Eyedol with one or two heads? (Poll)

  • One Head
  • Two heads
  • I don’t mind
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I prefer eyedol with two heads but if @TempusChaoti wants him with one head only I don’t mind. At least the entire original roster will be complete.

Thoughts anyone?

A poll for this is not necessary simply because Eyedol with one single head is not Eyedol…


Him being two headed is his most recognizable characteristic IMO. So I would prefer him keep his two heads, BUT I could live with him only having one if that is what has to happen for him to be in the game.

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Wait, what? @KevBones10 putting words in my mouth? Yeah, let’s not do that.

My issue is that two headed humanoid monsters are generally goofy, and it’s hard to avoid that.


Maybe it’s because not a lot of people touch multi-headed monsters aside from comic writers, who find a character that argues with itself funny… i.e. the 3-headed giant on Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

But I remember you say about Eyedol’s heads on Twitter… You don’t like Eyedol’s two heads because he’s look goofy? Really? But you can remake Eyedol get different style gameplay like grappler or zoner. I never like Kim Wu in KI2/GOLD until her new design and gameplay in Season 3. So I like new Kim Wu because she’s better than before. If Eyedol’s return in Season 3, he will be best playable than before! Eyedol with one head is not Eyedol…

I agree, I think the 2nd head could be a shoulder pet or an ornamental shoulder guard.


@TempusChaoti remember this too :smiling_imp:.
if its really the two head the big problm …then WHERE IS THE professionalism???

u showed so much professionalism to NERF and CHANGE some characters who doens’t ask anything :cry: and make change plenty of us mains characters.
and now i think u can do that :innocent:

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Riptor in a cheerleader outfit is goofy too isn’t it?


Not the same thing. We are talking about a character, not an accesories set of a retro.

IMO the “goofy factor” can be avoied with a mix of “evil and cruel attitude” and a “dark appearance”.

If you make one head clever and another dumb, if the heads argue between each other… well, thats goofy.

But if both heads speak different phrases, not interrumting each other, and the character is menacing and intelligent (or at least, not mindless),and this is combined with a “demonic look”, it doesn’t look goofy to me.

Lets put it this way: imagine an Aganos size Gargos(the actual teased one), with both heads like the one Gargos has. Menacing, sure of what he is doing, threatering you. Doesn’t sound goofy for me. But thats only my opinion.


Could this be menacing enough?:



Serious note: I’m really agree with Vlad. Riptor’s cheerleader is more goofy than Eyedol…


On a scale of 0 to Cheerleader Riptor, I think two-headed Eyedol scores a pretty safe 7, at most.

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Using retro and retro accessories as an argument for the base of another character?(INVALID!)

Y no… using Spinal and Rash as examples, or alluding to how goofiness is inherently within Killer Instinct since forever?

Eyedol is somewhat goofy to me, he looks so much like a goon/henchman. I simply don’t see him at boss status as is, then again we don’t need three bosses or two evil warlords.

Spinal is literally insane mentally and rash is nothing more than a guest charecter. You can’t use them nor simple accessories to justify this point.

Look Adam has a point. Cyclops are usually goofy. 2 headed ones even more so. But that doesn’t mean Eyedol isn’t coming back. It’s just like he said, it’s going to be hard to avoid that if Eyedol is going to be a badass boss charecter on the level of gargos. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

It’s annoying coming here seeing people complain taking words out of context and saying stuff Adam already knows. There has been many many posts about potential Eyedol designs with both 2 heads and various themes. I’m willing to bet that majority of the dev team have visited these posts and seen these suggestions already.

This is just to the general post you shouldn’t call someone professionalism or something like that over something this stupid

This is a bit much. All I was saying is that Retro Riptor’s Cheerleader outfit was a terrible comparison, in terms of Eyedol’s inherent “goofiness”.

I know. Just the first part was for you. The rest was just me ranting about the thread in general. But yeah. Even spinal or rash doesn’t really compare like the what you said about the accessories. It was mostly in agreement

You know what else is goofy? Bipedal frog wearing sunglasses.

Edit: turns out it was said a lot ITT already. Anyway…