Smash Ultimate

From what I’ve played so far it seems pretty fun. I haven’t played just a ton yet, but so far it feels pretty solid. I’m currently working on unlocking characters, and have several so far. I like the changes to Link, especially the BOTW remote bomb.

I have never played a Smash before, but I’m so on the fence about getting a switch just to play it. I am so tempted.

I think I’d really like to play as a Belmont, but who knows. I’d like to just try characters. Sonic is one that hits home for me though since I was a Genesis player growing up.

Both of the Belmonts are pretty fun to play as, though I’ve mostly been using Simon. I do have one complaint about him though; his color pallet choices are pretty meh. I kinda thought that perhaps they would look to all the different games he’s been in to get inspiration for the choices; like red clothes and black hair for Castlevania 2, green clothes for CV4, vibrant red hair and brown clothes for Chronicles; but nope.
Oh well.

I’ve just caved and ordered it, I’ll have it tomorrow. The last smash bros I had was on the GameCube and I wasn’t the biggest fan back then. 1vs1s sounds more appealing to me than the FFA.

I love the switch as my secondary console but everything I’ve bought for it are these huge single player games that are bit overwhelming for pick up and play so I’m hoping smash ultimate scratches that itch! I had so much fun back in the day just unlocking the characters in MvC2 so I’m looking forward to that part this time around. The roster is too good to pass on also, Snake, Samus, Simon Belmont and Cloud etc. Hoping we see Banjo Kazooie as one of the DLC fighters also.

I’d love to see some Rare representation on it especially someone from KI, but to be honest I can’t think of a single IP in Smash that isn’t Japanese in origin. I think the closest we’re going to see is K.Rool.

But if it was me, for western representation I’d probably pick Jago or Fulgore, Doomslayer, and Steve from Minecraft.

If KI was to guest in a game I would have put money on it being soul calibur but that’s not looking likely at this point unfortunately. I’d love nothing more than KI to make an appearance in smash but I’m not hopeful again. I’d say minecraft steve is a shoe in and crossing my fingers for banjo!
The persona character as dlc does nothing for me, hoping the rest of the pack peaks my interest.

I preordered the digital version, and I have my Switch with me. Sadly, I can’t get in the hotel internet with it to confirm the game is ready to be unlocked. Oh well.

I am a very casual smash fan. I have zero interest in competetive smash. If people like that, then more power to them. For me, it’s a crazy fun party game with nutso completely unbalanced characters acting crazy. I’m looking forward to playing with my kids.


I’m the same way…nothing but a fun-loving casual here. One of my favorite variants was always 10 min timer with high damage and nothing but exploding items turned on. It’s a blast, pun intended.

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I really wish I had a switch now. I’ve played all Smash iterations except for Ultimate and the fact they brought my main Young Link back made me so excited. Ridley, Dark Pit, and Dark Samus also look pretty fun. Maybe I can just go to a friends house and go all out need for the game.

Competitive Smash is fun imo and I would actually maybe focus more on it in the future if I have time to invest in it. At the club at my school for Smash, you can tell really easily who’s the casual players and who’s not. I get made fun of sometimes for being in the more “serious” group and it’s funny :yum:. But casual is fun nonetheless. I love stamina battles especially. Little Mac mirror with stamina and boxing stage was hype back then.

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I bought the Switch and Smash Ultimate recently as a Christmas/Did-well-in-school-this-semester gift. It’s fun. I only have one very minor complaint really. I didn’t like the fact that I have to unlock everyone. I want all of the characters from the get go. But as long as I can play with my dude Kirby that’s what makes it very minor.

But I’m still having a lot of fun with it. I’ve mostly just played against CPUs. I don’t really feel like I should pay for online mode when I’m mostly going to be playing this while I’m at my job.

I had the same sentiment with vanilla SF4, and most fighting games that do this as well. The scrubquotes twitter account brought this same subject up recently too, with a lot of smash veterans weighing in. It seems like a lot of smash loyalists do NOT feel the same way and think that they should all be unlocked through play, and not available from the start.

