Smash Ultimate

Looking forward to the stage builder.

Yes, hope it stays rule 34 free…

Yoooo P3 and P4 music? And the stage changes?!


It won’t stop people from making it, but perhaps they have measures to keep that from going online.

Still, I do agree with you.

Joker might be the perfect candidate for an Eddie skin!

lol Well someone is getting the Fighter Pass today.

A little disappointing that Home Run Contest doesn’t seem to be part of this update like the datamine months ago suggested it would, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before that makes it in.

It’s happening… a peeing Mario stage.

It is what it is.

Does anything ever stay rule 34 free anymore??

Let’s keep this thread on topic. Don’t really want to have to come back in here for any mod-related activities :slight_smile:

One of the first stage builder stages I saw was kinda funny… It was a DVD logo screen saver…you know, where the logo bounces off the edges of the screen?


VOD of a recent offline tournament that I participated in, for those interested.
Came in tied 5th place. It was hella fun and just made me wish there was a similar scene for KI locally.

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Which fights were yours? I want to see those.

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My matches are at 1:15 and 1:50, I believe.

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Not sure if it will kill off the want for Goku, but eh.

I found this new reveal trailer pretty funny…maybe genius

As did I. Though this was the one of the funniest moments in the trailer.

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For nostalgia sake, this was really a memorable trailer. Max’ reaction below…
@BigBadAndy @Iago407 @G1GlaciusPrime


Yeah I watched that last night. Love seeing his hype here and the reaction to all the SNK-ness of this trailer. He’s absolutely spot on though as it pertains to the way Smash treats all of these characters. There’s a certain reverence given to these trailers, as well as their moves, their looks…

It’s honestly something I’d love to see from Microsoft. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not speaking to Killer Instinct here. I think they did a fantastic job on KI. I’m more thinking in to the future. People joke about how if MS had a Smash game it’d only have like five characters. But I think it’d be awesome if they could do, well, less of a Smash game and more of a Fighters Megamix type of game.

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Yeah, I mean something that gets lost in the discussions is that there’s no such thing as a Smash Bros. Original character. They are all pulled from other games and franchises and in fact the whole ridiculous and awesome premise of Smash in the first place was to throw all these disparate Nintendo characters together. It’s always had a built in sort of collectors mentality and a sense that they were celebrating all of these characters and their respective franchises. This has carried through to the “guest” characters as well - although the idea that any character in Smash is not a “guest” is kind of silly.

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