Skin Packs Coming to KI Starting Dec. 6th


So people will actually have a reason to call gargos cheap and OP.


It’s still appreciated, thank you and all the ki team :slight_smile:


Surely a dumb question but if I’m getting the Definitive Edition for Christmas, and therefore won’t have my Gold Gargos code until then, can I still get Gold Pack 2 free or does it have to be on Dec 13th? Awesome news BTW!



I need to double check the exact timing…


Cool. Let me know! Thanks!


For me its not the value of $5, its the fact that 3 skins costs you 1/4 the price of an entire season of characters. They’re not even good skins, they’re just metallic recolors.

I plan to support the game and buy more stuff but these skins aren’t worth the cost.


I[quote=“ShellShock520, post:176, topic:16444”]
the game had a proper budget this season but they blew their whole wad on relighting for the engine that they massacred in season 2

Are you privy to some budget knowledge that the rest of us don’t have?


I want to be perfectly clear. I don’t want anyone to buy anything they don’t want or don’t think is good value. I am not sure which skins I will buy at this point and I have plenty of sympathy for people who think $5 for three skins/colors/whatever is steep.

But there’s a difference between saying “eh, maybe that’s not for me,” and getting on the board and flaming the ever loving ■■■■ out of them for having the audacity to release SUCH ■■■■■■ RECOLORS while mostly also asking for them for free. “These suck, I should get them for free.” And no irony at all.

I’m really glad to see them releasing cosmetics. I’d like them to do more. Having said that, I’m not going to buy 9 sets of gold skins for $5.00 each. But I’ll buy a couple for the characters I like, and be happy with that. I think the horror skins are pretty good so I will get those. And likewise I’ll spend my KI gold on the mimics and shadows I like.

Look, up until two weeks ago we had zero options to buy skins. Now we have more choices, to buy things or not. Is it everything everyone ever dreamed of? Probably not. Certainly not everything I dreamed of. I am hoping for better stuff in the future. And the best way to make that happen is almost certainly not forty posts in a row saying “■■■■■■■ cash grab for some ■■■■■■ recolors.”


why do people constantly complain about every single little thing? If you don’t like the gold skins, or if you think they’re too expensive; don’t buy them. It’s not complicated, just move on, maybe you’ll like the next thing they come up with more. This is the kind of ■■■■ that will eventually cause us to not get anything for the game anymore, and the game will come to an end, which I know none of us want.


I think the problem people are having is the way you need to get them. I think some people were wanting them to be unlockables, or at least purchasable with KI gold.


Perhaps expecting them to be free was not totally reasonable. However, I do think that being able to use KI Gold, their own purchaseable in-game currency was not a far-fetched expectation. A decent price for the content/value is also a reasonable expectation. Many feel these are not, regardless of the absolute price, especially when you consider they are only (?) being sold piecemeal.


Color pack 2 includes Orchid Thunder Hisako & sadira?



I tend to think that the reason why they’re not allowing us to use KI Gold on these is because they’re giving away KI Gold as daily rewards now.

People, let’s make no mistake here. Video game makers should not have to keep churning out free content. It doesn’t work that way. The people at IG make a living off of the content that they create. They gave us season 3, told us what was in it, and then gave that to us. Season 3 is over. It ended with Shadow Lords.

They asked us to take a survey and they asked us what else we’d like from the game. From what they’ve indicated, we were overwhelmingly in favor of more skins. Those cost money to make. Time and effort. I get that for many people, $5 is not an insignificant amount, and when you start adding up $5 packs over time, that can become a serious chunk of money. I raised my concerns in my previous post.

But really, we asked for this. Many of us have been practically begging MS since season one. Now, I’m not over the moon about gold plating. Not really what I or some other people were looking for when the word “skins” was used. I’ve stated what types of images that conjured for me and I still hope that we can get there.

However, demanding free stuff outside of the season like you’re entitled to it, is a flawed argument regardless of what information you use to try and buttress it with. If you don’t like these skins, then don’t buy them. I’m still personally on the fence since they’re not really what I’m looking for. But don’t act like MS is trying to rob us blind for having the audacity to charge us for content that they pay the developer to create.

You want to talk about XP grinds or free content grinds steering people toward paying real money? I think that’s a discussion worth having. But balking at the idea of paying for out of season content that we asked (slash begged slash pleaded) for, when real people had to work real jobs to make it happen? Yeah, let’s not go there as a group.

If we ask for stuff, then screech and howl every time they give it to us, that sets a very bad precedent for the community and our relationship to the devs. Ask for better content all you want, but unless they start ripping promised in-season content out and start charging for it separately, the whole money thing feels okay in this situation, to me, at least.


I’m still hoping for Strider Jago!


Color me amazed. You guys didn’t need to do that thank you


I agree. These skins themselves are not a good value per say. I however wish to see future DLC of the same nature with more care and quality. I’m concerned if these sell poorly then the idea of future cosmetic DLC may be abandonded. It’s an interesting discussion for sure.


Quick question. Do they not apply to the retro outfits as well? I assumed since mimic and shadow were for retro, the same would be the case for the gold. If not, just a little surprised is all. Still happy with my purchase either way and thank you for the additional content.


(shh I just installed mine) lol


I completely forgot skins were coming on a weekly basis, so I was pleasantly surprised today. Quick question though. Will there be a skin tab in the fighters section of the store, so we can view them there? Right now the only way I can see them is through actually selecting it on a match. Thank you.


What skins came out today haven’t got check yet .



thanks so much @rukizzel @TheKeits @TempusChaoti
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