So what adjustments do you want to see in the anniversary update?

I suppose we don’t have any real idea yet as to the scope of the upcoming update so I’m not quite sure what’s safe to ask for and what’s way too pie in the sky.

I think it’s safe to assume that we’re not getting any new mechanics like flip out or stagger. I doubt this is a full on rebalance patch like they prior to season 3 (for example).

But what would you like to see? Any nerfs or buffs for your character or others? Any frame adjustments, new moves or changes to how moves work or how instinct work for anyone?

Just curious. :smiley:

Depending on how massive the update will be, we probably should gather a list of major issues the game still has,in case they ask for any suggestions.

Weather or not it will all get tackled is up to them ofc, but the very least it would keep things organized for what needs to be fixed.

(Not so much suggestions of "A Season 4, New characters or stages, but rather just for basic stuff that just hasnt been tweaked.)

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That’s a shame because that’s all that I would really care about. That or a sequel.

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Hopefully a sequel is the very least a possibility considering how old the current KI is.

Updates are all fine and good, but after a while… it would be nice to see a proper continuation like SF, Tekken, and MK are getting.

Season 3 Arcade Mode. If anything.

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I kinda doubt we’re getting a 4th season or extra modes or the rest of the characters ultimates or anything like that. If they do wind up putting that level of stuff out, then great. I’ll be happy to be surprised.

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Still baffled Orchid never got an ultimate, but somehow Kilgore of all characters got one.

Like, she was the face of the franchise at one point, how tf do you NOT give her a finishing move??

That helicopter on her stage was right on the money…

I have never seen a fighting game where only some characters have fatalities, while everyone else gets jack.


Its nothing big as far as I know but its worth knowing they care about KI. So I cant really give a list.



Here’s some things that I would want to see


  • Kim : it would be amazing to buff Kim’s dragons. I know it’s not gonna happen, but it would be nice if the dragons allowed for more pressure or potentially more defensive options… perhaps if her dragons had one hit of armor- even in instinct. I know that is obviously OP but Agnes already has that.

If not that then above to her dragon katas. Chip in instinct or better range.

NERF: Oman- I think, omens air dashes shouldn’t be free. Maybe they eat a little bit of Shadowmere or some thing

Nerf rash: throw damage, the amount of corner carry rash gets is ridiculous. Combo going off of wicked tongue is retarded

Fulgore: visible teleports, does he need that throw range REALLY? Slow him down a tad maybe

Aria: make her not so plus on all of her normal :slight_smile:

Orchid: I think orchid, could use some thing different maybe

Spinal: is a degenerate & anybody that plays spinal is a degenerate also. You get nothing.

Eagle: make it so rash can’t permanently delete his arrows. Some better zoning pressure maybe rather than just corner blender

Eyedol: Nerf his instinct just a little.

Sadira: not too sure

That’s what I have for a start


Basically what Nicky said in his vid. :joy:


Ah I haven’t seen that! Just looked it up and saved it for the next time I hit the treadmill, thanks! Do you have anything he didn’t mention, especially as it pertains to Sadira? Just curious.

Heres another one, how about letting us play Shadow Lords mode while offline?

Like, why a singleplayer mode of all things needs to be online at all times is not only restrictive but also very unnecessary, plus for preservation sake it would mean the mode itself would be inaccessible if servers were to ever shut down. (Rumbleverse, anyone?)

Having it offline enabled via “Quality of Life” would be greatly appreciated.

Same with allowing us to changing our profile title cards as well viewing the “Extras” feature again while offline.

Before Definitive Edition, it was possible to change cards and view everything when offline, including in-game unlockables like Concept Art and character endings. But now, for some arbitrarily reason its locked out if the game doesnt connect. Preventing people from using it as originally intended.

Iron Galaxy or Microsoft should seriously consider removing the online requirements from both the Xbox and Steam version so we can access them freely even if servers disconnect.

(Which where I live, happens more often than you’d think.)

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Also I am aware of the ‘Shadows’ feature, so if they were to alter the DRM somehow, that part might be difficult for Shadow Lords, seeing its based souly on users uploading their own Ai…

However, for the following content listed below, they SHOULD be fully functional if either Xbox One or Steam isnt connected online. Period.

  • Customizing Profile Cards/as well Viewing Them

  • Extras section, like viewing concept art, endings, etc

  • Customizing Character Acessories

  • Shadow Lords (Main Campaign, but perhaps a slight workaround to get Eyedol’s missions working. IDK, Im not a dev so I cant say how it would work.)

  • Plus allowing players to unlock Gargos’ “Astral Plane” stage again, while their console is offline.

When it comes to “Things I hope they fix”, these are the big ones that come to mind.

Yeah, with the exception of the Kim stuff. I posted what I could remember. I think Kim should get us some thing a little bit more than the Hitbox improvement.

I actually thought the shadow Lords was pretty fun. And I actually found the shadows to be pretty useful, especially for warming up from what I understand. It was a pretty revolutionary concept. It would be nice if they flushed the story mode out a little bit more.

Think the only other game to use “Shadow AI” was the recent Samurai Showdown reboot with Ghost Battles.

But much like KI, nobody really used that feature all that much, which is pretty unfortunate.

How is the samurai showdown games these days? Are used to love the ARCADE version. It was so funny but I haven’t played it since I was pretty young.

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Regaurding the reboot is concerned, I actually really liked it for the most part. Had a small roster at launch, but over time they did spice it up with a few returning faces.

Plus of all guest characters, Warden was one just I adored. Although admittedly I was disappointed knowing he wasnt an original character designed by SNK, as a medieval knight sounds perfect for the world of Sam Sho.

MY ONLY GRIPES, Netcode at launch was pretty bad on PS4. My matches either lagged like crazy or nobody would ever show up, least on my end. I am aware of the recent rollback update a few months ago that dropped, but I have yet to try it out sadly. Cant say much for the Switch or Steam ports either.

That, plus everyone from the original Samurai Showdown has returned… EXCEPT Gen-An. Which as a guy who likes weird characters in fighting gams, that was pretty sad knowing he was the only one got left behind. Not even as a dlc fighter, which surprises me.


Which kinda sucks, as of all the characters from the first game, he was the one fighter I wanted to see return the most!

Awell… least we still have Tam Tam I suppose.

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Please fix Shadow Survival as part of this update!

Shadow Survival Bug - Game Suggestions & Feedback - Killer Instinct Forums (