything is golden. :wink:

not the one on his wrist the one on his elbow area

I prefer the gold skin for the shading. Especially on the face. I was really hoping for a Hyena color…:wink:

Can his gold skin be combined with accessories that have different colors? or does this Gold skin make his accessories automatically gold ?

Accessories do not change colors for any of the gold skins unless the character has an accessory set that happens to be gold or yellow in color already. And really that doesn’t change the base color. You’ve just added something that was already gold :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. And too bad. I still like Gold Maya and Wulf for some odd reason. Might buy them :slight_smile:

Not sure if im the only one who saw this , but in the recent 3.6

at around the 0:30 mark , they show the saberwolf gold skin but it looks different

So maby we can see a change soon ?

Nooooo! As someone with no interest in the gold skins, I must advocate for leaving Super Saiyan Wolf alone.

I looks like a bug only.
But I loved this bugged color, to be honest. :smiley: