Skin Packs Coming to KI Starting Dec. 6th


Is there any possibility of once all the gold skins come out you can pick and choose which skins you want? All I really want is a gold riptor, Saberwulf, and maybe Glacius. Naturally I wouldn’t want to pay $5 for pack two if Saberwulf is the only skin I want. I might be willing to buy it if there was a full cast bundle. Same thing applies to the terror skins and shadow skins.



Hey it’s KI’s new Humiliation!


So, free skins for those who purchased the DE… Again, no consideration for those who have been buying the game season after season since its birth and opted not to buy it all over again when the DE came out. And those who just now bought anything KI-related for the first time get all the free stuff… and are thanked for their support!

If I knew this would happen I would have waited until now and just bought the DE instead of buying each Ultra edition season + Shadow Jago over the last 3 years… but then without my $upport maybe KI wouldn’t have gotten this far, as we were told by the end of each season that another season would only depend on us and how much the game sold.

At the end of the day it all comes down to business strategies. I get it. But still find it very unfair.


I respect how you feel and you make valid points, but personally I wouldn’t trade all the nail biting matches and 3 years of early DLC content just for some tacky gold skins.

it it’s just the principal of it that’s more true of a statement I guess. so DE gets all gold skins free? dang.

well we can look at it like this…at least the people buying now are new to the game and that learning curve is steep as all get out. I dunno. I think I’d rather lose the skins and be a proficient player in KI. IF I could somehow alter space time and have it to do all over again :wink:


Yeah, I think this offer should be opened up to people who have bought all the previous seasons in another way. If the intention of this deal is to give thanks to those who have been “so supportive over the past few years,” that just makes sense.


ya I get ya. but a person bearly picking the game up bought the definitive edition. I don’t thing pissing off a potential customer is worth turning around and immediately charging for more content. what’s so definitive about that? we paid our 40 bucks back in what? August? time is money as people say. they gave you guys a dope thunder outfit. I dunno. like where as consumers to we rationally draw a line. I mean does McDonald’s give me free stuff cause I buy Big Macs?


but to another point. if they had made these recolors more costume like and it looked good…I swear I’d pay 20 bucks for my main to equip said skin. I’d even go 25 or 30. lol. I’m just in to deep :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart:


This, a thousand times.

Look guys, you buy the game in order to play it. Begging for free stuff is always just that. Other people getting free stuff doesn’t hurt you any.


I don’t want to sound like “that guy” but, speaking on my own behalf, if I knew (for sure) that a DE would eventually come out with all the content plus bonus stuff, I would wait 3 years.
I waited about 2 years since the original KI came out on the SNES to buy an SNES and play it. I waited more than 10 to play the arcade version for the very first time. And I waited almost 20 years for a new KI. I even waited another year since the new KI came out on the X-One because the console only released a year later in my country.
Bottom line, I’m a very patient guy when certain outcomes are guaranteed. As long as I know I will have ‘X’ at the end of ‘Y’, I will wait patiently. I also am an offline player, so that’s maybe part of the reason… I don’t get much kicks out of online play.
I even coined the term “to pull a Skyle” among my peers because of my inhuman ability to postpone things and wait them out until a better opportunity arises (“pulling a Skyle” means waiting an excessively long time until the tides change in our favour). Usually it pays off (discount prices, bonus features, etc.) but I honestly thought KI would be different from the likes of Street Fighter 4 or Mortal Kombat X, where you get an Ultra or XL edition with all the content for a much lower price than what you would spend if buying it separately.
And I never actually thought DE buyers would get so many exclusive bonuses like these… at least make them timed exclusives! It’s still unfair but at least would give us - the true long-time supporters - at least a chance of getting those extras. And I’m not referring to the skins alone, but also the character bios, bonus artwork, soundtrack, locations map, all that suff that came with the DE.
On principle alone, yes, it feels like a big slap on my face. But it’s also my fault; I should have “pulled a Skyle”.


It’s called $5.


A FAIR chance, man.
Others who paid for the DE paid a lot less for the game on a whole and get them for free. That’s not fair.


It is fair. They haven’t been playing the game for the past 3 years and influencing its development.

They missed out on the golden ages of Season 1 and 2 Kappa


To be fair would be to reward those who have been p(l)aying and influencing the game for the past 3 years.


Playing the game earlier than the DE buyers is your reward. That’s the point.


Well, gee whiz then!
That’s kinda like having an employer say to his/her employee “you did so well last month I’ll let you work another month here” instead of paying him/her.

Anyway, I digress.
It was my opinion, I voiced it out. Carry on.


This discussion has happened a bunch of times before, so let’s try to sum this up a bit to circumvent the entire thing happening all over again;

Those who have been playing the game since the early days have had a long time to enjoy it, while those who chose to wait (or had to wait because they were on PC) had to satisfy their interest in KI by watching others play until this past April. We have been supporting the game, but that doesn’t mean that we are entitled to every single thing which is ever created. Even outside of games, very few things work that way. Let’s say I have owned every iPhone, from the original up through the current iPhone7. When the iPhone7S gets released and it has a brand new double-speed charger (all of this is just a theoretical example), I am not entitled to the new charger simply because I have owned all the other phones.

Those who purchase the KI figures also get codes for unique skins which can’t be gained otherwise; those who choose not to purchase the figures aren’t entitled to a free figure or the skins simply for having supported KI since the start.

Those who purchased the DE edition got a code for Gold and Platinum Gargos, as well as DE exclusive content (as you listed above). Anyone who didn’t choose to purchase the DE is also not entitled to anything which came in it. The price for the DE was lower and it has some cool exclusive stuff in it, but if you waited to buy the game until the DE came out, you missed out on the fun times you could have had playing the game or experiencing new content being periodically added in! The Gold Pack 2 is an added bonus, but looks to be contingent on whether you have redeemed the Gold/Platinum Gargos skin on your account, so technically someone could acquire the skin without purchasing the DE and end up getting the Gold Pack 2 for free (I assume).

I can completely understand wanting everything KI has to offer (I do myself) but I also understand the draw of reduced prices and exclusive content for new purchasers. Any new surprises (like the new Thunder skin) that they decide to give out to everyone is awesome, and I hope we get a ton more! I just don’t think it’s logical to expect to be given everything simply for having been around since S1, at least for a game like KI. If this was a subscription-based game (an MMO or something similar) I could see “legacy rewards” being essentially required, but buying Season 1 didn’t entitle me to a free Season 2 or Season 3, you know?

@TheRealSkyle There was absolutely nothing wrong with your posts and sharing your opinion about this, I just want to temper it with the “results” of previous discussions and try to head a repeat off at the pass.

Gold pack 2 free for definitive E owners?

Sure thing. Sorry if I made it sound like a bitter rant, but perhaps it’s because the way the announcement was made (“Consider this offer to be a small thank you from the Killer Instinct team for being so supportive over the past few years.”), perhaps the wording was not the best, as it kinda gives the impression that either DE buyers had been supportive over the past years or that the non-DE buyers had been forgotten.
Perhaps I would react differently if long-time supporters who didn’t buy the DE were also entitled to some sort of bonus or appreciation, but then again, that wouldn’t be fair either.
Anyway, thanks for the heads up.


I really like gold plated orchid. It seems to bring out all her detail. I like how her bodess is gloss and the rest is matt


Plus it really lets you see how she may look if she had a blonde hair color choice!

Also her accesories stand out with the gold skin.

I’d appreciate more color schemes like this if we don’t get costumes immediately