SIMPLE way to improve raam

@developers Please is there a way to make raam cover a longer distance when he slide with de QCF + HP it could help him against zonner in some matchup and try to auto correct him when he must do the manual HK that dont follow after the opener, he do only auto double of he drop it.

And his LP and LK could go a lil bit farther
thank u so he can better defend in close body after finaly reach the zonner without been too close :stuck_out_tongue: ahahha

There are alots you can do with raam to get him better and i really believe it,cause hes my new BAE since i dropped S3 sadira ( i would never think or even believe one day it would happens) lol lol :heart_eyes: im in love with him, he make my hart beat harder than sadira did in S2 lol cause with him i feel the challenge to fight cause i know i can win or i can lose, but when i lose i know thats because ive been wrong hahahha ok ok thank u … :kissing_heart:

Here comes my list of things that i would change in RAAM:

1- Change Normal HP to do an arc upside in front of RAAM the same way it does when he is crouched. (RAAM is Tall, and this would make great counter against intensive aerial harass), the c+hp don’t need to be changed because its very useful against things like rash ball, or attacks that falls from above the head like thunder’s one.
2- Change medium Submisson to perform a parry/grapple from frontal specials like jago’s wind kicks, atm i don’t see why to use it instead of heavy/light versions.
3- Kryll Rush could get a faster start and trample to hit enemies that tries to jump and hit RAAM in the midle of the rush.
4- Enable grapple on hit stun. PLEASE!!!

This move already goes almost half screen. It might not seem like it does because of the camera zoom out for big characters but it reaches really really far. Like about six character lengths.

His cr.HP is already one of the best anti-airs in the game, and you want them to give him a better version that reaches farther? Also this would remove his current st.HP which is one of his best buttons, reaches far, + on block, can be used for throw set ups or anti-jump set ups. Removing that to give him a redundant button would hurt him more than help him.

Submission? I take it you’re referring to the medium command grab? If so the reason to use it over the other two versions is that is causes a different amount of knockdown time allowing Raam to set up different meatys and cross ups. I view them as light=best range, medium=best set ups, heavy=best damage. Though set ups after stomp are pretty good as well so you do get good set ups off the other two strengths as well so maybe the medium one does go underused.

So you want this move to be faster, be inescapable, and be uninterruptible? You trying to break Raam?

Yeah you’re trying to break Raam.

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But, RAAM is already pretty well-balanced.


Did i said that? There are plenty of movements in this game that simple stops kryll rush. He can be throwed, people can stop it with shadow moves, specials, jumping, jumping and kicking, etc, etc, etc. It will not hurt to reduce a bit the number of things that can easily stop/avoid it.

No, i just want to grab on hit like many other grapplers do without the need to wait a ■■■■ load of frames to get a DP in the face. For example st.HK can be linked with a light grab but just because it causes stagger, it’s fast as hell IF you can land an what is not some easy thing. It would be very nice to have more options like that.


I’ve played several hundred matches with the big man, so I feel I can form an educated opinion. Anyone can admit that RAAM has amazing buttons, notably crMk, HK, CrHk, Lk, and Mk. That’s a lot more than most characters have. His CMD grab range is fantastic, has a way to make his way forward in the form of Kyll cancel, has an armored forward moving CMD grab that damages and leaves damage over time, his instinct (if used efficiently) can take 3/4 of a life bar. What I’m trying to get at is that he’s where he’s supposed to be, balance wise. Amazing in close/semi medium distance and awful from full screen. Play around the character, don’t make the character be something it simply cannot.

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Of all the suggestions I’ve read for Raam, asking to lose st.HP so it can function exactly like a button he already has, and then asking for being able to command grab someone in hit stun is up there.

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tho ive tried to compare all 3 in practice but they cover almost the same distance. what i wish is to make it obviously different like the cold shoulder from glacius, i mean different ranges for each strenght and we must really feel the diference between M and H version

All they really have to do is make the Emergence hit box extend upward infinitely. As of now, Gargos and Sadira can just fly over it. This means that, if they don’t wanna come down, they don’t have to come down.

I think this Emergence thing is a bug, too. I keep seeing the yellow “hit” marker appear when Sadira and 'gos fly over me, but nothing happens to them.


i noticed it too but im nope sure. so u think too? anyway nice idea

Talking about possible bugs, what do you guys think about hisako Descent when used against kryll rush? If i use kryll rush Hisako can use Descent and she will spawn behind RAAM at any point of the screen, RAAM stops the rush and try to catch her as if she was in his front, but she is in his back.

lol friend thats something very scary cause that ghost girl is almost annoying for everyone in de cast. we cannot punish her as it must be.she have too much priority. but ok yeah :sweat_smile:

In fact you can grab her after rekkas if you are fast or shadow counter them, usualy when she starts to decents too munch i just jHP. If she tries to parry your crossup, don’t hit on jump and grab. Very easy in the paper, not so easy in game. :joy:

I hear you! Yeah , hard kick is an excellent Stagger attack, but, I think most people are wary of it. People tend to jump and /or run in quickly to counter it.

