Should eyedol be a reptilian?

Is it just me or does anyone else think eyedol looks a bit reptilian?

Here’s my wishlist for eyedol: As long as his new design retains the 2 heads (one eye each) and the club (or some kind of giant weapon) I’ll be happy. It just wouldn’t make sense if the entire original cast came back EXCEPT for one character, something isn’t right about that.

He’s never seemed that way to me, maybe that piece of artwork does but his original design didn’t have scales that’s for sure.

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Yeah I guess but it would be cool.

I don’t care if Eyedol as reptilian, I’m fine with that! But I’m very worry about him… Because Adam don’t like Eyedol’s TWO heads, he want Eyedol with ONE head… D: I don’t want them ruin Eyedol!

If he had to be a reptile to keep his heads, I’d grow to accept it.

Agree with you. But will you accept if Eyedol with one head?

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Wait, he had two heads with one eye each?

For some reason I was remembering Eyedol as two heads coming together at one eye, kind of like Siamese twins but for heads.

Well according to his avatar on Twitter (@LordEyedol), he looks like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Uniclops.

I could probably accept eyedol with one head.

Why? But it’s not Eyedol without two heads… I don’t care if Eyedol is mammal, reptilian or other. But Two heads is very important for Eyedol!

I hear what you’re saying, but show some compassion. What does Eyedol feel? Maybe he feels he’s a one-headed evil lord born in the body of a two-headed evil lord.

I prefer him with 2 heads but if @TempusChaoti wants to give him 1 head only then so be it. At least will get eyedol back and the whole original cast will be back.

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Well I wouldn’t mind it if Eyedol had 2 heads that are not necessarily on his shoulder.

A belly mouth that talks with its own personality just as sentient as the one in the head. Spewing lava and shoving people in the mouth as a command grab.


Not sure about full reptilian but Eyedol having burnt and deformed skin like Godzilla in the new Godzilla Resurgence film could work pretty well not to mention it would make sense after battling Gargos.

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