To me, it seems like such a waste of time to try and unlock characters for a game like this because there are SO MANY. I have no idea why we can’t just have the full cast unlocked from the start. For those of us who may have never played a smash before (those people exist, I should know…), we’ll have enough time to play the game figuring out who we want to become better with and take them into training modes or whatever single player offerings there are.

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I really like how they handled Young Link in Ultimate. Since the main Link in Ultimate has BOTW tweaks to his design (remote bombs, no hookshot) they made Young Link more of the traditional style Link with normal bombs and a hook shot grab.

@IronFlame I agree, the unlocking characters IMHO was unnecessary, but it doesn’t take long to do it. Plus there is an “easy” way to do it. I won’t spoil it for anyone here that just wants to unlock them organically, but considering the time investment baked into the game it really takes no time to unlock them at all. Plus I unlocked them all simply through the normal Smash gametype, so going through the world of light campaign is completely optional.

My guess though is the reasoning behind unlocking characters was just to give people the warm fuzzies of nostalgia for when they unlocked characters in previous Smash games.

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I don’t have a Switch and I haven’t played a lot of Smash. And when I do, I have a problem keeping an eye on where I am on the screen and what the frickle-frackle is happening! However, I was with some friends who have a Switch with the new Smash this past weekend, and it was very fun! We played a lot through Classic mode to unlock the characters, got them all, and then played against each other for some hours.

Whenever I’ve played Smash in the past, I’m usually playing as either Link or Kirby. In Ultimate, I thoroughly enjoyed playing as Simon Belmont. Very fun and I love the reach of his whip, though a bit slow, however it does a lot of damage. And I got to catch a few opponents by just holding down the button and flail the whip around, doing so much damage, my friends going “WTF IS HAPPENING?!?!” XD

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This is the quintessential Smash experience in my opinion. I really wish competitive smash involved at least four players on the screen at once. I understand why they don’t. But it feels like they’ve turned Smash into a competitive fighter but made it into… not Smash.

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I’ve been really getting into the “World of Light” mode. It’s pretty interesting. It didn’t seem to be when I first saw it, but the more time I’ve spent with it the more interesting it becomes.

One thing that they left out that I wish they would have carried over though from Smash 4 though is the ability to change the menu music to previous games’ menu music. The new song gets pretty repetitive pretty quick.

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Where the hell are all the characters? I bought this game for my son…we start it up and there is only like 7 characters? Plus its hard as hell to set up a ■■■■ fight…Ive always disliked the UI in smash.

Anyway, please help… why do you not have all the characters from the get go? How do you unlock them? Im not talking about DLC either. Game says 72 characters! Kind of false advertisement on the box. THe other smash for 3DS and WiiU had all characters from the get go.

You have three options of unlocking characters.
1: play the game like normal with vs mode. A chance to unlock a character appears every 10 minutes.

2: beat classic mode with certain characters. Each character unlocks another through classic mode. the way it works is that you beat classic mode, and then face the new challenger, then beat that challenger to unlock them.
for example.
Beating classic mode with link=king k rool.

The way this chart works is that the characters on above will unlock that character below them.
Donkey King unlocks Bowser
Bowser unlocks Pokemon Trainer
Pokemon Trainer unlocks Rosalina ect.

3: world of light.
World of light is the games adventure mode as you encounter characters (symbolized by a winged symbol on the map) you are given the opportunity to fight them.

this hour long video will help you too.
for future references in future smash games I suggest you watch the Nintendo directs.

I hope that helps.

Oh cool! Thanks dude!!! This is super helpful!

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Glade to help. happy unlocking.

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Happy is what it’s not. I’ve been playing 2P Smash in the hopes of getting Shulk and it took a WHILE. I think I only have around 15 characters so far and I only wanted one of them.

On the bright side though, I found that I really like Link in this one. Never really liked him in the others but he feels fun to me in this one.