I agree with the above poster that Raam shouldn’t be changed into something he wasn’t meant to Be, but as a character based on the grappler archetype, he does need…something. I’m. Still pondering what that might Be, so I won’t go any further than that for th moment.

RAAM is basically my #1 Main now (Rash is for when I need to get serious), so like duhgerman I feel like I could also put some into this.

His c.HP is hands down one of the best Anti-Airs in the game. On top of that, no one ever points this out, but RAAM’s s.HP is an amazing move. Like, legitimately. A fast move that goes almost half-screen and can combo almost anything off it? Hell yeah. (Shoutouts to c.MK for being an amazing move as well)

In the terms of Grab during hitstun, the only exception of that I’d want is if you hit a LP beforehand, because I swear, much more frequently I input L command grab up close and it does a LP immediately followed by the grab which is infuriating.

The things I want for Kryll Rush may seem controversial, but really; when someone teleports or jumps over, either: A) Have RAAM turn and immediately stop (so he can stop right behind him teleports or badly timed jumps); B) Have him continue the distance of the version you pressed (Oh, you did H version but they jump over you? Let me stop you right in their line of sight so they can get an easy startup combo); C) Both (Turn and continue the distance)

His Stab is fine as it is, same for Kryll Summon. Kryll Summon is really balanced to me, good wake-up move but if you abuse it you get punished rightfully so. His M stab to be honest is useless though except for in combos. L for speed, H for distance.

L CG is one of the best moves in the game IMO, the range and setups are ridiculous. M is good for setting up even more since it puts you right next to the opponent. I rarely use H due to the low range, only really when I have them locked in the corner.

Also I’m sorry but I almost never use Kryll Shield, it’s so useless to me when I could use L/M Rush for moving through projectiles and H for body invincibility.

I don’t know what it is but I still feel he needs to be improved a bit though; something about him feels off, like he has some disadvantage I can’t fully recognize compared to the rest of the cast. But they’ve already said they’ve noticed this and that he’s gonna get some stuff in the upcoming future so I’m already excited for that.

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Grab in hitstun is a must for a grappler, even if you can only link it with one version of his grabs. I miss this feature a lot, looks like an eternity to hit > wait > grab (and watch the enemy avoid it in neutral jump, lol). In the beginning, for me, the lack of this possibility became a whiffing nightmare.

From an aesthetic point of view, I’d give him a few more linkers and shadow linkers so it’s not just all decimation, all the time. I know why he functions this way, but I’d still like to see him work a little better within KI’s combo system, at least from this perspective.

Now, he shouldn’t be able to poison the opponent with kryll during linkers, at least in my opinion, but he could still do kryll shield without the poison as a linker and I think it’d be kinda cool if he could do a version of dominance where he picks up the opponent, stabs them a few times, and then places them back on the ground to continue the combo. Or would that be too much?

I’ll fully admit that I’m not a big Raam player. I got him to level 50 and stopped using him. I normally love grapplers in fighting games, but something about the fact that all of his throws are “grab and stab” and the way he functions within the KI combo system puts me off of him a little bit.

This is false. No grabs in hitstun is what makes grabs different from strikes. If you could grab normal hitstun, why have anything other than grapplers in the first place? If you want to combo into grabs, we have stagger and wallsplats for that.

[quote=“Supermariofan20, post:15, topic:12854”]
The things I want for Kryll Rush may seem controversial, but really…[/quote]
It’s not that they are “controversial”, just that they wholly defy the intended counters to the move so that the move can be used inappropriately and willy-nilly. You have to pick your spots for Rush, and that will usually be strictly as a mid-close fireball or whiff punish. If the opponent had the opportunity and wherewithal to jump or teleport it, you earned that incoming damage, and should have learned something about when to and when not to throw out KR. Moving forward does not make it mobility option. These are the cases where you should have made use of the FADC that you “almost never use”.

And as to the notion that it should hit airborne opponents (I forget who said that) - also wholly false. We should be using our tools appropriately instead of convincing ourselves that they are lacking. The only thing lacking is the ability to apply them effectively, or to learn how to apply them in the first place.

Well let me specify so, when i say grabs I’m talking about grapplers command grabs, is this case Dominance.

I want to combo into a command grab every single time i can, not only in a corner after an ender (i think everyone can do this atm with normal throw) or one single stagger hit from s.HK (since if i understood right in the discussion about kryll rush + shadow dominance, that was not supposed to work)

But don’t get me wrong, if it comes to the game great. If not, I’m almost used to the current mechanics, sometimes i still whiff a grab here and there but well… it’s what we have for dinner.

I know what you’re talking about. By grab, I always mean command grab. If I mean techable throw, I say throw.

Every single time you can combo into grab is exactly as I specified. That’s how grabs work. I don’t understand the disagreement. If you want to combo into it all willy-nilly off of any old jab>jab string, we have to give up everything that makes it so good in the first place, like the speed, reach, and damage, to make up for an unblockable, untechable, unbreakable HKD.

And, yeah, as far I can see, KR>EX Grab shouldn’t work, but does by some weird timing miracle/bug.

I recommend fine-tuning your tick game.