So what adjustments do you want to see in the anniversary update?

I remember someone on the forum mentioning this suggestion way back, but what about a visual meter or indicator for whenever Cinder self ignites himself after being idle?

Its a cool feature for him to do, but its also very subtle for newer players to notice, considering it effects the distance of his flamethrower attack.

Much like how some characters have unique meters above their shadow specials.








Not a major issue, but it’s just something that came to mind.


I’m ULTRA-HYPED for KI in any way, shape or form, but- Hmm…

“Just an update” feels a bit off, like there’s a bit more up the KI Team’s sleeves that they’ve got readied for the 10th Anniversary, but they’re throwing us off the trail just a bit. I’m not saying we’re finally getting the ENT (treeman) as fighter #30, but on the other hand, we were jerked around with Pand- I mean Eyedol. :eye:

Buff Sabrewulf, Buff Riptor, Nerf everyone else. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not too much longer to go- Fight on!


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How about adding some additional shadow character slots? Two is just not enough and allows for more shadows to fight, plus would discourage players from deleting their current shadows when they want to start a new one.
If you think about it, you have 3 slots for Shadow Lords, why not have 3 or more slots for your shadow characters?

Looking forward to the update!


Not to be “that guy,” but it’s been little over a month since we’ve heard about the upcoming KI update, and I’m excited to learn a little more about it! :green_heart::grin::green_heart:

For example, I wonder if we’re getting a trailer? KI has always knocked it out of the park with their trailers…

-Zenek :thinking:

yeah they did. i remember getting hyped for these.

Praying for any of the following:

  1. Unlock or sell the colors exclusive to the figurines by Ultimate Source. Specifically the ones for TJ Combo, Cinder and Orchid.

  2. Allow hiding of the 2X EXP multiplayer icons on the character select screen. I’ve had everyone at 50 for years, it’s ugly.

  3. Round out the total Gamerscore to an even 5,000.

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the fact that its taking a month to bring in a simple patch. It must be a big one. Though I’m not expecting anything like a major season update.

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Just buff Orchid lcdSmirk-56px

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I thought I was the only person that used the shadow lab. It’s such a great tool.

I’m a big fan of it

Anniversary Update for SpOoKy MoNtH? :skull:


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