Skin Packs Coming to KI Starting Dec. 6th


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Terror Pack Cost

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^ that is amazing!!!


So serious question you have stated that basically season 3 content is done besides guardians and these new skin packs. Weren’t omen and shago accessories promised for season 3 content?


I don’t have much to say but thanks for the info. I think its great to know that you guys are planning to keep releasing content for the game. I know it’s tough to balance hype and expectations so I will remain calm but I look forward to hearing about new stuff.


Tempering one’s expectations in life is never frowned upon!


I don’t think they were promised, they said that its something they’re working on but never actually promised.


Curious as to where this snowball started. Have a source?


Ok thanks for clearing that up, I wasn’t sure and still hope they happen!


Let me try and find where i heard it, I think it was in a stream that you guys said it’s something you want to do. May not have be “promised” but I remember the idea came up


Adam stated that you guys were doing more for Omen and Shago as far as accessories and colors in the 8/17 stream. I would pull up the exact video but Beam doesn’t appear to archive streams very well.

Here’s the textual write-up I did, in fact you pinned it for a while!.


BOOM LOOK WHOSE NOT CRAZY… well that’s not entirely true but haha I knew it!!!


But I mean I’ll gladly pay for omen and shadow jago accessories. Pretty pretty please :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::icecream::icecream:


Woo! More Skins!

Coming months? December is next month. So that would be a Single month.

But Months is plural, and we only have a single month left in the year, which means…

Delayed GASP for dramatic effect


“Goal is to ultimately deliver what you crave most.” Hmmm


In that stream I was referring to, they said they know how badly we want ultimates from the poll and you never know what the future holds. lol


Oh god those gold skins…hideous. It’s just like the gold skin for quiet in MGS5. Gross…


I’m gonna need video proof!


I don’t have the real money for the skins :frowning: